True Freedom

It’s a very cold day after a storm that brought the first significant snowfall of the year. It was a record 250 or so days since the last significant snowfall on the ground here. Where I live the total came to about 3 inches but in some places nearby they received over a foot of snow. The mountains received a few feet of snow. Supposedly there is more to come next week.

Again it’s been a while since I last wrote. A few weeks. Seems strange at times knowing that for over 2 years I wrote nearly every day. It’s definitely not due to not having anything to write. Really it’s the motivation. I think of some thoughts to write and the amount of energy and time to write them out seems a bit overwhelming, though I’m really not doing much else at the time, other than trying to keep things as simple as possible in life.

I can say that life today is very different than it was before the two year journey where I would write each day. As I’ve said before, it’s much like everything I learned during those two years is now becoming a reality and experiencing it in reality is much more difficult than simply learning about it.

The thing that is most difficult is the constant perspective shifts that happen. It’s much like viewing life through a lens. At times the lens sees only what is around me in the scale of life before me. Other times it pans out and views humanity and life from a broader scale. At times the pan goes far out so humanity and everything on this earth because nearly microscopic, sort of like cells or a virus.

When I see life through those perspectives I can see that humanity could be viewed as one here might view a virus. The more the population the more “mutants” that appear. At times it seems like the mutations are everywhere and even becoming the majority. But still there is a force that causes the mutations to either comply and accept the reality given to them or they fade away or die. It might be seen that the streets are filled with homeless mutants. People who are unable to comply with the standards of the society. Standards that are rather insane overall but it is the reality that has been predicted for thousands of years, when evil will encompass the earth, seeking to destroy all life, including humanity.

So yes, as I’ve described many times before, it is like living in an occupied country. Where I still have to live somewhat underground, even though I still go out and interact with the society reality each day, at times causing me to feel exhausted by it’s demands.

It’s demands seem to increase. Looking at life from a broader scale one can see that many experiments are going on around the world. One can see that Australia is toying with bringing a once “free” country under authoritarian rule. They seemed to try in the US but it doesn’t seem to be ready for such things. For some reason the people of Australia seem to be more complaint, though many still protest.

The interesting thing is that there are many protests in Europe over lockdowns but here in the US there are few protests. After the long periods of violent protests which seem to avail little to those protesting, so they have seemed to give up on the fight, or fight in other ways. A quieter way that doesn’t get the authorities in such a violent uproar. As I’ve said many times, the masculine fights in the physical world while the feminine fights through the heart. The feminine can’t fight in the physical world else she will be defeated.

One day the image of the Yin and Yang came to mind. The symbol for the Yin and Yang which seems so set in separating the masculine and the feminine. Yet, what I could see was that this is a symbolic depiction of something that is very large and much more fluid that what the symbol depicts. These energies are large, encompassing the entire universe. They cycle through the universe, where in some parts of the universe the masculine is dominant and the feminine is submissive. In other parts of the universe it is the other way around.

The energies circle each other, at times flowing into each other, causing a blending of energies. It is known that the feminine is coming back into rule in this area of the universe. It also seems that it is blending right now, where gender is blending physically. Though a person might have a male body, within them might be the feminine energy. In a society that once had such rigid standards, and still does in many ways as the masculine fights for dominance, it is rather difficult to be such a mutation. One can see in some women greater masculine traits. Both are very beautiful but when the standard is so rigid and so many people still accept the standard, a standard that makes up their reality, it isn’t so beautiful to them but is actually seen as evil and disgusting.

Gender has little to do with sexuality. It has become important only to the reality of society. In many ways, it has become a controlling factor over the people. I’ve watched shows and movies about lesbians and to me it seems very natural to see two women together, not only sexually but in general. Yet, to the standards of the society it is supposed to be a man and woman who pair bond. Yet most men have little to know desire to communicate with women in a way that is most beneficial to them. Women remain nothing more than the bearer of children and the servant of the man and the family.

One can easily discern the great oppression that this standard brings upon the people, even though many of them don’t even notice. It’s often interesting to talk with a person who can’t see anything beyond the reality set before them. At times I’m envious of them. It is difficult being able to view life through multiple perspectives, which only makes it more difficult to find any truth within it all, mostly because truth itself is not so clear cut as the standards of society make it out to me. It’s not simply telling the truth or being honest, though living by these standards makes on more compliant to the society who lives in constant fear of the people and are constantly seeking to predict humans lives so they can control them better.

