Through Kindness

Today there are deep dark clouds lingering above and even coming down to the surface in the form of fog in the distance while mists of moisture darken the sidewalks and cover the grass. Still no snow down in the lower elevations.

I’ve heard stories of great floods that have come upon the Northwest part of the US, a place that was once part of the drought. They called it an “atmospheric river” that came upon them, leaving literal rivers of water upon the surface flowing in places where it doesn’t normally flow. Again the word “historic” has been used to describe these events.

It is only within the darkness that the light truly shines. There are many stories that are told while experiencing pain, only if we let ourselves here them rather than focusing only on escaping the pain. Both mental and physical pain have their stories. Stories that seem to bring about greater clarity when everything seems so chaotic and unstable beneath my feet.

During the past few weeks there has been one main concept that is within my mind. The concept is that of kindness. How can kindness come forth from suffering? How can a sense of greater openness come from the pain of what could be termed as being “loneliness” or more the feeling of not belonging or connecting to the things of the surrounding society? It can seem so bleak at times and, as one might perceive only greater misunderstanding and isolation, it is here where one can see life as it truly is, beyond the standards and expectations that have come to form the patterns of the lives of many humans living together in what they terms as being “civilization.”

Civilization is far from being civil. This is easily seen through the history of human civilizations. The one common denominator of most all civilizations throughout human history is the desire to be better than others. To be a better nation that others with people who are better than other people within a nation. Those who are not better are made to serve those that are better. They have created standards where different skin colors have different values, often with “white” being the better above all other colors. It is the same with gender, with the masculine being expressed as being the better over the feminine.

This line of “betters” enters most every facet of life, defined through physical appearance and wealth as being standards of being better than others. For some reason humans have been taught to be in competition with everything around them, always striving to overcome and even conquer that which seems different from them. Differences defined by standards that most were raised to uphold so as to be able to belong to the society as a whole. Those who don’t uphold these standards are apostates of sorts. Traitors to the “natural” way of the standards for which humans have been taught to live from birth, the day when they first opened their eyes upon this life only to see the strangeness of this life in it’s pure form, that is, until the societal teachings begin, which will continue throughout the lives of the humans.

This to me is the greatest evil in the world. The idea that one human is better than another human. Yet this is what most modern, wealthy countries base their ideology on, especially the US where, for many, their lives are spent always striving to be better than others and to maintain their foothold as others try to take it away from them. Simply said, it is a society of robbers and thieves all trying to be one up on the others, spending their lives in the fight for survival. Not so much physical survival but the survival of their status. Their status representing their purpose in life, defining the value of their life and thus declaring anything below their status as being lower than they and thus open to their ridicule and mockery.

So how can a person actually be kind in such a world? A place where kindness is more a word of hope that people speak of from time to time rather than a standard for living. If one were to erase all other standard, for which their are many and simply accepted one standard, the standard of kindness. Through this all their other problems would fade away. Within kindness there are many other aspects that build this great standard, such as forgiveness. Another aspect of kindness is that of not judging others.

One of the great qualities of kindness is that of true connection to others. It is a connection that some seek to avoid, many thinking that kindness is only given if it has strings attached. This too has been taught to many through experience. Experience of living in a society who’s unofficial mottos are that of “Let the buyer beware” and “There’s a sucker born every minute.” Through this they are taught that others are to be manipulated and exploited for their gain, leaving those who have been manipulated and exploited to be distrusting of others and thus rejecting kindness based on such experiences.

This is the evil that is plaguing the world today. An evil that many have come to discern as being “good.” Yes, today much of reality has been turned upside down and inside out, allowing for a kind of freedom that really doesn’t exist. The freedom of being better than others and, by doing so, those who are less than serve those who are better. A better that is defined solely upon physical manifestations, such as wealth, which leads to power and with this there is status, the ladder that most have been taught to climb, climbing on the backs of those who have been determined as being lesser.

Throughout the past years of writing in this and a couple other blogs, I have talked much about the destruction of humanity by their own hands. Seemingly focusing on the negatives of humanity, a negative created by the standards humans have been taught to live. But today, from the depths of darkness and pain, I can see the light so clearly. A light that is both ignited and fueled to duration by kindness which, in turn, brings about connection. Connection in a very divided society. A society built up by subcultures each seemingly in battle with the others.

