Something to Ponder

Is it the end of life as we know it? It certainly seems that it is. One can take a moment to wander through YouTube and find, well, that chaos has certainly come to be the prominent figure in life. It seems that the flow within the human stream of consciousness has become erratic at best and self destructive at worst. I’ve never seen so much propaganda and opinions flowing in so many directions at once. They are worried about climate change. They are worried about WWIII happening. They are worried about racism. They are worried about food and gas prices. They are worried about violence in their cities. These are just a few of their concerns.

All the while there are many who seem to be trying to bring hope into the madness. So many different ideas on how to live a more peaceful life. Eat this food. Think these thoughts. Do these things. 

Yet, behind it all there is one common denominator. They are all striving to make money in some way. Money is not the root of all evil. It is just an inanimate object that they have placed value upon. Really, it’s not even a physical object so much anymore but simply a number on the screen of a computer telling you how many credits you have to spend on the things you want and need.

So, this means that ratings are important. The fact that what they are offering is being watched. The more people who watch the more money they make. They go to fantastic measures to attract people to watch their videos and hear their insights on life, whether good or bad.

Well, they say that money is necessary. This is true in the current state of humanity. Yet, as they focus on climate change, they try to get the people to change their ways. Ride the bus or their bike to work. Change the way they live so they can lower their carbon footprint. All while large industries that provide the many comforts to the people contribute the largest portion of carbon into the air. These industries are coddled and subsidized by the government, a government who is supported by the tax money provided by the people who need to change their ways in order to save humanity from climate change.

Then there is the money that is made from war. A large amount of money is made from war. War is the biggest industry in the world. A few become very rich as innocent people die on the battlefield, mostly civilians. Then there is the debate of who can invade countries. It’s okay for the US to invade other countries and kill people, mostly innocent civilians, because they have the moral right to do so. But if other countries do the same it is evil and brought about by Satan.

All while the US is promoting these types of invasions because it makes money for the war industry. They can make money without sacrificing their own people.

It’s all very interesting. I’m not here to tell you what is right or wrong. I’m not here to tell you what you need to do. But if one were to view this from outside of all that is going on, one might think that humanity has become very confused. Even insane. Humanity is made up of many, many individual consciousness’ that make up one large consciousness. If one mind had so much confusion going on within it they might diagnose that person as being insane in some way. If one person performed so many acts of violence against other people they would deem that person insane. Humanity has certainly gone insane. They are anxiety ridden to the point of breaking into complete madness. 

But wait, by causing the population of people to become so anxiety ridden, wouldn’t this be a good thing for those in power. When a person has severe anxiety they will do anything they can for relief. So, by giving the population severe anxiety then later giving them relief, would this make them grateful to those who gave them relief. By doing so, wouldn’t they do anything to not have to feel that anxiety again, even giving up their very lives and freedom for such a relief. 

Who knows what’s really going on but it does seem that humanity is at the end of something. What end will bring is yet to be seen. 

Maybe it will rely on the choices of each individual person or maybe the choice will be made for them. But all endings lead to a new beginning. One can only wonder what that new beginning will be. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Really, the only choice that a person has right now is if they want to stay around in the madness to see what comes of it all. Will it be worth the suffering? This too is a personal choice that comes from their own individual take on life. 

One might wonder; is there a God? Is there a greater purpose to all of this? While another might think that there is no purpose to any of this that is going on. That humanity has simply run its course and it’s time for another species to rise up into their own madness. Well, the interesting part of all of this is that it all comes down to what is within each individual person because, believe it or not, they are the ones causing all of this simply by the choices they make. It seems the popular choice is to react out of fear. But one might consider that they should possibly respond through love. At least, this is what has been taught to humans throughout their seemingly long history. The only true question is; does humanity really want to survive? Yet there is an even larger question. Does humanity deserve to survive? 

The latter question seems like it has to be answered by someone or something greater than themselves. Maybe this is the problem. That most humans have come to believe that life is made up merely by their own choices rather than making the choice to understand that they are merely part of something much greater than themselves. Something that could have a name, such as “God” or maybe something else. Even in the bible, the being they call “God” doesn’t have a name. This being simply exists and refers to itself as “I am.” Maybe we can learn something from this. That we simply exist, not for our own purposes but for existence as a whole. That humans exist for “God” who refers to himself as simply “I exist.” who is all that makes up existence and thus, is existence itself of which humans are part of that existence.

Just something to ponder.