In reality, all they are doing is controlling the conscious awareness of the everyday people. Yes, it is sad that humans are nothing more than an experiment. They are much more primitive than those who are experimenting on them. In many ways, this is where it becomes so, not so much confusing but odd in the fact that most people can’t see beyond that which is fed into their conscious awareness. Thus, their conscious awareness and all that comes with it, including imagination, are all used to further cement their reality. A reality that lives in conflict is most other realities that are around it, thus causing great conflict within humanity as well the world around them.

But no matter how much a person might voice differently, the majority of them will simply continue on as it is even though it leads to their destruction. A destruction that has been designed for them. Maybe not to destroy the species entirely but to reduce it.

Even so, just as with humans, who are human centric, seeing life only through the human experience and the reality given to them, those experimenting on humans, well, the experiments don’t always work out as planned. Just like what happens when humans interfer will life, causing one thing to be better while disrupting hundreds of other things that now need to be fixed, it is the same with any being, no matter how technologically advanced they are.

The interesting thing is that all of this is happening within a greater universal reality where, as I explained before, the masculine and feminine energies constantly cycle throughout the universe, often taking 10s or 100s of thousands of years to cycle. It is this greater reality that most people terms being the spiritual. A reality that they can’t necessarily see with their eyes, only because their eyes have been blinded by the reality of society whose sole purpose is to blind the humans to this understanding as well as prevent humans from expressing themselves freely, always containing their expressing within the standards of the society, constantly placing more and more constricting parameters on their expressions.

Well, as the feminine becomes stronger and stronger in this part of the universe, so too the masculine seeks to defend itself and it’s rule. Anything that lives to seek power and control will always fight for power and control. It will fight to the death.

So all of the conflicts going on in the world, often viewed only through the lens of the scale of the eyes, they blame this or that within the scale for what is happening, often completely unaware that all of this is happening because of much greater things happening in the universe. It is from that greater reality that seeming miracles appear and other “spiritual” things that can’t be explained. They can’t be explained simply because they can’t see where they are coming from. They can’t understand why something happens seemingly randomly that might benefit them in some way.

All the while they can’t seem to see that all of this is coming from directly within them. From their own imaginations. Often these spiritual events come when their imaginations allow them to break through the reality of society. When they can experience their inner selves, which are their true selves. Selves that are not made up of flesh but energy. Consciousness is energy. Having conscious awareness takes a being from simply being the energy to becoming aware that they are energy. All the while being told that this life is all that there is and you must use all your imagination to make this reality true and strong. A reality that bases itself on fear of the physical. The fear of the body as it ages and changes. The fear of the physical world in general as it seemingly works against humanity and it’s goals.

It has been a long period of time coming to this place of awareness or understanding of life that is appearing in all sectors of humanity. Everything is becoming revealed. This revealing causes greater conflict. The more the secrets of the masculine evil that currently dominates this part of the universe becomes threatened with becoming subordinate for a period of time, the more it becomes more aggressive.

The interesting thing is that harmony and peace comes as the masculine energy and the feminine energy come to a balanced state of blending. Where they become one energy. This isn’t a permanent state of being for those in the physical world. But it does last for many generations before the feminine energy will begin to become more dominant and over many thousands of years, it will do the same as the masculine causing this part of the universe to become out of balance and again and it will be the masculine energy’s turn to come into dominance again.

So really, it is all happening as it should, even though it often doesn’t seem fair to those humans who are consciously aware but are not able to understand and even utilize their own conscious awareness. It is fascinating to think that humanity, when they are one, can alter this part of the universe through their combined conscious awareness. They are doing it now. Yet, for so many, they dream of a different life. One that is more balanced and fair for all people and life. All the while dreaming of this, they continue to go on living life in the same way that leads to their destruction.

It does require a unified humanity to bring about great changes to this part of the universe. A unified humanity all living through their conscious awareness rather than living solely for the concerns of the body.

Even this concept has become seen as a “religious” thing, telling people that they should learn to live for their higher or true selves rather than their physical selves. So they fight against their own higher self by living solely for the physical self, thus causing themselves to live in constant conflict within themselves, thus expressing this conflict upon the physical world around them.

It is fascinating to think that humans are both the destroyer and the creator. At this time they are in destructive mode. But from every destruction comes creation and rebuilding. This does make this life very strange to live, knowing that humans are very significant to life as well as being completely insignificant to life. It is this one understanding that causes one to experience humility and through this humility comes balance.

