Through Our Goals, We Become

It seems everyone has a goal of some sort. Something to keep them going in life and giving them some sense of going forward with their lives. Yet, ultimately we all have one primary goal. We all die.

Yes, this is the one goal that most people don’t want to think about much. They would rather try to extend their youthfulness as long as they can, hoping they will live long lives. They strive to build their lives, become educated and get a good job so they can attain material items that make their lives more comfortable and, most of all, raise their status in the eyes of other humans.

Most seem to find their immortality in their offspring. Having children is important to most humans simply because they can leave a part of themselves, their physical genetics behind when they do finally reach their goal of death. Some try to control their offspring, seeking to make them into images greater than themselves while often causing their offspring harm by doing so. Others just seem to let a sort of randomness happen with their offspring. “I birthed them, now let them find their own way.”

It’s all a matter of perspective as to how they will impose themselves on the lives of others or not impose themselves at all. Still, within it all, they made some sort of goal, even if it happened by accident, to bring about some sense of change and the illusion of forward movement in their lives all based on the illusion of time which dictates all aspects of their lives until their goal of death is acheive.

But, then what? What happens after they finally achieve their goal? That’s the point of this so-called “life.” This physical life. It’s all in the treasure that you gather than makes or breaks each person. Are you sons and daughters of the physical world, dedicating your lives to desiring and acquiring material items so as to increase your status in the eyes of others who value the same?

Or, do you seek to increase your treasure in your heart? In the kingdom of heaven which is here now and always has been except the eyes of the humans through perspectives formed for them throughout the ages, building and building to the great and grand deception which we are now within, where most humans will live for material gain and the fear and anxiety that comes with such attainments. Once you have it now you have to protect it because others who value the same will want to take it for themselves.

Such a life is one that one can even see within the perspective of the Old Testament Ten Commandments as being wrong. As being destructive. As being a life lived against the Lord their God, their Creator.

Still, even as it was then, so it continues now, only on a much grander scale, as Jesus expanded the chosen people to be, not only Israel, but all of humanity if they choose to become the chosen people. Yet, even Israel has opposed the Lord their God for most of their existence as being the chosen people of God.

Through Abraham they were promised lives of comfort and plenty if only they chose to live within the perspective construct which the Lord their God laid out for them. Yet they continually went against the Lord’s construct. Worshiping other gods and dedicating their lives to the idols of these gods. Such idols that cause them to worship the physical world and the materials therein rather than the Lord their God who literally chose them among all the humans to be His own.

But, such is this so called “life.” It is what most people do. They simply are unable to see the possibilities that lie beyond this “life.” Where they meet their goal and, through this, expand their entire nature from the physical to the eternal, which is both spiritual and physical because all that is physical comes forth from the energy of the spiritual. The spiritual has always been, the physical only exists because of the spiritual. Therefore, there is a resurrection of the body which is the resurrection from darkness of mortality to the light of immortality. Yet, all of this comes about through the treasure that a person seeks to attain in this “life.”

If you value the physical world then this will be your reward once you achieve your goal. You will become like all other physical things. Nothing more than dust in the wind.

But if you choose to live in contrast to the world, still living in general comfort and security yet knowing that these things come by way of the Lord our God and not by our own hands, building great structures within your heart where you place all the grand treasures that do come through this “life” but can only be placed within the heart because they do not exist within this physical kingdom which is currently ruled by the darkness. They only exist within the kingdom of heaven.

The only kingdom where one can reside for all eternity with the great wealth they have attained solely for this purpose. The purpose of expanding the common goal of all humans, death, and becoming life as it truly is. For true life is light and cannot exist within the darkness. The darkness must be contained to live within the construct of true life rather than being allowed to expand as it has, to deceive all who come into contact with it, making them believe the darkness to be light and thus causing them to be destroyed once the light again comes to rule where the darkness now rules.

Each person declares what is important to them. This is the truth of freewill. They can choose the light or the darkness. They can choose true life or death. It is all based on the choices they make which ultimately define the perspective they base their lives upon. Either they live to attain goals that, in the end, are nothing more than the dust they came from or, they choose to live for the true goal that defines the sole purpose of this “life.” To gather their treasure in their hearts for here is where the kingdom of heaven resides. Heaven is not above nor is it below. It is not on a mountain nor in a cave.

The kingdom of heaven is your heart and only there can be true life. Eternal life. All others will become as they have chosen to become, fluttering about within the void emptiness from which creation originated in Genesis, where Spirit become form and form this form gave form the opportunity to become Spirit, for this is the only true goal that has any meaning in this life. If, one does not become Spirit, when they lose their form, they become nothing.