The Nature of God

Again I face the blank page for some reason fearing what I might place upon it in order to fill it up with words. The things I’ve been seeing lately often seem indescribable but I think it is more the fact that I hesitate trying to describe them. The time and thought it might take to bring them to life through words.

For many months now I have been absorbing information about the world around me. When the Russians decided to impose themselves upon the Ukrainians I obsessively tried to see it from all sides. For weeks after their imposition I watched video after video looking at all sides. Not so much about the battles themselves but how the world was reacting to it.

I watched the world divide. Countries rebelling against the common theme that had been for many decades. Change had certainly arrived. The US was no longer the great power of influence that it once was throughout the 20th Century.

As I obsessively took in all this information, something else came to light. First off I noticed I was becoming a bit dark or depressed. This was more based on the anxiety that I was feeling. But I kept at it, even though it was causing me pain. I had to understand, which is one of my deepest flaws.

Then one day, as I was viewing the many videos from around the world all expressing different takes on what is happening in the world, trying so hard to find a pattern within it all, I saw something that shocked me. I couldn’t trust any of the information no matter the source. There was some truth to each of them but they were all biased to the desires of those who were expressing their opinions. What was even more shocking was that of all the sources it was the US sources that I couldn’t trust the most. I contained the largest amount of propaganda and, well, lies. I found myself observing a historic propaganda war that went far beyond the borders of Ukraine, involving the entire world.

This causes me to stop looking. It also caused me to go into a very dark place within myself. I began to question everything I had ever learned about life from others. I had to question all of my own theories that I’ve presented to the world.

After two or three weeks of this darkness, I saw something that I have never seen before. I was completely helpless. I was completely alone. Alone like I’ve never been before. Not only alone physically but also alone in my perspective of life. I would watch the everyday people in life who continue buying and selling, seeking wealth and power over their own lives and see the complete vanity in it all. I felt like Solomon as he observed the world in his older years, experiencing the curse of his once valued request of the Lord to grant him great wisdom.

This is when I saw something I had spent my life exploring but never finding what I truly wanted from it in a different way. Suddenly it made sense to me, mostly because what I was perceiving wasn’t a result of the ideas of others or their influence on me. I could clearly see that we currently live in a world of great deception. Of great lies. So then, what happened to the truth? Is there a truth beyond that of the animal desires of humanity that they have now dedicated themselves to serving with all their hearts and minds.

Suddenly I could see all the prophecies coming into fruition. Not just one possible thing here or there but a complete convergence. They are happening all around and at the same time. It’s the first time in history where one could say, “The end of the age is at hand.” Mostly because, as I had seen many times in years past, there is no future to the current path of humanity. All patterns and paths lead to destruction.

Thus I returned to scripture, understanding it like I had never understood it before. While doing so, I looked back at the many things I’ve seen and perceived, having recorded these things. I felt no shame in those things as they were merely seeing the same things I see today, only from a different perspective. I could also see “nature” turned on its head. One thing that began to stand out to me was one of the greatest deceptions. “The (physically) strong survive and the (physically) weak die.” The perspective of nature that came forth through the idea of physical evolution brought about by Darwin’s theories that have often been distorted to create this deception.

Based on the nature of God, in the end, the physically weak survive and the physically strong die.

The humble. The meek. Those who are downtrodden and poor. Those who are weak against sin, living lives of guilt and shame because they aren’t strong enough to defeat sin. These are those that Jesus came to save. Not the strong, whether physically or spiritually. He points this out several times and it is also pointed out many times in the Old Testament. In fact, each period of destruction that came upon the Jews was based on their own arrogance and pride. Their desire to be physically and spiritually strong and thus judging the world around them through their own false pride and arrogance. Each time the Lord rebuked them and told them to change their ways. To stop rebelling against the nature of God instead by the nature of the world. The leaders raised themselves above the common people, seeking power over them, controlling them for their own desires.

Well, when I look around today, this is all I can see. Even more than at any time documented in history. Just because there are now people here in the Americas who once lived in the East of the world. Who came from various ways of life, Jesus brought upon them all the fact that they are all subject to the nature of God. He brought the nature of God, which at one time seemed to only relate to the Jews, and placed it upon the entire world.

Of course this hasn’t gone over well with most of these people, feeling they are being falsely accused because they believe that they didn’t accept this nature. That their nature is solely based on this finite existence which can only be perceived by the eyes. That God has imposed Himself upon them. Thus they have rebelled and continue to rebel. Giving themselves over to the nature of the fallen angels who now rule the world who have given the humans technology that gives them the perception that they can somehow overcome, not only the nature of the world but, more specifically, the the nature of God, who is the creator of everything. T

hus is revealed another Tower of Babel which the humans continue to build to this day, believe that it will one day bring them peace and salvation and, most of all, make it so they are no longer subject to the nature of God but instead, somehow create a new nature. A human nature that defies all nature.

This is just one of the many things I’ve been seeing lately. Again, looking back at the things I’ve documented in the past and feeling no shame for them. The reason I feel no shame is that I wouldn’t be able to see what I see today without all that I once perceived from a different view.

So now I live a life of prayer and scripture study. Not that I haven’t done this in the past. The main difference today is that it has all come alive. For the first time in my life I can clearly see the Living God. Where in the past, most of my spiritual pursuits in this way were based on seeking acceptance in some way through the religions. Trying to bend and form my perspective to meet their perspective in some way. Not realizing that what I was seeing then, which I tried to rebel against so as to meet the perspectives of the religions, is what I’m seeing now, only with more clarity. Even religion is part of the deception, sad as it may seem.

I found it interesting that before Jesus came to the Earth, there had been 400 years of prophetic silence. After Jesus died, it again became silent and this silence has lasted over 2000 years. For humans this is a long time. Jesus kept saying he would return soon. But what does soon mean? Soon is subjective to the perspective of time. So, from the beginning, humans kept thinking that Jesus was coming right back as perceived by the human perspective of time. But only now can one truly perceive many of the signs, happening at the same time with more appearing all the time.

I find it interesting that most of my religious life I could never understand the Book of Isaiah. Now, I enjoy putting it on audio and listening to it. When I do, within all the talk of destruction, all I feel is peace. I’ve noticed how I feel this peace from the words of all the prophets. Words that would instill fear in those who live solely for the nature of the world, and thus the reason they choose to ignore them and all the warnings within them. But, ironically, it is God who hardens their hearts, for reasons of His own. And these reasons must be left to God. Ours is to simply seek to live by the nature of God, even in our deepest weakness.

For it was the weak whom Jesus came to heal, not the strong. And it was for this reason He offered Himself as a sacrifice upon the cross, so as to cleanse the weak that they might be strong in the Lord. Giving themselves over to the Lord, still in their weakness, and humbly accepting the strength of the Lord as their own strength rather than seeking the worldly strength of power and control over the nature of the world, which, just as the grass of the field, is here today and tomorrow is cast into the furnace because it relies upon the water,of the world, which satiates temporarily or finitely, rather than the Living Water of the Lord, which quenches our thirst forever.