You are here and you are not here. This seeming contradiction, if understood by humans through their conscious awareness, would help bring humans to become more balanced. Again, life is not meant to be focused on in the extreme. Such as focus extremely on the physical body and it’s survival while ignoring the “spiritual.” Just as it is extreme for one to focus solely on the “spiritual” while ignoring the physical. They are one thing. Just a humanity is supposed to be one. Only when they are one in unity can they project their imagination to the fullest extent, creating the greatest miracles ever experiences.

But all of this will happen. It’s inevitable. It’s only painful to go through it all in such a way where each human perspective is seeking concrete “truths” or “facts” to explain away life when this only causes them to miss all the true factors in life that are constantly happening and have been happening long before humans ever came into existence.

This is where the greatest confusion might be experienced by someone like me who can view many different perspectives at one time. It can be dizzying at times. At times I wish I didn’t have this gift but was able to just blindly walk off the cliff with the others. I’m not better than those who are blindly destroying themselves while living in constant fear of their own destruction. I’m not better than anyone.

This, for me, is the greatest evil and sin in this life, for one human to think they are better than other humans. From all the complexity that life seems to hold, it can be easily seen that the only way for humanity to save themselves is to adopt the standard of kindness, compassion and forgiveness, all of which has been taught to humans throughout their history, yet they still always turn to greed, selfishness and desire as their motivation for living.

It’s so interesting how the greater majority of humans dream of peace and harmony that comes through adopting such a standards of living that is based on kindness, compassion and forgiveness, all of which are feminine traits. All of which that are coming to become dominant in this part of the universe as the feminine comes to rule again. Yet, even as they dream, they continue living contrary to their own dreams. Replacing those dreams with dreams of vanity and accomplishment, wealth, material gain, which all leads to the desire for control which comes through the desire for power. All of which causes one human to think they are better than other humans and, by doing so, even though they live in constant fear of their own destruction, they act within each day toward their own destruction.

The universe is filled with so many of these seeming contradictions, which reveals the fallacy of the singular reality of society and thus proves that there is much more than just the reality of society. Nothing is singular on this scale. It is all part of something much greater. Yet, nothing in the universe is singular or individual. Everything within the universe makes up the universe, including humanity.

So it might be better to just enjoy the ride no matter what happens rather than to constantly fight against or to control what will inevitably arrive no matter what anyone does. Life is so grand and beautiful. To think that most humans seemingly waste their lives completely unaware of the grand beauty of life. It only seems a waste when seen from this scale. In the grand scheme of things, they too, the blind, are part of the grand beauty of it all. Fairness is dependent on the perspective from which it is viewed. For one to suffer while another has much seems unfair. But, as with all things in the universe, they move in cycles. Just as what was stated in the Beatitudes, those who have today will one day have nothing. Those who weep today will one day feel great joy. Those that suffer today will one live without suffering. All the while, those who today live without suffering will return to living with suffering.

In a way, this could be seen as karma or what comes around goes around. But it’s all part of a greater cycle. So there is no need to lose hope in life for life in eternal. If a person is currently living a life of suffering, if they were able to see beyond this reality of society, they would understand that it is nothing to feel shame for because most suffering comes from feeling outside of the group. Feeling one doesn’t measure up in some way. Even physical ailments come from the reality, or conflict of realities a person might be experiencing.

It is often difficult passing through this life, especially one that is so badly out of balance. But this physical life will pass and it will return, over and over again. Every ending leads to a new beginning. Much like how some say that when a door closes “god” opens a window. We are never truly trapped in this life. We only perceive ourselves as being trapped. This perception has been given to humans.

Along with this oppression they include rewards so humans feel like they are working toward something. Material rewards of vanity. But when one lives solely for the physical, deeming all other life as a threat to their own, these rewards might have some sort of value. Maybe the value of feeling a sense of escape from the reality they have been given, yet always having to return to the reality so as to gain more rewards.

Yet, this is what life has become in this time of change. As realities collide and genders blend, conflict will come in many forms. A conflict that humans can’t change nor control. It is inevitable these things will happen. So why worry about the inevitable. Rather, enjoy today, this moment. For life only exists in this moment. A moment that has been for as long as life has existed and, mostly, conscious awareness. For without conscious awareness, only the moment would exist.

When humans learn to understand their conscious awareness they will find much more within the moment only when they come to observe the moment as being all that there is in life. Thus freeing their conscious awareness, allowing it to flow within a universe of infinite possibilities, which also gives humans their greatest dream, true freedom. A freedom they have fought and died seeking to attain it. Always fighting for a freedom that never existed. A freedom for the body rather than the freedom of the heart.