From Simple Things

At times I wonder if what I’ve been writing lately is simply over the heads of most people. I don’t intend it to be this way. I know that when I sit down to write it simply comes out.

I thought of my last post and it came to mind that it doesn’t really represent the details I am able to see within everyday life that makes up such an observation that came through within that post.

I can understand why Jesus would use parables. In a way, he was expressing simple ideas to complex minds. This is always the truth in expressing such things. People make things too complex. Even the simplest of people.

With that in mind I thought I would write a simple observation from my everyday and connect it to the grand images that I often write, showing how those grand images come from everyday experiences.

I live in the suburbs. Today I was walking home from the bus stop as I always do. I was the only person on the sidewalk. It was very hot. In fact, we are now entering September and in the next 10 days it is forecast to be 100 degree F. or more each day. I’ve never known it to be this hot this late in Summer.

It was rush hour and the streets were filled with cars going about 10 miles per hour. The walk is about 15 minutes. In that time I see up to 500 to 1000 cars pass by me, the only person on the sidewalk.

In that time I think, “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.”

Basically, this means that you must be willing to live differently from the rest of the people in order to enter through the narrow gate. If all people accepted Jesus and gave Him their hearts, they would no longer live as they do. Jesus would change them. They would live in greater harmony with all life. As I was walking I could see that all those people who were driving on just one road in America at rush hour, on that hot pavement, are not living nor are they respecting life. They are destroying life, the life based on the form that their Creator brought into existence through Spirit becoming form. Or the Word becoming form.

Form can’t exist without Spirit but Spirit can exist without form. Form is merely an artistic expression of Spirit. An image or perspective of Spirit but it isn’t truly Spirit. To become Spirit, form must deny itself and allow itself to become Spirit, through baptism of water and the fire of the Holy Spirit which then fills them through the giving of their hearts to Jesus.

This is the main change that comes. From that change you become different. You are no longer only form nor are you completely Spirit. It’s a beautiful place where you can experience both knowing that, with each passing hour you can feel the Spirit becoming more and more within and the form slowly fading away. Even though you are in the midst of form, in a sense, it’s like you are slowly dissolving away from form, almost becoming a mist, while still interacting with form only from a different place and with a completely different purpose.

All of this comes from a simple moment walking home from the bus stop.