Listening to the Rain

The cool air has arrived along with gray skies from which the rain falls from time to time, soaking the sidewalks and sinking into somewhat parched soil. A strong breeze at times becoming gusts stirs the air causing whistles as it flows through and around the buildings as well as the trees who rustle about because their leaves are still green though while those in the higher country have taken on the shades of Fall.

Soon there will be leaves covering the ground, blowing into piles here and there while other individuals will lie strewn about as if randomly placed ground. Then comes the leaf blowers as their engines roar, blowing the leaves about into proper places so as to be picked up and taken away, leaving the ground open with the hope of one day being covered with snow.

I listen to the sounds that comes through all the other sounds. The whoosh of the cars passing along the various roads that surround in all directions. Voices of those passing below, probably walking their dog. It seems everyone has a dog. It seems a family isn’t complete without a dog, seeing images of children and dogs in cars riding side by side behind parents, or masters, riding in front seeking to control what they can in life as they pass through time as an evolving unit of people, a pod of sorts, where they seek shelter and safety from all the troubles of the world around them. Here their perform for each other, at times comedic and other times a serious drama.

But why should I generalize the beings that pass before my eyes, there should be such great diversity around, though commonality brings a feeling of safety. So much of what they do, the creative beings that they are, perform their diverse rolls based on a standard of limitations laid out by the greater society abroad. Thus, generalization is possible, making up the background of the stage, while more diverse expressions from forth in the forefront, where the actors stand.

On the stage, many of the actors will speak loudly their opinions. Opinions are different from perspectives, though they can be drawn from a perspective. Opinions are often the blending of several perspectives, or parts of other perspectives, brought about through collaboration with others of the same thinking path. Paths that seem to go in the same direction yet riddled with branches as each seeks their own desires while supporting the whole of the group ideology, which is simply a blend of ideas and concepts that stand beside the core path of thought that binds them together, though each with their own agenda. This core path might simply be that of peace, yet each individual will seek their own image of peace, which sometimes comes into conflict with the images of peace that others might desire.

But there within all of it, there is expression. Expression as a group and an expression of each individual, working together, blending their colors upon the canvas, so as to attain their individual desires. Selfless selfishness. A general description of being human. An animal in frame and instinct with the added feature of conscious awareness, though awake, so many of them are still asleep. In some sort of slumber or drugged state, brought about simply through their decadent behavior within this period of superiority with the human family, now finding that this decadence is now bringing about consequences. Consequences that many want to deny while others continue to reveal it for all to see.

Though things are being revealed, this doesn’t mean that many will see. It has been revealed throughout time as the human family has formed patterns upon the Earth as they moved about upon the many lands, reshaping them as they pass over them. Always moving to new resources, many times coming into conflict with others over these resources, resulting in much bloodshed. Many humans have died protecting and attempting to conquer lands with great resources that are valued at the time.

The value of things change with each passing trend. Value laid upon a common thread which creates each value. In the past, it was in things one could hold and possess but now it seems that along with this they value digital things also, paying large sums of money for a valued “tweet” or posting.

Ah, the sound of the rain as it falls from the gray sky above, tapping upon the metal rooftop gutters, tapping and tapping along with the various other sounds that happen as rain falls upon different surfaces, along with the varying patterns of the rain, from light to heavy, and many ways in between.

Rain, though a generalization, has great diversity with it’s interaction with the Earth and all that live and roam upon her. Perceived by humans in a different way, at least that is what is seems to be, for even each individually human perceives it differently, though based on a common theme. A theme from which language is formed and then comes to be more than a form of communication but a marker of identity and commonality with others of that identity.

This is the point of culture. Culture brings about the standards of a pod of humans where they can live and feel safe among those of whom they live, while also feeling productive with that which the community values based on the standards of the culture. Culture can be binding, but it offers a sense of safety, which is something that most humans prioritize in their lives.

It only makes sense that they would have this underlying and constant anxiety. They are standing on a rock, held to it by gravity, looking up to a night sky and, in a sense, being able to see on forever while, within the blackness of the sky, there are diamonds. Billions upon billions of diamonds, all filling up the forever of the night sky. Each one a mystery of unknown origin yet, deep within them, often hidden beneath great layers of conditioning, they know that, even though it all seems so far away, they are connected to each one of those diamonds in the sky, just as they are connected to each grain of sand that blows about throughout the world. Connected to both great and small, but most of all, to everything in between.