Finding Meaning

It’s nice now that the temperatures are cooling as Fall makes it’s way into our lives. Some of the leaves are beginning to change and more will follow as it becomes even cooler. Another season has come and gone while another has just arrived to bring in it’s expression to the year. An expression that forms from the current conditions of the environment of each area. Things change constantly yet the overall remains the same. Cyclically changing year after year, century after century, life goes on as humans constantly try to define their place within it all as they too continue to change in a seemingly linear direction, but overall still within a greater cycle of change that has happened before and will happen again.

I wake to another day, the night becoming day as the light of the sun on it’s cyclical schedule arrives again on this side of the Earth, while those who were once within the light are now bedding down into the darkness in their time.

There is so much going on today in the reality of humans. So many concerns and fears while they continue to go on in life often clinging to hope as their companion within it all. This isn’t anything new. Humans have been doing this for most of their conscious existence. In many ways, they are still trying to find some sense of meaning for their existence, often finding some sense of meaning in various different ways.

i watched a video of a man talking about just how meaning has changed in the modern world. As traditional religion loses it’s impact on the meaning of humans they start looking for other things. They find that the secular doesn’t often truly fill the sense of meaning that they are searching for. He pointed out that it should be some sense of the traditional combined with the modern liberal point of view.

At the same time, there are still many people out there pointing out the problems of the world, which seem to be more than anything positive. I saw Samantha Bee pointing out that the sewer systems in the US, especially in the East, are often over 100 years old and they are combined with the storm drains so that when a flood comes along, which are happening more frequently now, the sewers overflow into the main water system.

It’s always nice how people like Samantha are out there pointing out the many problem with the US society and infrastructure, yet no one seems to have a solution. Yes, they point at the US government and desire them to come to some sort of solution, which usually costs a lot of money.

It’s interesting that this one problem is among so many others. I saw that in order for the US to exist on greener energy it would have to add a greater infrastructure in the electrical grid. It’s interesting that they are studying how to use wind energy that is mostly created in the Midwest of the country and transfer that energy to the other places of the country as well as solar energy from the more arid regions, such as Arizona, to other parts of the country.

It would be an engineering marvel to make this happen, when now most energy is produced locally or close to locally through nuclear, natural gas and some coal. But they are pointing out solutions. Solutions that could only come into being if the government were willing to put out the money to make it happen.

What’s interesting is that even “green” energy has it’s problems. Such as the batteries used in electric cars. The lithium for the batteries are born from mines in 3rd world countries where people there who mine it are paid very little for their very hard work. They also don’t have a good way of disposing of the used batteries.

They have ideas but none of which pan out into anything simply because the society, or those leading the society, the wealthy, still have no desire to change or to change very slowly.

Still, people find meaning in all of these things. Putting their hope into the idea that humanity can change and that they can survive in their current state. That they can still consume and enjoy great unnecessary comforts while also making it a greener world with less carbon output.

They want their cake and eat it too. They want their great luxuries and comforts and they also want to survive. It’s interesting how their desire to survive is less than their desire for more material wealth. Still, within this type of life, the people find some sense of meaning. I can see it how they dedicate their lives to this way of life. They get up in the morning and play their mind games with themselves, telling themselves that what they are doing is good and beneficial to their own lives. They give themselves purpose and reason in the act of gaining greater wealth and comfort.

Yet, within it all, they know they are lying to themselves simply because of the pain that they feel inside that they often seek help in dealing with. Comfort and ease doesn’t necessarily bring them happiness. Now they have to manage and control all that they have gained.

The fact is, the main thing that most humans seek in life is control over their lives. Most believe that wealth will give them greater control over their lives. They are willing to push others under the bus so that they can gain greater wealth and a sense of control over their lives.

This control seems to come from the fact that they have no real meaning in their lives. It’s hard to look out at the world around us in it’s true sense and see that humans really have very little impact on it as a whole. They are merely just another species among billions upon billions of species of life in the universe. At one time there used to be many billions of different forms of life just here on Earth.

In a strange way, it seems that the human conquest of all other life forms on the Earth is done simply so they can feel a sense of control. But each time they impose their control over something then something else goes out of control. It often seems that the human desire for control is nothing more than putting their fingers in the holes forming in a dam, only to see other holes form in which they have to put their fingers. In a sense, the actions of their desire for control is nothing more than putting bandages on all the problems they cause due to their seeming need to control their lives.

This is the strange irony that comes from observing human life today.

One of the “side effects” that I have come to experience in my own life from the journey I had experienced for the last couple of years is that of coming to see so much that it becomes too much. As I come away from the passion of the journey in which I came to answer all the questions I had sought throughout my life, in the end, it leaves me with a sense of, well, meaninglessness.

I came to understand that in my case I do need something to believe in. With this thought I sought to find some sense of meaning in the traditional sense from which I had found meaning before in my life. I opened the bible to the book of Genesis and started reading. I can say that reading it today is much different than it was a few years ago.

I read of how God told Adam and Eve to subdue the Earth and all that is upon it for their own benefit.

