Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

Fall is finally breaking through after a long, hot Summer. I wondered if Summer would ever end. It was a painful Summer. Day after day going out into the extreme heat, feeling its weight upon me as I simply went to the place I have to go in the world. Looking at the forecast and seeing only 100+ F degrees each day for the foreseeable future. Yes, it seemed like it would never end. But it finally came to an end. Moisture finally came, though not much reaching the ground where I live. Still, it brought clouds and cooler temperatures. Now leaving it much cooler with sunshine. The once dreaded sun is more friendly and enjoyable.

Throughout it all, I still had to endure the madness of life in this society. Life has definitely changed in the past couple of years. Lately I’ve been observing how technology has changed humans. Being a bit older I can remember life without much technology. Even back to black and white TVs and just a few channels to watch without being able to record or stream shows. You watched what was on at the time or nothing at all. We communicated verbally, either in person or on the telephone. Phones were attached to the homes, not something we carried around with us. No constant attention to the phone as it is now, where it constantly beeps, buzzes and vibrates as a constant stream of information tries to makes it way into our minds, most of it unwanted.

But it seems we have no choice anymore if we have a cell phone. The phone isn’t necessarily a possession but something that is used more by those who wish to follow us and invade our lives whenever they want all why we pay high prices for both the service and the phones.

It’s the same with home internet. Information at our fingertips. Communication mainly through typing. A form of communication that was once left to the artists who were able to express themselves fluently through written words, now everyone is a writer. Since most people are fluent in the art of writing, they create their own shorthand languages in order to communicate more quickly.

Within it all I can see a great deformity within humanity in how they relate to each other. There seems to be a great sensitive defensiveness within most people as they are attacked more and more by other people. It’s easy to attack others through the internet so people create images of who they are so as to not be so easily attacked. Basically becoming fake. Becoming avatars rather than human beings. I’ve noticed that even the physical appearance of many humans has become more like avatars. They are always concerned as to how others perceive them.

It is easy to see as more and more life becomes more artificial it increases the a lacking in the people. The lack of true interactions. Many of the young people today have never experienced true interaction where there is little stress in the interaction. Interacting with others has become very stressful. Because of this, life has become very stressful. The rules of interacting attempt to become more strict as some seek to impose rules upon others in how they interact with them, basically so their feelings aren’t hurt.

It’s interesting how this has gone beyond simple everyday interactions but into the political realm as corporations seek to “include” all people. All types of people. What’s so interesting is that by doing this they don’t form inclusiveness but instead create greater divides. In a way it has caused greater tribalism throughout the population.

People seek sameness in others to feel safe while they also seek to attempt to express themselves as individuals who are different from others. This seems to pull them in two different directions. They seek safety as they seek to take the risk of creating an image that isn’t safe. Both images are fake and artificial. Neither truly reflects who they are but are merely forms of images based on the images provides for them through the machines they seem to worship and dedicate all their time to serving.

In all reality, it has basically caused chaos in society. A society can’t function without commonality among the people. One can’t be different and common at the same time. Nor can they be themselves because they really don’t know who they are because they are basing their idea of self on everyone else.

One might say that this is the beginning of anarchy. But it’s not. Anarchy is not chaos, as many seem to think it is. Anarchy has a point and it is also based on principles. Jesus was an anarchist. He didn’t recognize human governance. He didn’t fight against the world. He was simply indifferent to it because his principles are based on a higher “governance,” not the simplistic complications of finite human governance. His ideas are based on a “kingdom” that is not of this world. A “kingdom” where most of those living in this world can’t even conceive of the most simplest concepts of His “kingdom.” Yet his “kingdom” is structured and principled.

For me, this is the most difficult part of living in this life as it is today. I can see the chaos all around me while experiencing a greater order to all things. An order that includes all things. One that is not based on the simple complexities brought about by the desire for control by humans in order for them to feel more safe in the world. A safety that never comes simply because, the more they try to control life the more unsafe life becomes.

The more they build up material structures, or idols, so as to feel some sense of comfort and safety, the more discomfort and insecurity comes about in their lives. Thus causing them to form safe little groups, or tribes, each against the other tribes, each attacking the other tribes, feeling safety in justifying themselves to a few while dividing themselves from the whole. All while they bounce around randomly like a pinball which basically causes them to live in a constant state of anxiety. Always grasping but never being able to take hold of anything.

It’s easy to see that this is actually the beginning of their destruction, not the beginning of anarchy.

