The Stories They Tell

The leaves on the mountain sides have all turned and are falling away to the ground while the leaves here in the valley are still turning, some are still green, the colors not as elaborate as in past years, simple yellows turning to brown. The temperature remains mild with intermittent storms that pass by now and then, some leaving large amounts of water within and upon the ground.

I haven’t been much for writing lately. I’ve think about writing quite often, usually when I’m walking or in the shower and a thought stream forms. I think of how it would make a nice writing. But there is no passion behind it. The passion of expression, the force of artistic creation.

Lately it’s been more like being in the process of creation rather than within the act of creation. So many interesting experiences happen and I simply experience them within that passion or drive to express them. Just experiencing life as it happens, working with my thoughts and obsessions so as to learn and thus manage my own thoughts as they relate to those things that happen within the life of society, the reality that surrounds me.

Through all that I’ve experienced in the past few months, the pain that accompanies the experiences, all seem to tell a story and, through experiencing them openly, though not always without complaint, a story forms from them as if these experiences and the feelings, struggles and pain that accompanies them, are an energy or force that motivates or stimulates one to experience the story within what seem to be random or simply empty experiences which are often common among many of the people in the US. To be able to read each detail of the experience, each feeling, as if notes of music or words on paper expressing the experience as a whole that is made up of many individual experiences making up the story as a whole.

The past couple of weeks I’ve had an image in my mind brought about by a thought. It basically describes in an overall way the whole of what I came to understand through my journey. It simplifies something that most humans have truly overcomplicated throughout their history.

Basically the image in my mind is that of another dimension. Not a different dimension that the one we live within. It is isn’t one that one has to travel to in some way, whether within them or in some great, physical space odyssey.

As I have examined this image within my mind I’ve come to see what is basically the premise of the story that I’ve been experiencing over the past few months and the journey as a whole.

As the image expanded within my mind over time, I came to see it divide into three dimension, dimensions of perspective, each perspectives participating within the reality as a whole.

Later I came to see that most humans experience life through only two of the dimensions. They have feelings or maybe more like intuition that causes them to experience the third dimension, which is often experienced through music and some other forms of art.

A painting or photo is a two dimensional expression yet through them the mind can form a third dimension which comes from a seemingly unknown source. Just as other individual expressions can transition into various perspectives which make up a different dimension based on the three that exist within the locality of humanity at this time. Those three dimensions then connect into the expansion of dimensions that exist throughout the universe. But here we remain with these three dimensions.

The two dimensional perspective is that of the physical and survival within the physical. Between these two general points, human experience many facets of existence, living mainly within the two dimensional world, while at the same time experiencing it all through three dimensions.

This can only be because of the fact that it requires all three dimensions to make up the whole of the reality. Therefore those experiencing this life based mainly on the two dimensions are not fully experiencing reality, but only a part of it.

Viewing life through all three dimensions one can experience each dimension individually as well as a whole of a reality. Again, each story is made up of many individual, some seemingly insignificant, yet all of them make up the story as a whole.

So most humans go about life afraid of death and thus willing to give over their lives for safety and comfort rather than truly experiencing life. Freedom isn’t just a concept or notion in life that has no true definition nor possibility of existing yet many humans have died for the idea or notion of freedom they had been taught to be their reality. Freedom comes when one becomes aware of the third dimension. A dimension that could be described as being the spiritual aspects of life.

It’s interesting to think that much of that is taught today about beliefs of the past is that it is all superstition and science can answer all their questions. This alone removes the ability of experiencing the third dimension of perspective and thus, to be free.

They continue to live in fear for their lives. Always fearing the next calamity. Always seeking out new ways to survive and live longer. This they pretty much dedicate their lives to doing, else they are on the other side where they too live solely within the two dimensions yet don’t seek to live as long as they can as healthy as they can, mostly because they can’t afford to pay for the things required for such things, but also due to traumas and pain that might have experienced in life, thus feeling self destructive, which makes up the greater portion of humanity within this society and even more in other countries so as to provide this society with it’s own problems.

This basically answers something that I’ve said most of my adult life, “Just stop.”

I could never understand why the society couldn’t just stop. Everyone can see just how destructive it is to nature and life in general, including the greater portion of the population of humanity. Just stop doing it.

But they can’t. The can’t because they can’t see any other options. Or the other options don’t fit the illusionary reality that they have formed for themselves through experiencing life solely in two dimensions.

Within each human there is an animal, or previously a hominid who was at one time given conscious awareness which allowed everything in life not to be simply lived but to be experienced. It is conscious awareness that allows humans to see the third dimension. Yet, even with this conscious awareness, their access to seeing the third dimension has been taken from them. In a sense, they are blind. Blinded into seeing only a partial of their own reality and all that relates to this greater perspective brought about through experiencing life through all three dimensions.

If they were able to experience or see this third dimension, which isn’t hidden nor a secret of any kind, other than through the propaganda that humans have been taught for thousands of years.

There are some beliefs throughout human history that have described the third dimension as if something on the other side of a veil that they can’t see through, but believe that, after the death of the body, or in some elaborate way they will be joined both body and “soul” or energy, to become some form of higher life than that which they are currently experiencing. Explanations that came about when humans began to see the third dimension on their own, but without understanding of what they were experiencing, they were blinded to seeing beyond the physical and leaving this “beyond” to be something experienced after the death of the body.

Even this concept has been lost to many people as they more and more fall into the realm of only being able to experience life in two dimensions. Thus leaving them to live in eternal slavery to the physical and to also be subjected solely to the laws of the physical and because of this they have to live lives based on hope. Some hope in some future. The hope to be free in some way, which is often translated and distorted into that which satisfies the appetite of the society by making hope into dreams and then teaching them that dreams can come true, leaving the humans to be subject to their laws and rules in which “dreams” are defined.

Anyway, these are just a few things I’ve experienced in the past couple of months. Other than that, I live a very simple life made up mainly of simple thoughts, but behind it all, as if in another reality, the images still form in my mind and thus cause me to have experiences through experiencing them and the stories they have to tell.