So basically, this is where it all began in the minds of humans. They are subduing the Earth and all that is upon it for their own benefit. According to the bible, the Earth is here merely for the benefit of humans. Of course, from that point the bible goes off on all sorts of dramas and pains that humans experienced while always trying to find hope in the God who supposedly gave them the Earth to subdue, though it seems other conditions came about when they ate the apple and made their God upset.

I later read a little from the Gospel of Thomas: “Maybe people think that I’ve come to cast peace on the world, and they don’t know that I’ve come to cast divisions on the earth: fire, sword, and war. Where there are five in a house, there’ll be three against two and two against three, father against and son and son against father. They’ll stand up and be one.”

I found this an interesting statement only because this is what is happening to humans today. The humans are greatly divided, even families. There is no sense of cooperation among humans. They want only what they want and if you give them what they want only then they might offer you their blessing. A blessing that really doesn’t amount to anything because it only leads to fulfilling more of their desires in order to gain another blessing.

“They’ll stand up and be one.” It seems that it is through this great division and conflict that humans, or what is left of them, will stand up and be one.

It is interesting how, at least for me, meaning often comes from the mystery of life and when there is no longer any mystery that meaning becomes fleeting.

I can look at YouTube videos by the hundreds and see people exposing all the injustices in the world. There is one YouTuber who was once a devout Mormon, being raised in a devout family, who went on a mission for the church, graduated from the church own college and then, when he went out on his own, found that it wasn’t for him. From there it was like he became a revealer of sorts. He is a journalist by profession but his videos point out all the little things in life that most people have never looked at. Such as how the US came to colonize all the little islands in the Pacific. Or the story behind how the US came to be so involved in the Middle East.

What’s interesting about how he is expressing is that it’s being relayed as nothing more than information that he has researched. He allows people to find their own meaning from what he is offering. He is pointing out things that are actually somewhat traitorous to the US, much like what Abby Martin points out, though without her passion to affect it. He is simply telling the stories from his own research and using his own contacts.

One can see that this is the time of awakening and in this time everything is changing. Eyes are being opened everywhere from seemingly surprising places. Yet the awakening doesn’t seem to bring about any promise or meaning to human life. In fact, it seems to do the opposite.

Only then can I say that reality in general is very much subjective. Such as the reality in the US is often different from the reality of other countries. Yet the people of the US deem what they experience as being reality, all without the understanding the reality can change. Reality, nor any aspect of their lives is objective. They can believe it is objective in order to form some sense of meaning to their lives through this belief. A belief that is often formed so as to feel some sense of control over their lives.

It is interesting that the belief in God is often a result of humans seeking some sense of control over their lives, in the form of a greater being who is in control of the seeming chaos that they are experiencing in their life. A being they can pray to and hope that this being has their best in interests in mind. Yet still, things still seem to happen randomly as they try to find some sense of meaning in these seemingly random occurrences in their lives.

All the while, they don’t seem to understand that it is they who are creating these occurrences. Occurrences that don’t seem to be in their best interest. Why would a human being create things in their lives that are not in their best interest? It is simply because they don’t know that they are doing it. Their conscious awareness has been hijacked and is being used for the best interest of a few and leaving the many in a reality of lacking while those few live in a reality of great wealth and comfort.

From what I can see, meaning in life is something that every person can create for themselves. If it comes from believing in an outside source in which they hope this source has their best interest in mind then, well, when I see them praying, their faces serious and even distorted as they hold their hands together hoping that someone is listening to them who will help them in some way, well, this too can bring a person to communicate with their true selves within who are the creators of their realities. Much like I saw in the Gospel of Thomas:

“If your leaders tell you, ‘Look, the kingdom is in heaven,’ then the birds of heaven will precede you. If they tell you, ‘It’s in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is within you and outside of you.

“When you know yourselves, then you’ll be known, and you’ll realize that you’re the children of the living Father. But if you don’t know yourselves, then you live in poverty, and you are the poverty.”

One has to ask, what is the poverty that he seems to be talking about? I would have to think that it is the poverty of not understanding that everything comes from within. To know the self is to know life and that all meaning in life comes from within and, from within, all realities are created.

Pointing out all the problems that humans are currently facing will not bring about anything positive to humanity. Yes, some might think that by doing so it will cause the people to stand up and make some form of change. Yet, I have seen that the more the problems are pointed out the more humans go inside themselves, trying to hide from all the problems because there are so many problems life, in a way, becomes pointless. Or the reality that they are currently experiencing is pointless. It’s all coming down and there is nothing they can do about it except try to enjoy each day the best they can.

This is the true poverty in humanity today. The very fact that they can’t see that everything they see in the world around them through their limited eyes and the limited perception those eyes give to them of the world around them, it is they who are the creators of the reality that they are experiencing. They are in full control over everything that is happening yet, because they don’t understand this simple concept, they feel helpless with no control, except what little they seem to be able to gain in each moment, only to lose that momentary sense of control so as to have to seek out something else to give them another momentary sense of control.

In a strange way, this is the meaning and purpose of most humans today. They have decided that there is no meaning in anything so they simply seek out, well, sensual gratification and then call it meaning or purpose. Something to work toward and gain, only, once attain, they have to again work toward something else. This is defined as purpose in their lives and from this, well, they live their lives, always seemingly lacking something that they simply can’t find or attain. A something that was within them all along.