For the Sake of Progress

The weather has been mild with much cooler temperatures. Storms have passed around this area but nothing significant lands on the ground, further enhancing the drought that continues. It is possible that some storms passed over the wildfires in the West but I haven’t heard anything to confirm this has happened. There is still days of smoke that fill the area that comes from the fires in the West.

We’ve come upon the spooky month of October, leading to the first “holiday” of the fourth quarter of the year. The beginning of the lead up to Christmas, with a couple of minor but significant days to the society that come before that grand day of expectations.

The streaming services have loaded their libraries with spooky movies to watch throughout the month and the stores have already stocked the shelves with lots of candy. Along with the candy are costumes as well as plastic relics resembling skeletons and skulls that people seem to enjoy decorating their homes with them.

I received a notification on my phone from The Weather Channel, as they do each day, and it talked about how those under 40 years old will live “unprecedented lives.” Lives filled with more and more extreme weather events as the climate changes. They say that those born today will experience it even worse. In a way, this gave me some consolation as I’m not under 40 and relatively only have a few years more of all of this. If this last Summer is an example, I can’t imagine it getting worse as it was very hot, smoky and difficult for me. I am definitely embracing the cooler weather, though moisture doesn’t seem to be on the immediate horizon and it is expected to be warmer than normal in the coming months.

If all of this is true, then it seem that humanity truly needs a miracle as there seems to be no hope of their changing immediately as is needed for the to even have a chance at survival. It simply doesn’t seem to be all that important to them. They continue to have children but they don’t seem to care much about the future of those children. As if they believe that something will happen that will make it all right for them even if they go on teaching their children to be as they are and consume as much as they can.

As usual, technology is rarely my friend. They invest so much money into technology but it always does the same. When it works it is nice but when it goes down, well, one learns to depend on it and when it does go down one has to rethink their dependence on it and find other ways.

I was watching a video that talked about how the great server complexes in the world use enough energy to process all the data passing through them to power a small or even medium country. They also use 10s of thousands of gallons of water a day to cool the servers. Most of that energy comes from fossil fuel burning plants which exhale great amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. One would think that technology would limit the impact on the climate when, in fact, it seems to be enhancing the fallout.

But, the humans just go on about their business. Finding more and more ways to use the Internet and technology which only enhances the amount of data processing energy that these complexes have to process.

Really, I have very little contact with what is going on in the world. I glance over what is seemingly happening in the world, seeing in the headlines that the politicians are doing the same as they always do, making lots of money by doing very little for the people. It’s the result of a completely corrupt government so it’s nothing unexpected.

The corporations continue finding new things to make and ways to increase their wealth. They increase their marketing through the use of technology so as to get the attention of the people and cause them to desire the new things they make and consume them in exchange for money.

I keep it pretty simple now. I’ve noticed that the less stimulation the better. I’ve started working in another department at my job and it is much better there. In the first week several people have told me just how much more calm I am now. This allows me to calm other aspects of my life. Even so, just when I think things are calming down the society has to intervene and cause some trouble. I’ve noticed that all my troubles, which are far fewer than most people, call come from the society. I can’t, from my experience, say that the society makes life very comfortable or enjoyable. There are some aspects that do so but they are used simply to escape the insanity that is the majority of the society. Most people defend the society while also seeking to escape it anytime they can.

I had the opportunity to experience some new things. I visited my nephew who is a very active man. He has his own business and basically, in his own words, “embraces the chaos.” Just one day with him was far more than I could handle in stimulation yet this is his life on a day to day basis. He seems to be doing well and making lots of money. I wouldn’t call him a scavenger but more an opportunist. On top of his business he also scraps things and makes money from selling the scrap.

This was one of the new experiences I had on that day. I went with him and his coworkers to the landfill and with him alone to a scrap yard. As we drove into the huge complex of the landfill, he pointed out his huge, almost small mountain of trash now mainly covered over with dirt. He said that just a month ago that was a hole where he had come to empty some trash. Now it was a huge hill and they had dug another hole where we went on that day.

