Living Within the Decline

This morning I woke up and, even though I’ve known it all along, it truly occurred to me that I am living in a society that is seriously on the decline. It was once the top society in the world that many others around the world envied and now, well, it’s just a mess.

Still, being older, I remember life when the society was functioning much better. I remember community, where most people literally lived under the illusion that they were working with and for each other, even though it was still based on their own achievements and material acquisitions. There were still class divides but nothing like it is today.

I can see that the decline actually began in the 1960s, when true selfishness and the desire for individual gratification came into play. It was also when God began to leave the lives of the people and other idols came to be worshiped regularly by the people, which has only increased dramatically since then.

Having Asperger’s in this time makes it very interesting, especially when it’s the type that is always trying to make things right, fix things that are broken to make them right. Not fixing material things but ethical dysfunction where integrity is within all that we do. I see this very rarely anymore. Even more rare than hearing anyone talk about God in a positive light or even at all. I’ve noticed that the shear mention of God will put people into defensive mode as they try to avoid the subject.

Until today, I couldn’t figure out the great pressure I was feeling inside, which was causing me to lose sleep and not able to feel any sense of comfort in this life. I have a new job that is more satisfying than my last job but, because it pays more, more is expected of me and it also requires much more integrity, which is always lacking in the people around me. It is a job where the lives of other people can be on the line if it is not done correctly. Not directly but indirectly. If they don’t receive the products which they use for the literal care of others then people could die or not receive the proper medical treatment.

Yet, I can see the breakdown of society in my job, as products are more difficult to get because the ingredients come from countries that are more hostile today with the US than before. Countries who are trying to break free of the control of the US over their lives and change their own economies so that they are free of the US dollar. It’s funny how reliant the US has become on others and not on themselves, which is not what they preach within their borders, where they believe that they need to be reliant only on themselves and not on anyone else. “Screw everyone else.” Well, you can’t screw everyone else and expect them to comply just as they won’t comply with everyone else.

But this is what it’s going to come down to. Either the US, and the West, will come to comply with those countries who have all the resources and the means to make their products or they will have to go war with them and try to take them from them, which would be an impossible feat, even for the supposed “greatest nation on Earth.”

But the US doesn’t comply with others. They always set the terms and force others to comply. This is changing. It is changing because what the US is forcing on others is not democracy nor is it of any real benefit to them. All they know is how to take from others for their own benefit and then claim, “In God We Trust.” But it seems that God has abandoned them, just as He abandons any corrupt society that thinks only of themselves and not everyone else.

The funny thing is that people in the US have become so selfish that they not only screw over the rest of the world they screw over each other. Now no one can trust their own neighbors. There is little community. Corporations are out of control. They no longer provide for customers but to people who are dependent on them. Corporations no longer provide customer service because they no longer need customers because everyone is dependent on them. And there is little competition so they can do whatever they want and treat their “customers” however they want. It’s interesting how close to a dictatorship that is based on Capitalism that this is. Capitalism doesn’t mean “free market.” It merely gives weak humans the ability to believe they are God based on their wealth and power. It is actually the opposite of freedom.

Freedom can only come through God.

Still, people continue going on about their business, still trying to make their lives into some sort of US image which is no longer a common or shared image but one where it’s a free for all. Just do whatever you want to do for yourself. This is the new US image and dream that they live for.

It’s interesting how they can’t see that all of this is happening because they are doing exactly what people in the past did. I can read the books of Isaiah or Ezekiel and see today. I find it fascinating to read them now because it all represents today, even though it was written about and for another time in human history. A time when God abandoned his people and allowed them to be destroyed because they abandoned Him. Exchanged God for worship of idols and other worldly things. Worshiping other gods.

The one thing that most people don’t understand about God is that He is not a being as we are. He is the Creator. The Creator is the mind behind the creation. Without the mind the creation is nothing. It can’t function correctly. Though it offends many Christians, God is the Universal Consciousness. The one that others try to access on their own without God. They try to use the power of God for their own desires. Corrupt humans seek to steal even from God. But they can’t hide from God because God is Consciousness and we are part of His Consciousness. Only, when humans rebel against God then they are corrupt within the Consciousness and, for the Consciousness to perform correctly, they must be deleted from the Consciousness.

All of this fits directly into what Jesus spoke of though He used parables fit for that time. Still, even today, with all the supposed knowledge and understanding that humans believe they have they still can’t see what’s right in front of their faces. Even when the very society they might live within is disintegrating under their feet. Instead of changing, repenting for their sins, they just keep hopping to what seems to be stable ground, until it too disintegrates beneath their feet. They do this until one day they will find their is no stable ground for them to stand on and, well, you can imagine what happens then.