Recently I was reading 1 Corinthians from the New Testament in the bible when I came upon something that caught my interest. Paul stated many interesting things but it was something that he admitted to being his opinion but an opinion he felt was inspired by the Lord. It is about marriage.

In his statement he claims that marriage isn’t something those who truly seek the Lord should pursue. I find this interesting in several ways. First off, most religions state that marriage is very important. Even the Mormon Church states that only through marriage within one of their temples can a person attain the fullness of heaven.

I”ve often thought about this and my personal opinion about marriage in such a way is mainly based on growing the church so that they will have more tithe payers. Through marriage comes children and if those children are trained from an early age to be dedicated to the church they will be loyal tithe payers to the church. When I’ve mentioned this to church leaders within various churches they deny this statement. They go back to the beginning where God created Eve as a helpmate for Adam and told them to be fruitful in bringing forth children. Yet, at the same time, they still turn to Paul in other matters. Just as they seem to ignore or disclaim some statements of Jesus while embracing others. Statements that best suit the way of life that they choose to live, not the one that God wills for them.

It’s much like how a country or society gives status to those who are married and bring forth children. Children who are then trained in how to live in the society thus creating more taxpayers to support the country. Supposed Christian countries use the bible to justify the higher status of those who are married and have children.

Yet, within it all, Paul’s main premise in his statement about marriage is the idea that marriage causes a man or woman to be focused on their spouses needs rather than being focused solely on the Lord. I can see how this would be true. Once they are married they buy a house and fill the house with things and then have children, all of which takes up most of their time and energy, often struggling to simply remember to pray or having to pray on a schedule, with prayer being pretty much the extent of their actions toward the Lord. But Paul seems to think that living through the Lord is much more than simply prayer or thinking about the Lord a few times a day while forgetting about Him pretty much all the rest of the day.

The Catholics created their priesthood where some could go to live solely focused on the Lord while others, those they serve, are free to come to church on Sundays and think of the Lord a few times a day while forming large families tithe payers to support the church and those who seem to believe that they are sacrificing their worldly lives for those of the congregation who don’t sacrifice their worldly lives for God.

As I thought more about distractions, it is easy to see that today, in the modern world, all life is based on distractions and basically causing others to sin. One is how women dress today. They reveal all of their bodies in comfortable pants that reveals their shape without any modesty. They seem to think it’s okay. But, as I’ve experienced while talking with other men, I can be talking with them about something and then a young women walks by in yoga pants, he rear end full and exposed for all to see, the flesh hidden only by a thin layer of material, their attention quickly goes to the woman passing. They are distracted.

There are also many other distractions, such as TV shows, movies, commercials, many, many options of products to consume, video games and even books which are nothing more than distractions. Even the perspectives that many of these things give to the consumer are nothing more than distractions. Distractions from the Lord.

The list of distractions in today’s world could go on and on. Even the arguments for and against believing in God is a distraction. The focus on sexual orientation and gender are nothing more than distractions. Distractions from the truth. The argument against sexual orientation and gender, often presented by those in religions is nothing more than a distraction from the Lord. One might consider than the very thing that causes a society to fall is when they become most distracted from the Lord.

I’ve noticed that of all the supposed sins in the world, the sins that causes the various destructions, after many, many warnings, of the Hebrew or Jewish people throughout their history was pride and arrogance. A pride and arrogance where the people become focused on other things other than the Lord. Basically, distracted by idols and other gods. Idols are not always just a statue or object representing another god. Idols are more about the worship of other things, such as money, status and living solely for one’s individual desires rather than the desires of the Lord. It isn’t very difficult to understand the desires of the Lord.

He outlines them many times throughout the bible, yet most people, even those who devoutly read the bible, often ignore His true desires. Such as mercy above sacrifice or turning the cheek. Loving your enemies. These few examples all represent putting others about the self, not the self above all others. Paul goes to great lengths to state that living through the Lord is about putting others before the self. That the self is basically just an illusion, or distraction from the real truth of the Lord. The fact that the Lord is above all and His will is all that matters. Even though the Lord can seem to be, based on the bible, to be a cranky old man who expects His children to give up their lives for him. A seemingly selfish and self conceited being who thinks only of Himself. Yet, within it all, by abiding to the Lord’s will, all of these things disappear and, well, if lived fully by all people on Earth, would bring about peace or the kingdom of heaven.

As I’ve experienced, the kingdom of heaven is both a perspective and a reality. Not all humans were created to enter the kingdom of heaven. Not all can see it. Most were created to be distractions for those who were selected to enter the kingdom of heaven. Just because they were selected from the beginning of time doesn’t mean they are assured entrance into the kingdom of heaven. Those who are selected can’t deny this selection for the Lord constantly follows them or prompts them throughout their lives. They often live lives of great challenges, which are their to form and refine them. Some make it and others don’t. As for the rest, just as with Moses when the Lord had him seek to free his people from Pharaoh, the Lord stated that during each attempt He would harden the heart of Pharaoh to the request of Moses, causing the Lord to have to punish Pharaoh. This seems to be cruel of the Lord toward Pharaoh but the main premise of the story is faith. Moses’s faith and how faith should always be the main focus.

Just as the stories of the bibles seem like merely stories, so are the stories of our lives as we face the challenges in this life. Challenges that are often caused by the Lord to push us, many times to the extreme, so that we can become refined and able to enter the kingdom of heaven. Going from selected into becoming chosen. Something that we can’t attain on our own. In fact, it’s not the sin that prevents us from becoming chosen but by our now truly choosing to give our hearts to the Lord. Our entire hearts. Which means being able to put aside all the distractions that seem to make this temporary life more entertaining and comfortable yet prevent us from living through the Lord and thus being able to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Just as how many people believe this life to nothing more than an illusion, in many ways this is true. Just as hologram or play created to bring about our true selves onto the light while living within spiritual darkness. It is easy to see that this world is based on that of evil. An evil brought about so as to, in a way, separate the men from the boys, (No offense women. Just an analogy.) To cause those who have been selected from the beginning to either become refined or not. As for the rest, maybe there are many gods. This isn’t denied in the bible. I don’t have all the answers. Really I have very few answers. All I can simply do is offer my observations from my own experiences.