Knowing the Spirit

I sit here writing today as if from another place yet I’m right here in the same place I’ve always been while writing. So many things have changed even since I last wrote. Even then it was like I was writing from another place and now it is another place from that place. I have come to understand many things that have perplexed me throughout my life and found that they are very different than I ever dreamed or was taught by others. The source is the same as others have taught me from but the reality is much different.

A simple verse from the bible can cause me to go off into vast places of understanding. Things I’ve read possibly 100s of times throughout my life where they meant very little to me at those time. Now they erupt into great understandings. More than understandings, they form a great perspective.

In many ways, I have come to experience the Beatitudes, not just read them. Each one is what we can all experience and the experience is the same. Whether it is the kingdom of heaven, being comforted, being filled with righteousness, given mercy, seeing God or being the children of God, it is all one thing. Seeing one is seeing all of them because all of these things are possible through Jesus and our constant pursuit of God throughout each day. Through this, what I have come to experience is all of these things and thus, I feel as if I’m in a different place. All the while, still here in the flesh with all the weaknesses of the flesh.

I’ve learned that the most important part of us is the spirit. The body is born and dies but the spirit, if properly increased, lives forever. I think of the message Jesus gave Nicodemus in the book of John, where he speaks about the spirit as being like the wind. You don’t know where it comes from nor where it is going but you do feel the effects as it passes through you. It changes you. At times subtly and other times greatly. It acts as if through a mystery and the one being changed by the spirit has no control over the spirit. The spirit works purely through the desire of the one he is changing. If one doesn’t desire the change then the spirit won’t change them.

But there are many who have been called. They know who they are. Even though, maybe at this very moment, they feel distant and even at odds with God, they know from past experience that God is following them and seeking to inspire them through the spirit. Oftentimes these people lead lives of suffering, not so much a physical malady, nor even some mental illness, but more like an inner plague that no human can resolve. At times they feel as if they are in control of their lives and doing fine but it is often short lives as challenges arise within them.

Some are stubborn and never allow the spirit to change them but instead live in great suffering throughout their lives, even though they mighty attain wealth and power which they believed would relieve them of their pain. Others might change periodically only to turn away again and again. But a few, even of those who have turned away again and again, will come to grow and become good fruit, finally coming to understand what has seemingly followed them all of their lives yet they never could fully understand it. Not until they fully surrendered to it.

This is the interesting thing about God as I perceive Him. He is not the only God. As I tell people, he is a God who chose a people to perfect them but those people constantly disobeyed him so he punished them simply by pulling away from them. All they needed to do was give themselves completely to this God and he would, like a shield or an impenetrable fortress, surround them and give them all that they need in life. But they would complain and get upset with this God who chose them. A God who wanted to give them everything yet they refused to truly love Him.

Instead they desired worldly things. All gods are not the same. Some gods while give great worldly things to their children, those who choose to follow them. But just as all worldly things, they come to an end and thus they receive the reward of worldly things, eroding away back into dust. For only the spirit lives forever and the Spirit of God is of everything, meaning it can become anything, both physically and spiritually.

It is how God made himself into a man so as to fulfill Himself and his covenant with humans, thus beginning the dawn of the new law which was given to humans to prepare them for the kingdom of heaven. Humans have had over 2000 years to prepare but most have squandered this time. Many defiled the name of Jesus by using his name to conquer and destroy others. Most religions, not unlike modern times, have expressed truth while in the shadows lived in lies.

Jesus himself, in words available for all to see, said this would happen. This is the most interesting part of it all. Those who are supposedly teaching and promoting Jesus have been actually defiling his name due mostly to their lack of ability to understand Jesus. One can’t truly blame them other than the fact that they simply can’t understand. “Forgive them for they know not what they do.”

Yet, within it all, what they teach others has then become the perspective reality of Jesus and God as a whole. In many, many ways, they simply made God worldly. They made God a worldly god. A god who promotes worldly living based on worldly concerns while they go about praying to God as if he is a wish fulfiller and not their King. A King who expects much from them in order to reward them fully.

I have come to enjoy learning about the Jews and how they have a prayer for everything. Under perfect conditions, they bring God into every aspect of their lives through prayer. Of course, prayer can become nothing more than a habit over time, the true worship lost. I truly enjoy the phrase, “Blessed are You, Lord our God, King of the universe.” It is something I’ve come to use when I’m grateful for anything and I’ve come to be grateful for everything, even suffering.

I’ve noticed that suffering brings me closer to God. And when God takes away my suffering my attentiveness and attention can often drift from Him. I’ve noticed it in the past and it is something I’ve currently taken great effort to not allow to happen. To worship God consistently, both in joy and in suffering. Through this I’ve come to understand many things I could never understand before.

Like how, as I was saying before, how this God chose these people to perfect them but they would always come to disobey Him. Then Jesus, God in the flesh, came and opened up this opportunity to all people, not just Jews, but God is still the God of Israel, or Jacob. Like I said, there are other gods, but the God of Israel, in order to save his people, opened up his graces to all people but only if those people choose Him.

Yes, God chose the people of Israel but then allowed others to choose Him. At the same time, He began calling many throughout all the people. It is one thing to be called but another entirely to become chosen, as I described earlier in this post.

This is what I find most interesting about it all. It is nothing like most religions under the banner of Christianity have described and taught. In fact, origins of most religions under the banner of Christianity came from those who sought to conquer others in the name of Jesus, defiling His name through their actions, just as Satan would do, trample and defile the name of Jesus into the ground.

For most, it is a choice. For those who are chosen and yet unwilling to accept Jesus, their time will come and, like those who can choose to be a child of God, if they don’t enrich the spirit, but instead live for the world, they will receive their just reward. A reward brought about by their own actions leading them to not increase the fruit of their spirit but instead live for the pleasures of the world.

Yes, they can live for other gods. Some gods might look out for them in some way, others might simply want to destroy them. And each human is not so much flesh but a spirit. Not all spirits are good. Most first judge others by their looks or flesh, then they come to know what is within their flesh. Even so, an evil spirit is not always revealed even through this process. Many are possessed by other spirits yet look as normal as other people, until they act upon the lives of other people.

This is how it has been since the beginning, though humans today often act as if this is some new phenomenon. They fear monger about all the things happened in the world. The “shadow governments” and how everything is always going bad. Bad from what? A short period of human history where Satan created an environment of great deception and basically enslaved the greater part of humanity within it, even without their knowing and with their willing participation.

It’s interesting isn’t it. And these fear mongers who make great amounts of money from their fear mongers act like modern prophets, declaring their prophecies of fear throughout the modern media, both mainstream and beyond. Fear is the greatest tool of evil. It is why Jesus specifically pointed out that we shouldn’t worry about anything but what is here in the moment. And, if we focus solely on the kingdom of heaven and in building our treasure in our hearts rather than from and in the world, then God will provide for those who do this all that they need. Food, clothing, lodging, etc. All the things that God knows are needed in order to incubate or increase the fruit of the heart within, which is the spirit.