Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

Fall is finally breaking through after a long, hot Summer. I wondered if Summer would ever end. It was a painful Summer. Day after day going out into the extreme heat, feeling its weight upon me as I simply went to the place I have to go in the world. Looking at the forecast and … Continue reading Here Today and Gone Tomorrow


To Be Creation

If you were to take a general snapshot of the world today, a large portion of that image would depict many expressions of violence. Not just human violence but also natural violence. Sure, humans continue to run around brandishing their weapons of death with great pride, using them to inflict pain and suffering upon others … Continue reading To Be Creation

Understanding Life

At times this life feels like a dream. Like I'm simply living within a realm of images floating about in motion around me without any real intention to their movement except that of their own. No greater intention or meaning to their movement. Merely movement through existence without any rhyme or reason for their existence. … Continue reading Understanding Life

Observing the World

Today I feel inspired to write. I have been feeling better lately. It's interesting that I'm feeling better in a time of greater challenges. But it is those challenges that are revealing things to me. I'm sure it's not original by any means but a statement came to mind out of seemingly nowhere that stays … Continue reading Observing the World