Fear Not

A couple of years ago I remember writing about how the great powers on the Earth will one day soon come into conflict, each for their own intentions while unknowingly fulfilling the intentions of nature and the universe because humans are nature and the universe. This is why there is no reason to be upset about what is going on right now. Everything is happening as it should be happening. As the forces or energies within the universe come into conflict with each other as they move from one to the other, the masculine now fading into the feminine, or the yang fading into the yin as they cycle throughout the universe.

But, as with all things that happen on Earth, the first thing that humans do is react. They react out of fear. They point fingers at each other, dividing into global tribes, each seeking to destroy the other. This too is natural as it is part of the experience. Still, this need not be. Peace is not a time or a place or when things are in order as humans see fit. Peace comes within and can be experienced in both calm and conflict. But the inner is not what most humans live to experience but only the outer, their status in the eyes of other humans. Agreeing to submit to the majority so as to feel acceptance by the whole of the herd. This too is natural and all actions that occur because of this is natural.

These actions may bring about great death and bloodshed but this too is natural. The interesting aspect of it all is the most of those who then come to submit to such actions began believing that they wanted to prevent such things from happening, coming to believe that peace can only be enforced by violence and force, which is the prevailing energy that flows from the West to the East, that the war, which is not only with bullets but even more so through propaganda, threatens all who don’t comply to that which the supposed majority believes. Defy them and they will divide themselves again into more pieces through ostracizing and sanctioning.

This too is natural and there is nothing to fear from any of it because all is happening as it should be happening. The true experience is that which comes from within, not from without. True acceptance and status is that which one experiences within themselves, not through the eyes of others. Yet, this simple truth is very much ignored due to the fact that most live by their eyes and not through their hearts. Therefore, all that they see fades away, leaving them in fear that they too will fade away. When, if seen through the heart, they would see that nothing fades away but simply moves from one part of the cycle to another. That their lives didn’t begin with birth and will end with death but the reality being that life is only in the now and the now is eternal. But again, most humans live both in the past and in the future, often severely neglecting the now where life resides and thus they live in constant fear of nothingness.

All of which is natural and will fulfill the intentions of nature and the universe because humans, like all things, both seen and unseen, are nature in the universe.