Just Paying the Rent

It’s a nice Fall day, warming up a bit from the last few days. The forecast states that it will be cooling down again in about a week but as for now, the sky is clear, there doesn’t seem to be much smoke in the sky and, well, the weather is nice.

As for my life, it has become a bit difficult. I might have thought here and there that after my journey of discovery life might have become easier, but it hasn’t. In fact, it seems to be more difficult.

I can look back at the 2 year journey and, for the most part, society left me alone. Now society seems to be coming at me from various directions. The strange part is that it all just happens, without any warning. Then I have to figure out what is happening except no one will give me a direct answer, so I can only assume. Assuming is not a good thing for a person with Asperger’s as the mind can run on as to what the problem may be and, sadly, Asperger’s seems to go deep into the negative, which is something I have to manage as I process all that is going on.

This new problem, which came out of nowhere, started a few days ago. It’s time to pay my rent and I needed to transfer some funds so I could pay my rent. Well, the company who would transfer my funds, their system has gone down. Day after day I would check and each day it wasn’t working. When it came time to pay my rent I gave them a call. They said it’s down for all those in my company and they don’t know when it will come back up.

Okay, so my mind started looking at other options, which are minimal. I have been living on a thread for many years. Always on the brink of losing everything but something has always kept me afloat. Month after month is a struggle to get all the bills paid, feed this body, and pay the rent.

After transferring to this new department I figured things would change a bit because the hours there are more consistent.

Again, looking back at the 2 year journey of discovery, I always had enough money to get buy. I was even able to buy some extra things at times. I’m not earning any less, other than the last few months I’ve had to endure some short hours. This has led to some difficulties.

Now I have consistent hours but I knew that it would take time to catch up again. The strange part is the fact that just as it seems everything is going to work out, I seem to get kicked by society.

I know that those of the society love to kick people when they’re down. They mock and kick the homeless, calling them lazy and worthless as their population grows with more and more problems happening in cities around the nation as they try to figure out how to solve the homeless problem.

But why are there so many homeless today? Maybe it’s because the society loves to kick people when they’re down. Instead of giving them a lift up, they charge more on the poor. Higher interest rates and the cost of living in general is a constant kick in the ass for the poor.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Most every price of those things I usually buy went up at least 20 cents, and more at times. My rent has gone up. Everything is more expensive, which puts a burden on the poor whose income doesn’t go up with inflation.

Of course, they say that inflation is low right now and that there is nothing to worry about. But, as I looked around at the grocery store, I couldn’t find any real good “poor” person food.

In the past, when I was much younger, I relied on ground beef as my poor person’s food. It was about 99 cents a pound back then. I would buy about 5 pounds, separate it out into about pound increments, then freeze it. It would last me the two weeks in making meals such as macaroni and cheese with ground beef in it. I could make a spaghetti sauce. All of which would make 3 or so meals from it. Buy some rice, potatoes and frozen vegetables to go along with it, and of course bread, and I could get buy.

This type of thing doesn’t exist anymore. Ground beef is around $4 a pound now. I looked at canned chicken to simply make some sandwiches, it was nearly $4 a can. The large can. The smaller cans are about half so they are $2 a can. I remember when they were $2 for the large can.

So I’ve spent the last few days trying to figure out how to pay my rent and having Asperger’s doesn’t make it easy. I was confused. All my regular ways of doing it wouldn’t work. I decided to pay it with a credit card. As I entered the info into the payment form it kept saying that I wasn’t entering my address as it was with the company. I tried various ways but it wouldn’t work. Soon the locked me out from using a credit card. I called them and they requested documentation, which will take 3 to 4 days to process. I sent in the documentation but this option was now out for my current problem.

I decided that maybe I could just go get cash on my credit card and combine it with what I have. I got online to make sure all was in order with the card and it was. I then went out very early today to a ATM. It turned me down. So I went to another. It too turned me down.

I came home and called the company. They automated voice told me that I was trying to get above the limit of the ATM. I was asking for less than the
limit on the ATM so this didn’t solve it. I was at a loss. How am I going to pay my rent on time and not get charged $200 in late fees.

Well, all that was less was an expensive payday loan. So I had to venture out, but first download all the documentation to apply for the loan. I then put that on a thumb drive because I don’t have a printer. I would have to go over to the FedEx store to make some copies. I got there too early. I noticed on the door that they require masks to enter. I then walked back home and got a mask, which I guess I should always carry with me just in case.

By the time I got back they were open. I then had to make copies of the documentation needed.

After I finished making copies I remembered something else that I needed to get the loan, which I had forgotten at home. So I walked home again to get these things.

The funny thing is that I could be riding my bike from place to place but here where I live it is not bicycle friendly. There is rarely a place nearby to lock up a bike. In fact, it’s almost like they go to great lengths to make sure there isn’t anywhere available to lock up my bike. So I walk, but it’s all in the general area of where I live.

I finally had everything I needed and was dreading getting the loan which is at very high interest. But I have to pay my rent.

I went over to the loan place and told the person my dilemma. I thought that maybe she would have some suggestions but, as usual in most situations when you go to a place where you might think the people to be knowledgeable, they aren’t. They are like robots who only know what processing they have been taught and nothing beyond it. This is the common low waged worker in the US. Nothing specialized or informative. Especially now when they just say, “Look it up on the Internet.”

I saw they had an ATM, so I tried again. I was able to get money from my bank account but, again, I wasn’t able to get anything from the credit card. I was hoping just because it would have cost less in fees and interest through the credit card and it’s just for one week.

So I had to get the loan. I then exchanged the money for a money order. I came home and had to take photos of the money order with the payment app. Nothing is done in person anymore.

I then called the third party who runs the app to see if it all went through okay. It had gone through. Okay, crisis averted, at least for the time being as I still have no idea why I can’t get to my money in the first place. Is there something happening in the background that will be an even bigger kick in the ass later? Or is it as they said, a problem with all employees at my company? I really don’t know.

The sad thing is that I can’t find that out right now. I will have to wait and hope that it isn’t something even worse. If it is, well, I have no idea how I will resolve it. It’s an ancient bill collector who bought the debt from my past and is now garnishing my wages? I have no idea. I figured time had gone on from those days when I lost everything. This society is very merciless and unforgiving.

Does this mean that eventually I too will be one of the many on the streets? Become homeless? I can’t say right now. I have to wait. Maybe I will again have to change jobs. I have so little backing right now. I without anything. I can only hold on to this thread and do what I can, hoping that somewhere within all of this is just an experience and a learning lesson and not something more drastic. Only time will tell. Until then, the rent is paid for this month.