Observing the World

Today I feel inspired to write. I have been feeling better lately. It’s interesting that I’m feeling better in a time of greater challenges. But it is those challenges that are revealing things to me. I’m sure it’s not original by any means but a statement came to mind out of seemingly nowhere that stays in my mind like a mantra. It is “It can’t be healed until it is revealed.”

Interestingly enough, this goes far more than just my individual self. Humanity itself can’t be healed until everything is revealed. In a sense, the revealing is what judges humanity, both as a whole and individually.

But most people today don’t seem to be all too concerned about this. They are more concerned with worldly matters, things that I simply can’t comprehend. Yes, I know that they are but their significance is nil to me.

The sort of worldliness that goes like; You’re born, raised, go to school, graduate high school, go to college, get a good job, get married, buy a house and two cars, have children, raise to children in the same vain direction of life, get old, experience grandchildren and maybe great grandchildren and then die surrounded by them with both you and them hoping that you’re going somewhere good.

This is the common worldly experience, especially here in the US. An experience that has been created so as to keep the vain economic economy running, feeding it so it can seem to grow infinitely though it is offering things based on finite resources yet now there are still many resources so they aren’t too worried about. Yet, the production and consumption of these resources have caused other difficulties, such as great heatwaves around the world, along with great, destructive floods and huge, destructive storms, just to name a few.

Still this doesn’t stop them. They keep on marching along as the commercials on TV coax them along to continue this way of life, hoping that one day their technology will make it so they can live forever in some way, which is really like putting your faith in the fallen angels who have provided this technology for humans to use rather than putting their faith in God.

But, who am I? I’m a nobody among these people. I have no significance to them therefore my opinion and observations mean nothing to them. Not to raise my status from mere slug in this worldly perspective but it’s exactly how the prophets of old were treated. God sent them one by one to warn humanity but, for the most part, humanity rebelled against them. Then he sent his Son, metaphorically thinking they would accept Him but He was the least accepted and, in the end, was tortured brutally and put to death.

Yet many of these worldly people say that they believe in God. They say they put their faith in God while, at the same time, putting faith in the fallen angels and the technology that they provided to humanity. Technology is not what makes humanity a greater or higher being. In fact, one might observe that it has done the exact opposite. Humans can become greater with less worldliness. This is the true strength. The true faith.

I often observe that many of the honest poor people look after other poor people. Middle class people look after other middle class people. Upper class people look after upper class people. Worldliness provides these class divisions. Each one looks after their own, divided. And we all know what happens to those who are divided. It is happening right in front of their faces yet, surprisingly, or maybe not, they can’t see it. They keep on doing what they are doing while complaining about all the threats they have to navigate, each a bit different based on their class, and somehow hoping that something different will just happen. Maybe a Messiah will jump out of a cake somewhere.

Oh, that’s right. He has already been here. And he made it very clear what a person needs to do in order to know the Kingdom of Heaven. Even those who say they believe while at the same time putting their faith into worldliness actually express themselves as if they only hope that He had been here. They still cover their backs by putting their faith in the fallen angels who have provided them with all the unnecessary comforts that they have become addicted to having.

It’s funny that I say all of these things out of love for humanity yet it seems I’m being rather cruel to them. Well, Jesus wasn’t all too nice to the worldly and those who lived for status in the eyes of other humans.

As for me, I simply have to go on within it all. I don’t have many answers. This is why I have to rely solely on God. My relationship with God is very different than it has been in the past. It’s not a life of constant worship. I don’t pray all the time. In fact, I ask very little of God. I ask only to be healed and to be able to serve Him. From this He seems to put me through the right challenges that reveal my shortcomings so that they can be healed. At times I might say, “So I can heal them.” but this isn’t how it actually happens.

Yes, my becoming aware of them is important. After that, it’s like an automatic process occurs that then puts me into experiences that help me to heal them. One by one I go through them. Recently I came to experience the heart of my stress disorder, which could be termed as PTSD. I can see that the trauma that caused this was mainly brought about because of a battle within myself. A battle in which I had no defense and was at the mercy of these attacks for several decades. Mostly caused by not knowing that I have Asperger’s or ASD. That was the first revealing that came as I came back to God and it has helped me to understand that God is the author of my ASD or Asperger’s. It wasn’t a chance event. All that comes with it, good and seemingly bad, is because of what it would offer me and humanity in a small way.

As some of said, those with Asperger’s and Autism can see through the noise of the world. Sort of like gluten, which seems like a new issue to humanity, it has been around as long as humanity as been around. Many throughout history, mostly those who challenge the status quo simply because they perceived life differently could have been on the spectrum. Only in recent decades has it been revealed and, of course, the world terms it a “disorder.” When it’s far from being a disorder. It might cause disorder to their worldly order in some way. Well, to be honest, this is how they term anything to be a “disorder.” If it doesn’t go along with the worldly order that the fallen angels have provided for them.

Still, who am I to say anything to these people of mighty egos who believe that humans can overcome anything with their minds and technology, in exchange for their hearts, which is their only true, eternal value. But it is easy to see that the heart is being sacrificed now within humanity. There is very little heart in the world today. It is a very selfish, self centered and even human centered world where everything is about the individual and to make this possible they also have to be concerned about the overall human experience.

The irony is that even the overall human experience is being sacrificed for the individual human experience. An experience that is completely reliant on the manipulation of chemicals in the brain so as to provide “positive” experience that they seek while, at the same time, manipulating that body to form it into shapes and sizes that please the animal brains of others so as to be able to manipulate and gain what they need from others. All while using the word “love” very freely, while eliminating the words commitment, trust, and honesty.

Once they have received what they need from another person they can simply and even “morally” (based on worldly perspective) simply discard them as they would a cigarette butt.

So, this is the state of humanity today. One could say that it is the state of the world. Yes, God still exists within it all. There is love throughout it all. Yet, just like animal magnetism, where a mind, through use of the eyes, is attracted to the physical body of another, which many claim as being love. God’s love is attracted to love. Through this love all are accepted who are willing to receive this love. Rich and poor. Young and old. Beautiful and ugly. Healthy and sick.

It’s interesting that most who seek this love are the latter of each of these. I wonder why that is.

Could it be that fact that it is these people who are not accepted by the world. Those who have no status. No wealth. Their faces and bodies don’t allow them to use them to manipulate others for their own satisfaction and false sense of security. Or their days are numbered and the worldly disregard the old as being less significant than the young, who are those who are the future of the world, continuing to provide the fallen angels with their desires as spelled out in the contract in which they sell their hearts for worldly desires, comforts and security. Yet, in the end, fill their hearts with nothing so that, when the body ceases to be, there will be no eternal fruit within them.