Why Write?

How I enjoy a mild day. A mild temperature outside allowing me to open up the windows and doors to my apartment and feel the openness, rather than enclosed and feeling the constant cool air from the AC along with hearing the whir of the fan going nearly constantly. I feel a sense of relief, … Continue reading Why Write?


Understanding Life

At times this life feels like a dream. Like I'm simply living within a realm of images floating about in motion around me without any real intention to their movement except that of their own. No greater intention or meaning to their movement. Merely movement through existence without any rhyme or reason for their existence. … Continue reading Understanding Life

Having Faith

There are many who say that "practice makes perfect." It is something that can be related to worldly things such as playing a sport or learning a new skill. Oftentimes, when it comes to spirituality, it seems that many believe that what they can attain spiritually comes through what they do, not what they practice. … Continue reading Having Faith

Troubling Times

There have been some things troubling me lately. The kinds of things that make me have to think about things differently. Of course there are many worldly troubles that keep coming on seemingly nonstop but I can't do much about those things other than deal with them when they come up. The things troubling me … Continue reading Troubling Times

Something New

Today the sun is out though it is a bit cooler than yesterday. Yesterday was very windy as a storm was coming through but it only rained for a little while last night and it passed. A whole lot of wind for a very little storm that arrived. Today I’ve decided to take up crochet. … Continue reading Something New