Messages From Beyond

Have you ever saw a number that keeps coming up over and over again? Walking down the street and it appears on a sign or billboard. Maybe the license plate of a car that passed catches your eye and there the number appears. Maybe when at the store making a transaction and the number appears as the total.

Over and over again it appears but it didn’t appear before these sightings and the sightings do end after a period of time.

Well, I’m a very spiritual person but I do have some skepticism about some things, including numerology and astrology. At the same time, I don’t discount such things simply because the life here and the universe that both surrounds as well as being within us all is often somewhat strange.

People believe in miracles. This means that something happened to cause them to see these miracles. Is this simply a hope that they bring to life through their imagination? Or is it something real that we can’t fully explain? Like how technology can seem like magic if it isn’t understood, which most myth is composed of. Myth isn’t just something people of that time made up. They were describing something they have seen or experienced. They simply don’t have the words to describe it literally, so they turn to simply describing it the best they can.

Why did/do people believe in gods? They were beings that once resided here on Earth, and possibly still do reside here. To the humans with their new gift of conscious awareness given to them by these beings, well, they were all powerful and thus they were gods because of their technology, a technology that they used to make hybrids of themselves here on Earth and thus humanity becomes their children for better or worse.

It’s strange being here with no true idea as to why and how humans became humans and what their true purpose, if any, is. Maybe humans are just cattle to be ruled used and exploited by others. It would be easier for humans if they weren’t consciously aware of it. This is the main factor that makes life both so interesting as well as being troublesome. The fact that humans are not only aware of themselves and their surroundings but they are also aware of time, creating a past and future for themselves, both of which can be very troublesome for them, especially when they have been taught to live by standards which, for the most part, are unnatural to them.

So they might look to the heavens and seek a miracle to help them through the trials of this life. So too it might be when a number begins to appear over and over again, causing them to wonder as with so many other things in this life, “What does this mean?”

So it happened with me. For me the number was something that literally stands out. A very powerful and negative number to many people. It was the number 666.

It began appearing about a week ago, just as I was thinking about some things in my life. Over and over it appeared, in transactions, on receipts, in phone numbers from callers to my phone and even on the locker where the combination of the locker I chose that day had been changed to 666.

All of these appearances occurred and I found it curious, that is, until I saw it on the locker combination. That was the final straw. When I came home that day I decided to look up the meaning in numerology.

As with all such things, each website as some different ideas as to numbers mean, much like with astrology. So, as I do with such things, I read several of them, comparing them to see any commonalities.

All said that 666 is not an evil number. It is a number of change or transition. 6 is also a goddess or feminine number, mostly because it is centered on the home which are traditionally the domain of women.

6 is also a number of compassion, tolerance, idealism as well as giving or philanthropy. Supposedly they break it down to just 6s to get the true meaning of 666.

At the same time as I was literally feeling some sense of change or transition within me, I was also questioning some of my beliefs, mostly because I had related them to other people and they too questioned them. Well, to be honest, I am completely confident in my beliefs as to origins of humans and why we are here. I spent 2 years writing in my blog, studying and contemplating it all since it was the one thing that motivated me in life, seeking to know “Why am I here?” in a world so strange to me. A society where I don’t fit in at all. Where when I talk, because of the Asperger’s, I can’t communicate as well as I would like and often what I communicate is “otherworldly” to others, because it isn’t part of their everyday lives.

During the time when the number 666 was appearing regularly, I was also contemplating writing a book. All of my life I have wanted to write a book. I’ve always known what I wanted to be within it but I never could find a way of putting it into context.

I have tried to write a book many times and the problem for me is that I lose interest in it or I find something else of interest that I want to write about which isn’t related to the book which takes me away from it. I’ve been able to write short stories, some coming into the novella stage. But I could write them in a period of hours or days. It takes a lot of passion for me to write. Writing with such passion for a long period seems daunting to me.

It came to me that I could write a book but do it by writing short stories that relate to each other. They might not even look like short stories to the reader but I could write them in bursts of passion and then put it down for a little while so as to not to become overly stimulated.

I also had the context in which I could write all the things I’ve wanted to write all of my life. I could simply write some of the history of humanity as I’ve come to know it. But make it fiction so I have freedom to bring it about and so I don’t feel I have to make everything exactly as I think it should be. Much like ancient peoples, I too have to use metaphor to explain many things simply because there is nothing truly to compare it to in this life based on our current limited perspective of life.

As I was questioning my beliefs I came upon a website talking about the number 666. In it I found a quote that interesting me greatly as it reaffirmed my own beliefs. It was by Joseph Campbell, the author of “The Power of Myth.”

He said that the Biblical tradition really took great pains to wipe out the religion of the Goddess and replace it with a patriarchal deity, or Biblical God that we are familiar with today. This is what is said about relating the number 666 to the devil or destruction. It is the number of the goddess and it is true, as seen in our modern lives, that the masculine as gone to great lengths to control and contain the feminine, repressing her to becoming a simple servant, only a step higher than a hired servant. Cursing her for deeds undone but still blamed upon her. Basically, blaming the curse of conscious awareness being given to humans as that of original sin. Eating from the tree of knowledge and thus becoming aware of themselves and their surroundings and thus becoming like the gods who created them.

In all of it, giving conscious awareness to humans makes it so they can be more easily manipulated, as we can see throughout human history all the way today. It allows programming to be imposed into the minds of the humans, some of it in useful information and much of it used to control their behavior.

This reminded me of the Tower of Babel, when the gods or god confused the humans, causing them to become divided by language so as to not be able to work together and become as the gods. It’s interesting that ever since that time the god they worshipped was always trying to keep the divided. Most believers think this to be a good thing, as for them it is not a good thing to be as god. But was it really a good thing? Or was it simply humans being controlled and manipulated into doing the bidding of the god or gods rather than to express themselves as they truly are.

So humans, even today, are still perplexed by the world around them. They become accustomed to certain routines but when these routines are disrupted, which happens often in their lives as it seems part of the conditioning for control, they constantly feel a sense of agitation or anxiety. Knowing something within themselves but not being able to describe it. Or experiencing things that seem out of place, such as a miracle or numbers that appear over and over again for a period of time.

It’s all rather interesting and I find it even more interesting that even before I read about the number 666 I could feel a sense of change or transition coming. I could also see that I should be focusing more on compassion and tolerance, which is what some people say this number might be saying to a person who is seeing it over and over again. Of course, I can also combine it with the sighting of a raven flying overhead in Winter, something I’ve never seen here. They appear in the Spring but I’ve never seen them in the Winter. Not around here.

Interestingly enough, in some cultures, ravens are seen as keepers of secrets and implementers of change. A powerful symbol of the dark side, death, and rebirth. They talk about how the raven represents transformation and change because they were once seen as the god of creation and destruction.

Well, it’s all interesting. It led to a second post today. Since I’m in the middle of a Asperger’s fit and troubled by it, writing is the only way out of it. I really should write more and I think the idea of the book is also a sign to start writing again, not only on a book but here in this blog, as well as remembering all those wonderful people throughout the world whose expression I hold dear to my heart. I love them all very much.