I observed truck after truck, small and large, coming in constantly. I even got out and stood upon the landfill and watched the trailer lift up and dump the trash. As we were driving in we saw many neighborhoods of new houses and many other subdivisions divided up where new homes will go. He pointed out that many of those homes are being built on top of the old landfill.

I saw a video on the housing boom that is happening here. They talked about how it has slowed some, yet the prices are still going up. They said that their inventory today is only about 6000 homes and they need about 20,000 homes to meet the demand. This is why all the homes are filling as much empty space as they can, going into places that were once seen as not very hospitable places which are also far away from most amenities of the city. But they will also bring out many of those amenities to those new areas.

All of this in an area that is in a severe drought that is expected to only get worse in the coming years.

All the while, I simply go on observing all of this through a seemingly split or dual realities. The reality within me, that seems to originate from my Asperger’s and the reality around that doesn’t make much logical sense to me but one that I have to interact with in order to provide sustenance for this physical body.

I’ve decided that this year I will embrace the holidays a little more. Enjoy them in my own way. I’ve noticed that the fight in me toward the rituals and routines of the society has lessened, which offers me more periods of peace within me. In the past, there were things I enjoyed within these ritual, but there were also complications in observing others doing these rituals. Basically the hypocrisy of it all.

The fact that Christmas, even the past, barely resembles the true essence of Jesus, but is actually a combination of multiple ancient traditions all put into one and then called “Christmas” and somehow relating it all the Jesus, though Santa Clause is the main character of interest because he is known to give people things that they desire, only if they have been good in relation to the standards of the society by being nice and giving to others. But, over time, kids learned that they will get something whether or not they have been good simply because it is tradition for the parents to give their children gifts as it is also related to their status as well as increasing the status of their children in the eyes of other children through the gathering of things in their homes to celebrate this holiday of various meanings, if no meaning at all other than to cut loose and escape the society for a little while, all while donating to the elite of the society through purchasing their goods.

Yes, this is what the reality within me sees and now that know the basic origin or name for that causes this reality in me, I can now simply allow myself to experience this life through dual realities. It’s no longer important to have the realities in conflict. Not do they conjoin or collaborate. They can’t. They are different worlds. I can’t say that I truly understand the origin of the reality within me, where it comes from, allowing me to view the reality around me as more an observer than a participant, but I do understand it better to where I don’t feel like I have in the past, like there were some monster in me tormenting me as I was trying to exist in this outer reality that never made any sense to me, never truly embraced me, probably because I was never able to truly embrace it.

It was a time where this reality within me caused me to feel as if I was blind in some way. Trying to live life relating everything to the outer reality of society, while knowing inside that it doesn’t have to be this way, nor will it ever be that way within me. It is something that can’t be changed nor would I want it to change.

I’ve learned to keep things simple in my life simply because I’ve learned that great stimulation causes disruption in my relationship between these two realities. Great stimulation causes them to come to battle with each other. Seeing the overly complicated reality of the society, even more complicated as it continues to fall in on itself, unable to stop the monster that society has become. A monster that is causing humanity to eat themselves alive, as crime and murders go out and the threat of war is constantly looming. War that is being fought on many different and new fronts now that technology allows so much information to fill the human stream of consciousness where much of the battles are being fought right now.

I found it interesting to observe that who I am out in the society is far different from who I am at home, or in my writings. I’ve learned that sharing any of the things within to other people I come into contact with often causes confusion in them. They might be able to pick up on the lighter aspects but they can’t seem to see beyond the reality that they have come to believe as being the only reality, even though within them is another reality of which they have come to repress through the conditioning of the society.

They repress the reality of their own hearts in exchange for accepting the reality of society, which constantly promotes such good things to them through their propaganda, while it’s soul is blackened by the very corruption that it was founded on and has evolved into what is seen and experienced today. A society based on fear and control over the hearts of the people, containing their conscious awareness for the use of those in power as the people seem to unknowingly give all of their energy to this cause, even if it means their own demise.