The Many Variations

Compared to the rest of the US, it is rather calm here. The temperature is mild and has been for a few weeks. An occasional storm passes by, sometimes releasing some moisture and other times just becoming windy. The only thing that might be an inconvenience is the constant smoke from the wildfires in the West.

I’ve been experiencing all the weather drama a bit differently. Rather than watching the mainstream media I’ve been watching clips on YouTube from storm chasers who are right in the middle of it all. Some of those clips are later used by the mainstream media.

I watched hurricane Ida as it came onshore through the lenses of storm chasers who were somehow uploading these clips while the storm was on them. Some were there as the eye wall passed over, showing it in detail, even with the roaring sound.

At the same time I’ve watched the raw video of the Caldor fire burning in California. Like how some people might ask which season I like the most, Summer or Winter, not allowing me to choose Fall or Spring, I had to wonder which extreme weather event I would rather be experiencing. Would I rather be in the deep flooding of the East or the drought and fires of the West. I think I would take the dryness and fires of the West.

Because there is so little rain here, I can’t help but wish some of that rain was here but not in that amount. It was amazing to see New York City completely flooded. I watched some video from the news stations there and it was powerful seeing all the cars abandoned in the deep water and the subways flooding out. This storm definitely caused a lot of damage throughout the Eastern US and, of course, the damage will be mostly measured in monetary cost.

Still, I see very little being said about climate change. The politicians are still squabbling over things that really don’t matter. They are arguing over the Afghanistan withdrawal that didn’t go off picture perfect as they would like it to be. They are arguing over the eviction moratorium that was overturned by the Supreme Court. Basically, they are doing as they always do and arguing over the symptoms and ignoring the cause, all while the society continues to crumble before their eyes.

I saw that the US has lost intellectual rights to major semiconductors to the China. They call it a Chinese “heist.” Yet all the Chinese did was beat them at their own game. They know that US corporations are concerned about only one thing, money. It’s easy to see that US corporations have no loyalty to the US. They are selling it out as fast as they can as long as they can have quick cash. This is the inside siege that is happening to the US while it is also under siege on the outside. All the while, the people go on doing what they always do, stubbornly determined to believe that nothing can touch them. That they are in the right and the rest of the world be damned.

Well, this means that China will have control over the semiconductors that are used in most every technological device. But the US corporations have the money and that’s all they care about. It’s interesting how they will not only sell out the US in every way but are also selling out the future of their children.

But are the? Maybe this is a way to change the US in their eyes. Let China buy up property in the US as well as have control over the technology. It’s easier that way because China is the main producer of all of these products. I still find it amazing to see “Made in China” on every single product that I put out on the shelves, though some corporations are turning to Vietnam.

It still amazes me that so many people find so much value in these things that are put on the shelves. They come and nearly worship them. I see children who go crazy at the sight of the toys. Toys that are mass produced using mainly petroleum byproducts to make them, produced by people who have no feeling or care for the items that are making.

I especially see this at Christmas, when all the Christmas decorations come in and I see the “Made in China” logo on all of them. China doesn’t care about Christmas and they don’t care about these decorations they are sending to the US. The products have no heart within them. No feeling. Just pieces of plastic that are mass produced by people who have no feeling for them at all and the people of the US still nearly worship them. They crowd the stores to buy them, clearing the shelves. It’s the same with candy. The one thing that the people of the US enjoy most is empty calories as well as empty, heartless products. All of which contributes greatly to the changing climate.

But they don’t care. Today I watched a clip from a Black News Network. He was speaking with a woman who writes books against racism. In it she pointed out that most white people may seem to not be racist, mostly because they are nice, yet they still enjoy the privilege of being white in this society. She was basically pointing out the systemic racism of the US, which is found in every aspect of life in the US.

She pointed out that when she generalizes white people, most white people will declare their differences. They will point out that they don’t do all the things as the generalization. She then points out to them to look inside and see if this is really true. If their justifications and rationalizations in which to not take any responsibility is true, mainly the fact that they might say they aren’t racist yet they continue to enjoy the benefits of being white in the society while black people continue to suffer because they don’t have those benefits.

Well, it is the same with most every other issue in the US. Such as with the climate. I hear people say when confronted with something about their activity. Many will say that other things are worse or other people are worse. They can’t seem to look at themselves. They always justify themselves by the activities of others to make themselves believe that their own activity is of little consequence to the whole.

