The Caretakers

It’s a rather cool morning as the sun prepares to fully rise. The cars fill the interstate as they go from place to place fulfilling their important tasks. It seems that Summer might be giving way to Fall though the Fall foliage isn’t expected to be as bright this year due to the drought. The smoke has returned, going back and forth as the air currents change. They say the wildfires will probably burn into December so relief from the smoke is still a long time away unless snows return earlier, defying their predictions, and put out the fires.

As I’ve been going through this existential perspective in order to work with those in the society to better place myself into a position that is better suited to who I am, there has also been a current flowing within me that has brought to me greater insights. Insights that aren’t new to me but are merely confirming all that my heart has shown me through this journey.

I can’t say that it is comforting in any way. Before, when my heart was showing me these things, they still seemed far away. Now I can see that they are here today and have been here for a long time. Many of my theories on life are being confirmed through the perspectives of others and it is also sort of discomforting to see how deeply my perspective of life has changed throughout this journey. A discomfort only in the fact that it has broken down any connection to the society around me, at one point causing me to feel sort of alone in what I was seeing, only now I’m beginning to see that what I’ve been seeing isn’t new at all. People around the world have been seeing these things all of their lives, only I have had little contact with them as I, being raised in the society, haven’t seen them because the society doesn’t want them to be seen.

But this is a time of awakening. Of revealing. Not only in me but throughout humanity. Many still don’t want to see these things as they continue to fill the interstates with their cars, driving here and there doing their important things. Filling their homes with things of status in order to feel they have fulfilled their duty to the society in the eyes of their peers, allowing them to feel a greater connection to the perspective of which they have dedicated their lives. All while isolating others who don’t believe in their ways, sanctioning them from their society and the great abundance they enjoy. Literally starving them out, telling them that if they sign away their way of life for theirs then they will feed them. This has been happening for well over a century here in the US and continues to happen today. Still, these people hold out, fearing they will lose who they are and the culture they love so much.”

As one said, “We don’t want to me Americans. We want to be our own people.” And thus, because of this, they live in squalor.

This writing is not so much to make a point or to offer an concise understanding of what I’ve been experiencing. It is, like so many of my other writings, to simply sort out all that my heart has been forcing down my throat lately, all while doing these existential things within the society, where are often so difficult for me.

I can say that because of the things that have happened in the existential realm, I am surprisingly gaining some support from others in this sense. Maybe things will finally settle down in this realm where I can simply work and make a simple living without all the concerns I’ve had to deal with. As I made waves in order to find some direction in this existential realm, of course my fears were that I would gain enemies rather than allies. But it seems that I have gained more allies than enemies and for this I’m grateful.

The one thing about YouTube is that it is a great tool of the awakening if used for such. So much information is being released that has either not been shown before or, in other cases, it allows things that have been shown before to be viewed in greater context and in combination with each other. In other words, it is great for research into things that a person might be interested in. In my case, my heart simply has things appear on my recommended list that leads me on paths that fill my mind and heart with many things that otherwise I wouldn’t have ever seen before.

As one person of the religious persuasion once said to me, “Technology has good purposes and bad purposes. It’s all in how you use it.” For me, it is simply a tool that my heart has used to show me things that I wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

For years I’ve often watch the TV show “Ancient Aliens.” I enjoy it because they attempt to show history from a different point of view and they don’t necessarily come to an conclusions but simply show the speculation and theories of various people. If you view it with an open mind as well as a skeptical mind it is very interesting to see and hear these points of view.

A few years ago I once heard a young man say when talking about this show, “It’s not true what they say because it is mainstream. They wouldn’t want us to know these things especially coming from the mainstream.”

As I’ve watched some clips of the show, I realized that what they are doing might not be so much to inform of the true reality as much as to prepare people for the revealing of the sky people, who are there right now and always have been. This to me is the main importance of the show. Making “aliens” mainstream and to also let people know that life is not what it seems based on the societal perspective which is merely to hide all truth from the people and cause them to live in an artificial reality or bubble while all these other things are happening around them.

This led me to see that another of my theories seems to be confirming itself. The theory that we are not all of the same “god” or seed of the stars.

There are many narratives of peoples throughout the world. Those who seem to stem from Sumeria and the Anunnaki and those who seem to come from other “gods” such as the Hopi who believe they came from inside the Earth, having been cared for by Maasaw who was the caretaker of the Earth, telling these people as they came from the Earth to go out and find the center and thus this will be their home. These people them committed themselves to do as Massaw and to be caretakers of the Earth.

