Being Expression

It seems we are finally at the end of this long, hot, terrible Summer. At least, this is how it has felt for me. With all the smoke that has filled the air nearly the entire time it has affected the quality of life for many people. Yet, this is only one part of all that is going on in the world that is affecting the quality of life for many people and it seems that this downward spiral of the quality of life is only going to get worse with no one or no thing out there seeking to make it any different.

But, in reality, all of this is caused by one simple thing. All that was once hidden from the people through keeping them in a state of ignorance is now coming to light. It is a time when everything is being revealed. It could be a termed as a time of awakening.

As more people come to see the light of what has been going on in the world of humanity for a very long time, of course there is adversity to this awakening. They want to keep these things that are being revealed a secret, thus creating an even more secretive society. This determination to become more secretive also entails bringing about greater controls over the people and their ability to express their views on what is happening in the world around them.

Basically, this awakening has caused a war. Not a physical war of bombs and gun, but a war that is waged within each individual. The battle for control over the very consciousness within each individual. The main weapon in this war is fear. If they can create a society who are in constant fear they will always be seeking and desiring a sense of safety. When they feel that they are alone they will seek those things that make them feel safe. So, as one side points out all the things that are seeking to control their lives the other side comes out with great offers of what will make them feel safer in life, giving them these things in exchange for the control over their lives.

The interesting thing about all of this is that, through my journey that began nearly 3 years ago, without any research into what is going on in the world, my heart revealed to me many of the things that are currently happening in the world today. In a sense, I’m not longer broadcasting these things mainly because I could see that what I was saying was becoming repetitive. The same thing over and over and over.

I also noticed that I had changed. Yesterday I had to think, “Who am I?” I’m no longer the same person I was during this nearly 3 year journey and I’m not the same person I was before this journey. The interesting thing was when I asked this question my heart simply said, “You are you.”

I think back to all the crippling anxiety I used to experience before the journey began. Then, through the journey, all I had once been so anxious about was basically explained to me. The anxiety came from looking out at the world and even trying to interact with it while not being able to comprehend it and what was happening within it. The reason this was difficult for me was because my perspective reality is different from what is being lived around me. In a sense, I have always been “awakened” but I couldn’t interpret or correspond what I was seeing in comparison to what was going on around me.

Four years ago, though some things were being revealed, it wasn’t as great as it is today. Much like I said during the journey, Trump was the revealer. Whether he intended to do it on so many levels, it was during his reign when so many things came into the light. It was his fight to divide the nation that seemed to cause the clouds of ignorance to part, at least in many intellectual circles. He spurned an uprising that both revealed itself physically in protests, which failed for the most part but also taught the people the lesson that the government was no longer for them. If they go out en masse on the streets they will simply be quashed by the society that is supposedly there to serve them. They will send out mass troops of authorities with rubber bullets, tear gas and water guns to disrupt any physical dissent.

This has caused the dissent to go, not into hiding, but to reveal itself in other ways. Much of which is through information. Of course, as this information comes forth, the society seeks to quash it by calling it a conspiracy brought forth by radicals who seek to destroy the US and other Imperial governments who are all working in tandem with each other. They begin to use Nationalist propaganda such as patriotism to the country to fight against this terrible invader who is no longer physically out on the streets but is finding it’s way into the homes of the people through information based systems.

If it were to remain something that only a few believed then it could be quashed through peer pressure, being that most people will only do what the most people are doing. The teaching that the majority always rules. Yet, as more and more information is filling the information based systems, or the physical brain or network that has been created in recent times and is often sought to be controlled by the governments of the Empire, the more and more people can see that they are being used by the Empire. In fact, as this war progresses, many people can see that the system was never geared toward the people and their well being. They are beginning to see that they are nothing more than assets to the system and they are also expendable.

There will always be another person to fill your role in the society so your value to the society is, well, nill. They go to great lengths to make this the reality, preaching individual freedom while devaluing the individual in every way.

All while, as said in the movie “The Matrix,” “You have to understand. Most people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so injured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”

Here we see the image of the war. The true war this is in full swing today. The reason why no one can find a true sense of safety and security and why so many people are willing to sell out their own hearts in exchange for a sense of safety and security, even though what they are given does not truly provide this sense but gives them a momentary feeling, much like a drug, of sedation or euphoria that lasts for a time then wears off causing them to seek more of the drug that gives them this temporary sense of feeling safe and secure, all while donating to the true drug dealers who provide these things, the corporations who seek to control every aspect of their lives.

They disdain and degrade the corner drug dealer dealing out chemicals to ease the minds of the people while supporting the mass drug dealers who seek nothing more than to control their very lives and minds, all while promoting the concept of individual freedom through the giving over of their minds. It is truly like living in some sort of twilight zone or surreal existence where nothing is at it seems and nothing can be trusted. A barrage of information coming from all sides all seeking to convince the people of one thing or another.

It all seems so chaotic and confusing. Yet, it is the result of the awakening, when everything becomes revealed all while the limited minds of the humans are trying to interpret what is being revealed. All trying to relate it to what they already know, which is based solely on the society from which they were raised and taught, many unable to see beyond what they once knew so as to no longer seek to relate it to the reality of society but to see beyond this limited perspective. It is a limited perspective for a reason as these limitations keep the people in a state of ignorance, helplessness and even hopelessness, which makes them seek to be ever more dependent on the system.

So it’s true. The world it’s at war right now. World War III has been waged and will continue until balance and harmony can again be returned upon the Earth. All that is happening, which is affecting every single human on this planet, is not some sort of conspiracy, though it may seem to be through the limited human perspective. It is coming from a seemingly much greater source. A source that often seems so great and faraway to most humans, though it resides within each and every one of them. They reach out to the heavens seeking relief and mercy, crying out in despair not only for their shortcomings or feeling that they have done something wrong for existing in this life, but also because they are so afraid of everything and everyone, trusting nothing and even their belief in their one “god” has seemingly dissolved into the nothingness from whence it came.

Of course, this causes them to feel alone in the universe. All they have is their own survival and will to survive, even though this too is fruitless, but it allows them some sense of control over their lives, even though this too is nothing more than an illusion brought forth from their own minds. Yes, the illusion, the matrix, is a creation of their own minds. Minds that have been used and exploited for many, many thousands of years. Basically from the origins of humanity. All culminating to this day.

The day when humanity would finally come to see themselves as they truly are in the universe, only it doesn’t coincide with what they have been taught that they are, beings living within a society where they work for income so they can buy the things they need and even desire to give them a sense of comfort and security while the much of the world suffers under tyranny and slavery so as to provide such things, all hidden behind the great iron curtain of ignorance, one that they used to believe was only there in “communist” countries, all while they themselves were living behind one themselves. All while believing that their “god” would protect them and fight for them while others in the world who are deemed as there enemies are doing the same, praying to the same “god” to protect and defend them and to give them victory over their enemies.

Well, what can you say? It is what it is and it will all come out as it is meant to come out. All a person can do is stay true to themselves and keep going forward in being the expression they were always meant to be. The expression of the universe.