The Greatness of Humility

I find it interesting how much humans think of themselves. It’s actually the very essence of their blindness to reality. Humans are taught to be the best. And when they can’t be the best then they should be depressed. It’s not the intended consequence but it does make for great business for the mental health therapists.

Many humans have an intense need to be liked by others. Some of them go to great lengths and become “mega stars” so they can stand up in front of people night after night and feel their “love” and “adoration” for them. Humans need to be “great” seems innate but is it really? They always seem to be lacking in love so they seek love in many strange ways, often receiving distorted forms of what they might call “love.” Such as performing sex with other people. They call it “making love” but it’s not love at all. It’s merely a mechanical act of programming to produce offspring, nothing more. But they make a very big deal of it and it is one of the main factors of their “self esteem.”

For men, sex is conquest. Something instilled in them early in life which builds their status. Status through conquest of the woman and injecting their semen into her. For the woman, sex was at one time something that would reduce her status, or cause her to change the definition of her status, often finding her status from sex from the “dregs” of the world. Having sex meant she was a “slut” and either she accepted this status which was high in the world of the “dregs” but from mainstream society she would be shunned.

Now it is different. Women just have sex. All the sex they want and even build status upon this in their own way, feeling they are loved because they are desired by others in such a way.

Based on the shows on TV, this is the main way of life for both men and women. It may not be as extreme for most as it is on TV but they do live the same dramas, as if common humans can’t create their own forms of drama so they simply imitate the drama they see on TV.

In many ways, humans are parrots. Most humans are imitators of other humans. They call this being “inspired’ by others. With technology and social media, they can now seek to satisfy their need for “love” through videos. They can create videos of themselves doing many different things with the hope that the people will like and follow them which, in return, can make them money. They can make money and satisfy their need for being “loved” by others.

Can anyone else see the sickness in this. They constantly call out the literal drug addicts, who seek to fill their emptiness with drugs and put them down yet they don’t look at themselves and see they are no different. They live the same ups and downs based on the “high” they receive from feeling loved by others. This can be seen in many romantic TV shows and movies, where they are “high” when the other person is giving them what they want and then depressed when they aren’t giving them what they want. Those in the audience, the viewers of such shows, then imitate the same dramas because it is based on the same sense of lacking within them. A lack of “love.”

On a day to day basis, humans often spend a great deal of time seeking new ways to be liked by others. They dread the idea of not being liked by others. In most cases, it’s not their actual work or accomplishments that get them anywhere in life. It’s how much others like them that get them somewhere in life. This is termed as “politics.” The kissing of asses to get to where they want to go. And when they get there they expect the “underlings” to do the same for them. They have the status and notoriety so for others to gain this same status and notoriety they must first bow to those who have it and be liked by them in order to attain it.

These are a few examples of how humans think so much of themselves. They go about these dramas every day. They live in constant anxiety because they live this way. It’s not a way of life that leads to any real overall benefit to their lives. In fact, it leads only to their destruction. As they blindly go on living as if they are the only thing that matters in the universe they do nothing more than stomp on everything else, forgetting the main thing of reality, that everything is connected. What they do affects everything around them and then comes back to them.

Jesus spoke of being humble, being teachable, and most of all, not seeking the status of humans. But instead to seek their God first and through Him would all the things they need be given. First seek the kingdom of heaven and all of the other things for which you worry will be given to you. Therefore do not worry for these things for you Father in heaven knows you need such things.

I find it interesting how many Christians believe they are above nature and all other things on this Earth yet all those things are their Creator. To be one with their Creator they must be one with all Creation. This is how they can see they are connected to all things. And through seeing in this way they would live it. Live it through not viewing themselves as the most important or seeking to fill their emptiness through the ambition of being the best or important in some way. All that importance means nothing. It’s not important at all. It simply causes a chemical reaction in the brain, no different from that of a drug, which causes people to constantly hunger for and seek to fill an emptiness inside they can never be filled with something that is doing nothing but destroying them. An illusion.

But, sadly, this is the illusion that most people live today. They can’t see reality. They can only see their need and their hunger to fill this need. A need that can be filled by their Father in heaven but they have been taught, mostly through their experience with Christians, that He is mean and demanding of them. Expecting them to be something that they aren’t.

Yet, the interesting part of all of this is that most Christians live to fill themselves with the same illusion and grandeur of being better than others, thus making others feel less than them through self righteousness. Self righteousness is nothing more than believing one is better than another. This is a lie. All must repent. All must humble themselves before the Lord. The Lord being all Creation, both seen and unseen and thus, being able to view themselves as Creation not as being above all Creation.