To Be Creation

If you were to take a general snapshot of the world today, a large portion of that image would depict many expressions of violence. Not just human violence but also natural violence. Sure, humans continue to run around brandishing their weapons of death with great pride, using them to inflict pain and suffering upon others as they seek to feel some sort of dominance or control over life when, in fact, what they lack is a sense of control within themselves. They are merely expressing outwardly the turmoil within themselves.

This goes for those all the way up the ranks of human civilization. Just because a person is declared a leader doesn’t mean that they don’t have dark desires in their hearts. In fact, their desire to become a leader is a dark desire within itself. This should be a sign to anyone. If a person is seeking to be greater than others, or to lead others, or to gain status over others, their heart is filled with dark desires. It’s interesting that this would include a large portion of the human population as these desires reside in those who may never attain such aspirations yet they live with the same turmoil within them, often expressing it on those around them, family and friends or the communities and cultures that surround them.

All the while, within this general snapshot there are other forms of violence occurring throughout the world. Heatwaves and droughts which bring about terrible wildfires. The Summer today is brutal in most places around the world, unlike those I remember decades ago when few of these things were happening, or only in select places. Now it is everywhere.

Even within all of this violence, many people go on living in comfort, continuing to do the things that, in all truth and honesty, brought about all of this violence, and continues to cause all of this violence to increase. The more they barricade themselves into their illusion of comfort and security brought about through consumption of resources, the more violent the world becomes in various different ways. The more other humans feel left out or without comfort the more they will want the comfort that others horde. This is simply a physical law, not some sort of unethical immorality. Ethics and morality no longer have much influence in the world. Humans, through their hunger for technology and cheap goods, have resorted back to their darker nature.

I would call it “animal” nature but if humans resorted back to their “animal” nature they would be better off than they are now. If they were within their “animal” nature they would simply be a cog within the mechanized “cycle of life.” Right now, in a general sense, they are no longer human nor animal, but more an animation of the illusion of hope that comes from dark desires. An illusion that is depicted in books and on the screen where they have come to find their own reality or even create their own reality, which is becoming their own existential nightmare. A hope that is based solely on fear. Such hope is based solely on darkness as this hope doesn’t not reach out to each other or to the heavens above in a desire for connection, but causes them to become more selfish for their own primal and physical survival seeking disconnection which is where darkness originates within the human heart. The very denial of the human heart of which is the only connection they have to true life.

But such a time as we live in now has been predicted for thousands of years, yet human arrogance goes on rejecting such claims, even to this day, when everything seems to be going against them, they still believe that through human innovation and ingenuity they can overcome all of this. An innovation and ingenuity that did not originate naturally in humans but was given to them so as to bring them to this point in their “evolution.”

Still, humans declare it as being their own because the media and other forms of communication tell them that it is their own. Yet, in all honesty, it is very unlikely that humans, in the span of 200 years, could technologically advance 1000s of years. But this isn’t the narrative that they are told. Humans are told that humans invented all of the strange technology that they have now given themselves over with complete submission. All of their hope and faith is not placed into what they have been told is human creation, giving over their very heart and souls to the hope that, somehow, someway, it will save them.

Save them from what?

The truth. Save them from themselves.

But there is only One who can save them from themselves and He lived upon the Earth a couple of thousand of years ago, leaving his words and deeds with us, these words having survived all that has happened to humanity since then. Still, many humans can’t seem to understand his words. Even He said that many humans will never come to understand His words. Many of them will go out and believe they understand His words, even prophesying and doing good deeds in His name, but He will say to them, “I don’t know you.”

Yes, the more that humans strive to be in control over their lives the more their lives become out of control.

So it has become, or begun. The fate of humanity is now in the hands of humanity who have become so deeply deceived by the darkness, living and dedicating their lives to the darkness, strangely believing that it is the light. Yet, this was all told 1000s of years ago. It’s often difficult to be here at this time, seeing it all come to pass before our eyes. Oftentimes perplexed as we observe the world, the humans within it, focused so deeply on their own vain problems, while around them the world is in turmoil. It is in turmoil because of their own turmoil. They can’t seem to see that their own conscious awareness is what creates the world around them. The “world” being defined as that would humans perceive to be reality.

They can’t see their own great power within them. A power that was given to them by their Creator and is the very essence of what makes them in the image of their Creator. In fact, this power wasn’t so much given to them but is part of their true nature as beings. It is not by their physical bodies that they are in the image of their Creator. Their true image is within these bodies. The very energy that animates these physical bodies. In a sense, they are the very breath of the Creator which He placed within these bodies so as to allow them the ability to create. To create either in the image of their Creator or in the image of themselves. To either glorify their Creator or to glorify themselves. This is the true essence and purpose of free will.

Say you had the ability to divide your consciousness into parts. You could then send out those parts to live individually, though they are still connected to you. These parts, when connected to you, go out and further expand your own creation through consciousness. Then some of these parts no longer desire to be connected to you. They desire to create on their own, in other images, images that have been given to them by other rebellious forms.

Because of these, those parts who have disconnected from you are no longer of any use to you. They are no longer expanding your own conscious expression but they are now being used by other forces to express different expressions. Expressions that are not their creator’s nor even their own. They are being exploited and used by forces who are in conflict with their creator.

They have been often described as being the fallen angels. 1/3 of heaven who once were part of the Creator’s consciousness, now desiring to create their own desires and they use the Creator’s creations to do this because they cannot create, only manipulate. They can only use what has already been created, alter it’s form and make it seem like they have actually created something when, in fact, they have only corrupted pure form in order to make it into the image they desire. This is the true essence of corruption which then trickles down into the various forms of corruption that is now basically the foundation of human life.

It’s really as simple as all of this. All that is going on around us here today and throughout human history. These are the secrets that so many have tried to keep hidden from humanity so that they can continue to use and exploit humanity for their own desires. The majority of humanity continues on knowingly and unknowingly serving their desires. Desires that lead to nothing more than the destruction of all that the Creator reveres, adores and loves, humans included.

Except, what good is a human who no longer has any desire to be part of the Creator for they are no longer part of the Creator but have become part of something else. This is the true essence of the Creator’s jealousy. A jealousy based on His love for all that is His. He adores and loves all that He has created, even giving His creations the ability to create yet, within it all, he gave them also the choice to destroy and now, as the darkness fully encompasses humanity, making it seem that darkness is light, they continue to destroy themselves and all of the Creator’s creations, deceived into believing that they are creating, not destroying.

What an interesting dilemma humanity has gotten themselves into. It’s interesting that the story of Job, which is supposedly about one man, is actually a depiction of all humanity. All humanity is tested and even prosecuted by the darkness, or adversary of the Creator, so as to reveal those who are truly of the Creator and who are not of the Creator.