It’s fascinating to ride a bicycle in a society that worships cars. It’s easy to see from that vantage point, the true lack of any principled existence among the humans. The car divides people. One can go from their home to any destination without interacting with life in between. They can, for the most part, avoid the weather and any other part of life that is happening between destinations. They can go from one “safe” place to another and simply pass by all the rest. Ignore the problems that might exist between destinations. This, of course, only causes those problems to increase while they go about pretending that they don’t exist.

This is merely an example of how technology has deformed the human experience. It’s no longer an experience but merely a science. Science is not so much about understanding life but about controlling life.

This can be seen in the medical profession, where they seek to treat the human body as a machine. They do all they can to save the machine while doing very little to expand the experience. In many ways, the experience becomes based solely on the machine.

I’ve often listened to others talk about their experiences with the machine. They talk about beating cancer or overcoming some physical ailment or how they are enduring some physical ailment at this time. Through these experiences they often feel they come to some sense of change within themselves. Often feeling a greater value for their “life.” A life based on the machine and the chemical experiences brought to them through their physical minds, all while ignoring the true experience of their consciousness. Most aren’t even aware of their consciousness.

They only see what is before them, the obstacles that seek to prevent them from having more or experiencing greater comfort for the body, or machine. All is based on the machine. All is based on the world and thus they miss the true experience. The one that Jesus brought to the world, defying all that is the world while not fighting against the world. Instead simply allowing the world to destroy His “machine” so that he could bring about His eternal “kingdom.”

All of this is missed by most humans. This is the true tragedy of this life. Where most humans are willing to become artificial beings, or things, rather than to experience the true nature of their being. They fight against themselves, the world and the greater life simply to experience the emptiness of instant gratification. Living for a life that is here today and gone tomorrow, satisfied with the emptiness as they try ever so hard to paint color and form upon the emptiness only watch it dissolve away as quickly as they paint it, causing them to live their lives painting artificial images upon the emptiness rather the actually living life.

This causes them to live a life of desperation. Much like how the heat of the long Summer has caused many to feel such desperation to feel the relief of Fall that they start putting out Halloween decorations long before the day, even before the leaves begin to change, possibly as a symbol of hope that Fall will finally arrive. Maybe even to make them feel some sense of control in causing the change in some way.

I’ve seen this also in those who believe in “God.” Last week I ate lunch at a cafeteria. I found what seemed to be a quiet seat near a window that looked out over the city toward the mountain landscape. I sought to sit and simply enjoy the view while eating. Not more than a few minutes passed before a young woman came over and sat near me. She started talking and never stopped the entire time I was there. She talked about how she can pray and God will do as she says. She said that she has prayed for moisture and the rains come, but only in her area. On and on she went telling me about how wonderful her relationship with God is that he will do anything she asks of him.

Well, as I observed her, her head wrapped in what some women with cancer might wear so as to not show the loss of their hair, with all her “positivity” about God, I could see nothing but desperation and the desire for control over her life. Over life in general. A desire that she sought to justify through her need to tell me about her relationship with God. In a way, it was almost like witchcraft rather than righteousness. A desire to control the machinery of life and not to expand herself through her experiences in this life. To expand her consciousness through her experiences.

But I understand. It is difficult to put aside the simple complexities of this world. To be indifferent to them when all we have is faith to carry us beyond this seeming reality that has become so overwhelming that there is no escape from it. I myself often desire some sense of relief from the constant pressure of this life as it constantly seeks to take away true reality from me. But there is no escape. One can only experience it. Live it. Pass through it.

A diamond becomes a diamond only through great pressure. Those who seek to avoid the pressure will only relieve themselves of one thing, eternal life. Eternal life is the diamond of this experience. Not an eternal life that most seem to think where they will live in some enchanted land where all is wonderful all the time while maintaining their individual sense of consciousness which they now have. This is the true illusion within this life experience, the idea that one has an individual consciousness. How was Jesus and the Father one? They are one just as we can be one with the Father who is the creator of all things. Only through the Son can we become one. It’s not about who we are individually, nor is it about what we do. It’s all about giving our hearts to Jesus who then gives our hearts to the Father and through this process we all become one.

It’s a difficult concept for anyone here in this perspective reality to understand, even for me, but this is where true faith and trust in Jesus, who is the process comes forth. Through the insanity we pass, looking about at the madness of humanity, interacting with it while seeing life through a very different perspective. Knowing there is much more to all of this than this little life within the machine that is here today and gone tomorrow.