The storm arrived with snow filling the air and falling upon the ground only to subside as cloudy skies became blue again with bright sunshine, brighter than normal by it's reflection on the newly laid snow. It is cold and now, later in the day, the sun having gone down, leaves hard, crusty ice upon … Continue reading Trust


The True Conflict

It's definitely Winter though it's not officially Winter. November has been very cold. Cold like January. Day after day. There was some snow, enough to open the ski resorts early. Then it became dry and cold with temperature inversions that keep all the pollution on the ground for us to breathe, just like January. This … Continue reading The True Conflict

Why Write?

How I enjoy a mild day. A mild temperature outside allowing me to open up the windows and doors to my apartment and feel the openness, rather than enclosed and feeling the constant cool air from the AC along with hearing the whir of the fan going nearly constantly. I feel a sense of relief, … Continue reading Why Write?

To Be Creation

If you were to take a general snapshot of the world today, a large portion of that image would depict many expressions of violence. Not just human violence but also natural violence. Sure, humans continue to run around brandishing their weapons of death with great pride, using them to inflict pain and suffering upon others … Continue reading To Be Creation