Understanding Life

At times this life feels like a dream. Like I’m simply living within a realm of images floating about in motion around me without any real intention to their movement except that of their own. No greater intention or meaning to their movement. Merely movement through existence without any rhyme or reason for their existence. They exist for what the eyes perceive based on the light spectrum their eyes can absorb and comprehend all while many other aspects of the spectrum go unseen.

The worldly perspective is based on the body. It is focused on the body and the survival of the body. The world has determined life as being the body. Just as they see the trees or the grass as life. What they seem to miss is that none of these things are life. Life is what is within these forms, not the forms themselves. Life is the spirit not the flesh.

Yet, most people live for the flesh, seeking to satisfy both what they eyes perceive and what they mind feels through the sensory perception of the body. They dedicate very large amounts of resources to the body and the health of the body, in many ways, making it a huge and profitable business. Maybe second only to the business of the military which is also supposed to be protectors of the body, though placing their bodies on the line to protect other bodies.

Even this is no longer simply about protection but about gain. All that is the world is about gain. Gaining more. Yet, to gain is to reduce. This is a physical law. You cannot move something from one place to another without reducing it from the first place in order to place it in the second place. Something cannot be consumed without being changed from one form to another. Ingested in one form then excreted in another form.

This is what most people determine as being life. The “cycle of life” that they have accepted as being their reality. They are born, grow into their prime then fade away into their demise. Not all life completing this journey as a whole but, many times in between, being consumed by another being to continue their being.

All of this is not life. It is merely a mechanical action of material interaction animated by the energy, spirit or life within the material form. The ability to observe the material form as it interacts with other forms, is known as conscious awareness, something that some humans believe is only experienced by humans and is the main characteristic that gives them the status of being the highest of beings on the planet, able to exploit the material realm for their own desires. Believing that their desires are the highest desires, though the results are nothing more than what a storm of locust would do to a field as they ravage it to fill their material hunger.

This is often the conflict that many humans have to endure. Many a philosopher has sought to understand life and give it some sort of order based on the human perspective. Then science took over, observing the physical realm around them, the dream realm, and declaring it as being objective reality, blinding themselves to anything that lies beyond this dream realm and thus rejecting true reality in exchange for at reality that satisfies their physical eyes. Then rewriting reality, just as they rewrite history, so as to create a human perspective they deem as being orderly and comprehendible, based solely on the foundational idea that life is the body, the material and nothing more.

It’s interesting how much effort they have placed into covering over reality. Painting their own fantasies or graffiti over the truth. The irony is that this is exactly what Jesus pointed out over 2000 years ago. It’s interesting how they have incorporated even the idea of Jesus into their dream, so as to further deepen the illusion or deception.

Why is it so important for the world to cover over and even attempt to hide reality? The main reason anyone tries to hide or push something away is because they feel it is a threat to them in some way. Reality is a threat to illusions or fantasies so they seek to make reality seem like the illusion so they can declare the illusion as being reality. In this case, they are seeking to keep the kingdom of heaven hidden from the understanding of most people.

But it really isn’t about hiding reality but filtering those who can or will come to find the true reality. As one can experience through the philosophers, they create many different paths to their ideas on meaning and reality. Most of which, if honestly examined, lead to absurdity. Life becomes absurd simply because there really is no meaning to the physical world other than the mechanism of it’s motion yet they, as philosophers, also understand that they have an ability to observe the mechanism, yet perceiving it without the understanding of reality, they see it all as absurd. Incomprehensible because they have no true foundation from which to perceive it, mostly because they have rejected the true foundation as being implausible.

This is why most people can’t see or know the kingdom of heaven. Jesus described how to know the kingdom of heaven and this information, even though it was filtered through many people and translations. Even to this day, most people cannot truly understand what Jesus is explaining so openly based on what was documented in the bible. Yet it isn’t as open as it might seem to most, simply because their perspective is not aligned to Him. Jesus even stated that most people will not understand what He was saying.

In a way, it might be viewed like a code and one has to be able to decipher the code. The code is not a physical code so one cannot look at it in relation to the physical realm. They have to be able to see beyond the physical in order to understand the code. Most people aren’t able to see or perceive life beyond the physical. They weren’t given the key to the code or cipher within them which could be determined by their being called or not by the Lord. That they are His children.

This would explain the great contradiction that is this life. A contradiction that most people don’t perceive. Some might experience a conflict within them but never come to understand the true nature of their conflict, possibly defining it as a mental health issue and resolving with tools formed by the world foer the world to maintain a worldly perspective. The ability may have been within them but they weren’t able to connect it to the greater reality, thus remaining within the dream.

One might perceive this as being related to one of the parables Jesus shared: “A farmer went out to sow his seed. As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow. But when the sun came up, the plants were scorched, and they withered because they had no root. Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants. Still other seed fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. Whoever has ears, let them hear.”

Some people might have the ability in varying degrees to come to know the kingdom of heaven, even at times coming close, yet only to be gobbled up by the world and thus only knowing the world. This is the difference between those who are “saved” and those who aren’t “saved.” One is able to know the kingdom of heaven and the other isn’t able to know it. Basically this experience in the physical realm is merely to filter out those who are able to see beyond the world and those who can’t see beyond the world.

It is here where one can see that life is more than bread alone. Life is more than physical. Where they no longer need to live in accordance with the status of humans but only solely for the status of God. They come to realize that they are completely dependent on God and that their physical desires are of no real value other than within the motion of the physical mechanism that is merely the stage in which the true drama is depicted so as to filter out the children of God from the rest. A story created and authored by the Lord through His Word which He spoke to bring forth the physical realm and place it into motion.

Yet, for most, it’s merely a period of time to binge watch another season of their favorite TV show. Or to feel the fear of wars and rumors of wars, famines and plagues, fearing for their bodies and their survival, living in a constant state of anxiety, focusing their mind and heart on the world and thus receiving the reward of the world. Unwilling or unable to see the true reality which is right in front of them, only to be overshadowed by the perspective filter that has been placed within them so as to make it so they can’t see beyond the flesh in which they reside.