A Mild Day

It’s another mild day. I will call any day below 90 degrees F. mild right now. The sky is clear though there is some haze from the wildfire smoke, though it’s not thick.

I’m a little tired today. I’m off work tomorrow so I can rest. I think it’s more from everything I’ve been going through lately more than just work. It has caused me to feel sort of in a funk lately. I know my Asperger’s doesn’t like disruptions to it’s routines.

But it seems it was all worth it. All the seeming chaos of the last couple of months seems to be settling down with a new path forming.

I have been trying to get a position in a different department at work. I went to see the HR person about doing it last week. Today I went in to follow up and see what’s happening. I was unable to get the position I had requested because it is under the same upper manager and we have had some trouble. He didn’t want me to have the position. So the HR person offered me other options. One of which will give me consistent full time hours. It is working in a completely different part of the store, away from all that I’ve been working in.

He began to say that I could think about it but he didn’t have a chance to get it out before I accepted it. It is perfect. I get to go back to consistent early hours, where I will be working a few hours before any customers come in and I will be leaving before it gets really busy. It will be in the grocery department, which is away from all the vain items that I have to watch people buy each day. Yes, I will see the waste of food but this doesn’t bother me as much as watching the people buying empty plastic items in the form of people and other things simply because they can buy them.

It should be about 2 weeks and I will start over there and I am very happy. One of the main things that was on my mind as I was going through this process as that I won’t let hours cuts happen again. It can’t happen again. I have to continue growing not having to go further in debt simply to work there.

Really, this position is much better than the one I had requested. The hours I like working. Two days off in a row each week. The HR person knew how important a consistent schedule was for me and he did find some options for me. Plus, I get to get away from all the politics and drama that had unfolded in my previous department. I won’t have much contact with them except maybe in the break room. It can give me a feeling of starting over again without having to leave the company and start somewhere else. I know of most of the people there already and they know of me.

Well, it seems that my writing yesterday caused everything to become real, as it always does. It seems to be moving from just making it real within me and making it real overall. It’s one of the “gifts” I knew would be coming with me from the journey as I go about out into the existential world through an existential perspective, though back with a very deeply spiritual foundation.