A Matter of Perspective

It’s interesting how perspective defines the lives of humans. Some people are willing to view life through different perspectives, often changing as they go through life. While others will stubbornly hold on to a perspective, often changing some but little throughout their lives. Many people will try to convince others of their perspective, often so they can validate their perspective for themselves being that perspectives are fragile and often riddled with illusions.

In many ways, perspective is the main tool of adventure and of the journey of human life. It can be this tool if humans realize that they are conscious beings who are able to explore consciousness. Consciousness is a vast network of perspectives that go far beyond human existence. Far out into the universe perspectives form, develop, change and disappear every moment. Only those beings who are aware of consciousness can actually interact with consciousness. Explore it and expand it. All the while expanding the consciousness of the Universe who is God.

Yet, there are perspectives that take people away from God, or consciousness. They often decide that there is nothing beyond this life and only their lives matter. This is just one example as there are many variations of rebelling against consciousness. A person thinking that they know everything is very much a person who has abandoned true awareness of consciousness. To be wise a person must know that they know very little. Wisdom is actually attained through trust in consciousness, or God.

God is wisdom. Humans are mere creatures, much like insects who, if they choose, can be aware of their consciousness. But to choose to do so requires the perspective that consciousness can be ridden much like a wave and that humans have no control over their lives. Of course, the latter is the most difficult for humans. It is my primary sin for which I must ask for forgiveness everyday. The Lord is patient and we continue on but I often pay the price for my fear and need to feel the illusion of control. It often comes by way of high blood pressure and stress, which affects my sleep and general well being. It’s something the Lord works with me on each day. Some days I’m better and some days I’m not.

The funny part of perspective is that it defines so many ways humans view life and their needs in life. I recently started a new job. This job pays me more than I’ve ever earned before in my life. Yet, it doesn’t pay me as much as most people make. For me, it’s like I am now middle class. For others, they would barely break even, living in poverty like I have lived most of my life, making much less. But I always had what I needed. God simply gave me this opportunity so that I can grow and learn more perspectives.

Yesterday my world changed. It changed from the simplest of things. I purchased an E Bike. I have been researching them for many months and finally found a US owned company who builds good, very functional bikes for less, cutting costs in other ways. I saw their most basic bike and realized it was what I’ve been looking for as it fit the image I had in my mind. The simpler the bike the easier it is for me to maintain. As I put the bike together I saw immediately that this was true. I felt connected to this bike, unlike how I felt with my older, regular bike which has all the bells and whistles which required special maintenance. Maintenance that I couldn’t afford to give it by taking it in for service so I had to do it myself, often just keeping it running.

But now I can easily maintain this E Bike. One reason I wanted an E Bike is because I am getting older and riding a regular bike up and down inclines and hills was just getting too much for me. So today I went out for a ride. Within minutes, using only pedal assist, was going 25 mph down the street with little effort. This was on only the #2 setting of 5 settings, 1 being the least assistance and 5 being the most. I went out for about a 5 mile ride, even stopping for lunch.

I rode to my job, which only took 15 minutes where riding the bus takes about an hour. They say the top speed of this bike is 28 miles per hour in pedal assist. I think they have to do that for legal reasons. I was surpassing 28 miles an hour in 5 gear on #3 setting. I didn’t even try settings 4 and 5. I’m sure in a straightaway with no stops I could get going pretty fast. Maybe a little too fast for a bike and it’s a speed that unnecessary for me anyway.

Putting this into perspective, for me, this is complete freedom. For others, those who drive cars, it means nothing, or very little. I have Asperger’s so I can’t drive a car. Cars for me are wasters of resources and destroyers of life, something my Asperger’s won’t let me participate in being a part of. My bike battery, if cared for, can last 3 years or more. That’s a long time and considering I don’t have to purchase any gas to get around. And I can maintain it myself with little effort.

Perspective is interesting. I remember when I was around 16 years old. All the other kids couldn’t wait to get their driver’s license and start driving. I had no interest even then. I didn’t get my license until I was 25 and, even then, I was sort of force or peer pressured into doing it. Back then I would have rather just rode my bike everywhere. As I’ve gotten older, this is something I’ve missed. Just riding about in my free time, stopping for a little lunch, maybe taking the lunch to a park and eating it there on a nice day. Just feeling such freedom while not affecting life around me, nor the noise level in the least.

They say that Asperger’s is a disorder, and it might be when a person doesn’t realize they have it and it is not managed. But once I became aware of it and understood why I feel the way I do and have to do things that are very different for those around me in order to appease my Asperger’s, well, even though it seems troublesome and I often have to go without great luxuries that others so enjoy and feel they couldn’t live without, it is actually such a beautiful gift. One that I would never return and never regret all the pain it has caused me throughout my life while I was unaware of its beautiful presence within me.

But all of this is simply my perspective and for others all things in life might be very different.