The one thing that Americans are good at doing is pointing the finger at others. They simply can’t take responsibility for their own actions, all while saying that others aren’t taking responsibility for their own actions. They can’t seem to see the insanity of this cycle in which they constantly participate. Everyone is to blame but themselves. The US as a whole does this to many others in the world, mostly because others in the world won’t comply to the insanity of the US. The US has deemed themselves as being the “right” in the world and all those who don’t comply to their “right” are wrong and they need to be changed, if not coercion then by force.

I’ve noticed one main trend throughout humanity. The more humanity interferes with the natural processes of life, the more things go wrong. For a time it might go right, only to find that each and everything thing they do through their arrogance of believing they can change and alter life to what they believe it should be, always comes with side effects. Some minor and others life threatening, just as they drugs the US pushes upon their people, while continuing to keep Marijuana illegal, mostly because it would solve most of the problems that their drugs are believed to solve, all without all the side effects. It would be a problem for the medical industrial complex, being that money is all that is important to the people of the US.

It’s easy to see that the US has become as empty and heartless as the products they so enjoy and even worship. Crime is rising all around. People are so brazen that they will walk into a store and walk out with thousands of dollars of product in broad daylight. They will then sell these products online, at times for less than the store price, except for collectibles. In a way, this is somewhat a service to the people. Allowing them to get what is overpriced at the stores for a lower cost while giving money to the thieves themselves.

The only reason it is illegal is because it doesn’t work within the standards of the society itself, where the choice that people have in purchasing their products are becoming fewer and fewer, thus making it more difficult to find products at a lower cost because there is little competition in the sales of these products. Prices go up while the wages remain stagnant, with many people barely able to pay their rent and bills each month, let alone have any healthcare benefits.

But the corporations are making money and that is all that matters to the people in the US as they continue to live their heartless lives, ignoring all the suffering that their way of life causes for the rest of the world. Justifying it in many ways, saying it is the fault of those people who are suffering for their own suffering. Always pointing the finger at others while they take all they can get for themselves, leaving a trail of suffering in their wake.

I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been feeling very different. The first thing I noticed was that I don’t feel any nostalgia for the past. I’ve watched some videos about the past and I feel nothing for it. A few years ago I always felt some sort of sentimental nostalgia for times past. I really don’t have any feeling for my past in general anymore. A past that used to haunt me in every way. When I see things about the past I don’t see it any different than today, as if there was no past. Just events that happened at a different time, a time equal to yesterday even though they might have happened decades ago.

I’ve even noticed that I no longer feel a mystery in life, what I might have once called “mystical.” I look out at life and understand for the most part what is happening. At times I have a sort of longing for some sort of mystical feeling. A spiritual feeling as I once had in the past. But that spirituality was based solely on mystery and the fear of that mystery, needing to believe that something out there was going to help me or save me from the unknown.

I wouldn’t call what I feel as being solely objective. A cold objectivism. It’s more that most all of my questions have been answered. I understand the mystical that I once craved and felt I needed. I am the mystical that I always craved, just as every being in the universe is the mystical. In the past, I craved the mystical simply because I felt separate from the mystical. I felt separate from nature and the universe, feeling that I had to somehow reach out to it from someplace else.

Much like when I believe in “god” and felt I had to do things a certain way for it to be merciful to me and help me but it always seemed that what I did was never enough as it continued to curse me no matter what I did, simply because I was giving all my energy to nothing more than an empty void, much like a black hole, which sucks in all the energy around it.

It leaves me in a much more balanced state of mind. Yes, I have to endure the pains of this life and I still get frustrated and feel the pain, much like the corn that has formed on the bottom of my foot which causes such pain, like having a rock in my shoe that I can’t take out and being on my feet all day causes my foot to feel like it’s constantly on fire. Well, I’ve been working with it and finally today, after a six day run of work, I get to stay off that foot and continue to attend to it. It’s getting smaller now but it made of a very painful week.

Yes, I still have to endure all of this shit, often realizing that even that physical pain is beneficial to advancing my perspective. Yet, I will admit, there were times when I wondered what the lesson was for this pain or what I did wrong. Yes, I believe their is a lesson to it, not only the lesson to take better care of my feet, which I have been doing religiously now, the pain causing this motivation. But it’s also opened up even more within me and my perspective.

It took this physical pain to continue to bring about change and progress within me. I wonder how much pain and loss humanity will have to experience before they will stop pointing their fingers at others and realize that it is they who are the cause.