All while other “gods” seemed to be telling other people to go out and exploit the Earth for their own gain, bringing them to their “gods” in payment for their protection. Giving these people who dedicated their lives to these “gods” great physical wealth and comfort. For those who didn’t brings these offerings to these “gods,” they would suffer great lacking until they complied.

From an observational standpoint, these people were mainly of white complexion and lived to serve the masculine energy in life. An energy that seeks only to control and dominate all of life, even if it leads them to their own destruction.

So, it seems, there are various “gods” and these “gods” came from the sky. Humans, as much as they think differently, have been used and manipulated by these “gods” or they have been taught compassionately by other “gods” how to live in peace and harmony with nature and the universe.

Here is the colliding point of humanity. One part that seeks to dominate and possess the Earth for their own uses and those who seek to work in harmony with the Earth and nature, living for a completely different definition of wealth.

So the sky people are here and have been for a while. There are different sky people who have interacted with different humans on Earth. Yet, there are some similarities.

As I’ve written in past posts, there are beings that can travel the universe without any effort at all. They don’t necessarily travel using a physical source of energy, which is the only source that humans can perceive. They travel through consciousness. They are known as the caretakers of the universe.

Then there are more limited beings throughout the universe, such as humans and their “gods” who came from other planets with their own agendas, humanity being one of those agendas since it was they who basically created humanity, giving them a different form from the hominids they once were to the humans they are currently. Because they are much more advanced than humans they are seen as “gods” to humans and also their creator, though they didn’t actually create humans, they merely took one being, altered it’s DNA and formed another beings from it. A being that could be seen as an abomination of nature, yet it is a natural evolution that did take place simply because these other beings, though limited in the grander scheme of things, performed an act within the universe and within the universe their are no mistakes.

Still, this led to a new species in the universe, one that was in the image of their “creators.” Since then, they committed themselves to controlling this new species and using it for their own purposes, blinding their eyes to any true reality of their existence.

But along came another faction of these beings. They had different plans for humans. They came along and taught humans understandings of life that the others didn’t want them to know. Thus, they gave them knowledge as depicted in the creation story as eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

The faction of these beings who did this were deemed as being fallen angels and thus evil for doing this. Humanity was condemned for this transgression and, so as to control them further, deemed humanity as being forever being of sin and through this sin they must live their lives seeking absolution from the “gods” by dedicating their lives to them and doing only as they say, even if the humans have now come to understand free will. Free will thus being the sin and humans have since fought against this free will, suffering terribly within themselves, torturing themselves and living in complete disharmony with themselves so as to appease these “gods” who tell them that if they comply with their wishes then they will be rewarded with great blessings.

So yes, there was a great war and in this war there were those who fell away from the mainstream of their society, desiring something better for humanity and thus they too, with the same powers of technology, went about humanity, showing them the true reality of their existence, all while fighting against those who sought only to blind humanity to their true reality so as to exploit them for their own uses.

It is true there was a great war of the “gods” as most vividly depicted in the Hindu texts and texts from around the world. There were great cataclysms that affected humanity and all life on Earth, all of which has been going on for hundreds of thousands of years, all while humanity has been taught that their existence, in some instances, hasn’t been greater than 7000 years and in other instances showing them as being evolved naturally from apes and having lived very primitive lives for hundreds of thousands of years, all while civilization after civilization has come and gone from this Earth over and over again well beyond any of these perspectives. Beings of all sorts having come and gone from the Earth, taking from it what they desired and leaving it with their imprint or, in some cases, their vandalizing.

So, being there are various “gods” who have divided humanity into various factions based on these “gods” and the fact that these sky people have returned and are preparing humans for their revealing, one can only speculate that it won’t be a harmonious revealing because they are in conflict with each other, each having their own children on this planet. Will they simply come and remove their own children from the Earth, or will they come to fight each other based on their differences?

All while there are the caretaker beings who don’t necessarily interfere with life, but do guide life to a more harmonious state, simply watching and even giving to the people through what might seem like channeling, opening their eyes to the greater reality and thus, as the limited beings fight for what they believe is theirs, will allow them and all that they declare as being theirs, to be destroyed through their own greed and hunger for control over life, and thus take those who have been awakened under the Earth again, or possibly up into the sky to another place so that this seed, the pure seed can continue to prosper throughout the universe, living to be caretakers of life, not takers of life.