A Little Bit About Nothing

It's another nice Spring day. A bit on the cool side but clear and sunny. It was a busy day at work, as it usually is on Monday, coming back to clean up all that was or wasn't done over the weekend. I finally broke down and got Tennis Channel Plus. Now I can watch … Continue reading A Little Bit About Nothing

Coming Into View

It's a beautiful Spring morning. Nice and cool outside with the sun shining brightly. The bird singing and the skies filled with air traffic of ducks, geese, pigeons and other birds flying about upon the beautiful blue background of the sky. I slept long and deeply last night. Yesterday was a day where I went … Continue reading Coming Into View

What We Believe

It's nice to get up early and get some of the things done so I can just relax and enjoy my weekend. It's a very cool morning. I went out to the grocery store just as they opened so I could enjoy my shopping without the crowds that will come later today. I will have … Continue reading What We Believe

A Nice Spring Day

It's a nice Spring day. The sun is shining along with a nice breeze moving about the cool, not cold, air. A big difference from last weekend when it was actually more like early summer than early Spring. It actually became very cold this week and there was a day of snow. That was the … Continue reading A Nice Spring Day

Life Cycles

It's going to be another unseasonably warm day. The forecast states that the wind will be starting up as a cold front moves in and then it will cool back down to normal temps. I'm glad for this, though the warmth has been nice, I don't want it to get hot too quickly. I've been … Continue reading Life Cycles

One Without the Other

The universe creates herself only to destroy herself so she can again create herself. This is what causes some to experience such a great contradiction in viewing life outside the seeming "order" of human "rationality." Now can black also be white? How can dark also be light? They seem separate but neither exists without the … Continue reading One Without the Other