If humans are but an experiment and this is their final outcome, is the experiment a success? Who would determine this as being a success or failure? Many might say it is “god,” but who “god?” This is a question that many in the religions don’t often feel comfortable asking, instead defining “god” in ways that they seem to be able to relate to through their current perspective.

But this is what humans have been doing throughout their history. They describe things the best they can through limited eyes and understanding. Even today’s seemingly great scientific discoveries barely touch upon the greater reality for which humans are a part of, though one can only wonder if there is someone upon this earth today, whether human or some other type of being from the universe, who knows the greater reality and, for some reason, keep this from the humans understanding so as to keep them in a sense of control so as to have power over them.

And if these supposed beings where the ones who brought forth humanity from the darkness of simple animal existence and into the light of conscious awareness, why do they seek to keep the humans in the dark? Well, just as with humans, they profit something from it. They are simply doing what they have taught humans to do, exploit for their own gain, increasing their wealth which increases their power. Through this power they can control the lessers, keeping them as nothing more than blind servants from which they stands upon and profit from.

All the while the humans are taught that without their civilizations the humans would live in chaos and confusion. Anarchy is what they call it.

Yet, the one common denominator I can see within each and every human is the ability to be kind. Kindness doesn’t seem to be something that needs to be taught to humans but in naturally within them. Through the empathy that they can now feel through conscious awareness, they can see others as they see themselves. When some humans are suffering it can cause others to feel that suffering, though it isn’t their own personal suffering. In many cases I believe that a human’s first feeling when they feel this connection with others is to help them.

Yet this is the very thing that the society seems to strive to repress in humans. Through pain and hardship within a seemingly unkind and merciless society, they fight for themselves, often leaving bodies lying on the ground helpless, simply stepping over them and trying to forget them, but they can’t forget them. They can’t forget them because they are of the same consciousness. Just as a pain in any part of the body will be registered by the brain, it is the same within the universal consciousness, which is also like a brain, in which we are the workings of this brain, the thoughts and feelings. The expressions of this brain.

No matter how hard one might try to separate themselves from the true reality of the universe, it will only cause greater pain for them. Well, many s have come to define life as being a place of great pain and suffering. Yet their pain and suffering is caused by their own desires. The desires of having status, wealth, power and control over their lives, putting them at odds with nature herself as they fight against her to overcome her and thus ensure their physical survival. A survival that can only be extended a few years but never truly overcome.

Their lives dedicated to this desire for physical survival, they never truly live life. Never truly experience it. In fact, they do all they can to escape it. Just as some use substances to escape the reality of society, those of the society escape the true reality through their dedication to the reality of society. A reality that is nothing more than a temporary illusion brought upon humans by the great evil. The evil of seeking and striving to be better than others.

It’s been a long time since I’ve written and a lot has happened during this time. It hasn’t been a time for expression through words on the page but to experience something that to me resembles experiencing the reality of all that I had been taught during my 2 year journey. A journey that today seems more like book learning and now I’m actually experiencing the process of transformation. Transformation into what? I have no idea. I can simply feel it. Feel it through the pain as if I were being forcefully molded into another shape through the experiences.

Experiences that sometimes cause me to feel very confused as perspective realities seem to collide within my mind, which can feel somewhat frightening because it causes a feeling of not having control over the situation. But, just like with pain, if one simply experiences it rather than trying to always run away from it or overcome it, one can find the stories within it. The stories that originate from the true universal reality, or the heart. The same heart within each human that speaks to them when they see others suffering, causing them to want to help. The same voice that many humans fight against each day, saying that it isn’t right to help others for they need to help themselves.

The irony of this is that others wouldn’t need help if humans were to live by the standard of kindness, rejecting all the other standards that they have been taught from birth. If kindness ruled then we would all rule. We would rule together this small minor kingdom within the vast kingdom of the universe. And this kingdom would be fruitful and bring about many good things. Things that offer the universe enrichment. It is those with a full heart who thus have something to offer to the universe. It is those who squander their true wealth on concerns of their physical existence who are left wanting and poor in the end of their physical reign and thus return to the source to begin again.