When Changes Come

Things have definitely changed around here. We were expecting some rain today. The forecast said about a quarter inch. Well, it’s been severely down pouring for nearly 24 hours. I’ve never experienced a storm like this here. Thunder and lightning along with rain that might be like hurricane type rain all day long. I could hear the rain on the roof at work. At times it was very loud. Some water leaked through the roof.

I came home from work yesterday in a deluge and then rode back to work in the rain, just not like it was yesterday. I had to wear a raincoat. There is flooding all around. Homes being flooded. It’s just like what is happening all around the world, extreme weather. From extreme heat to a very extreme rainstorm, which is actually very refreshing for me, as I’m enjoying the temperatures in the mid 50s F.

Other changes are in the works at my job. Changes that had to come eventually. With all the other changes happening within me has come changes in other things. I finally had enough with how I have been treated at work along with feeling miserable in the department where I’ve been working. It’s a very busy department with children running all around, being it’s a toy department. I’m just left alone over there having to stock more freight that I have hours to do each day, all while having to avoid all the customers that are constantly filling the aisle.

The customers are very rude and just let their children run wild. Well, I have Asperger’s and I can say that it drives me crazy. On top of it all, I’m tired of how the management has been treating me, not caring about my concerns and constantly cutting my hours.

Well, yesterday I walked into the office and there was a young woman I see many days each week working at the desk. I have seen her working in various departments along with working in Human Resources. I asked her about working in various departments. Well, this then led into all that I’ve been experiencing.

She listened to me and said, “This is just wrong. You shouldn’t be treated this way. If you want I can set up an appointment to speak with the main HR person.”

I let her set it up. When I came in this morning she said that he’s in his office waiting for you. I was surprised at how fast it happened.

I sat down and told him the entire story, all the way down to learning about having Asperger’s. He just sat and listened to me. He contradicted all the things that the management had been telling, mainly that I can’t work in other departments.

He is going to take it from here and he said he will make it so I can work in another department that I enjoy much more. Ironically it is a department that the upper manager had me work in a couple of hours each week to get a few extra hours. When I did it I really enjoyed it. I call it a perfect Asperger’s job. I just get to focus on what needs to be done and get it done. I make the same money as I have been making without all the extra responsibility. He also said I can work in other departments if hours are lacking there. He also gave me more hours for next week.

It just surprised me how much my immediate manager and his manager has been lying to me. Well, it shouldn’t surprise me because I’ve been manipulated many times in this life, mainly because of my Asperger’s because I have difficulty reading situations. I also don’t like making waves. I just want to go to work, do my work, then come home and be able to pay for all the things in my life. That’s all. Yet they had been making this simple thing very difficult in my life.

So, as I wrote in my previous post, changes had to happen. Well, just as with everything else that comes up in my life at the right time, it sort of happens out of nowhere. I just happened to start talking with the right person about something else and it led into what needed to be changed.

With all the spiritual journey going on, I guess it was time for my heart to take care of some things in my society life. It had been affecting me terribly for months now. Yet I kept going forward on the journey, doing as my heart has asked me to do, observing life and documenting what I experience. I hadn’t even noticed these other things happening. I had been feeling them and they had been taking a lot out of me. But I remained focused on the journey and my part in it. Now it seems time for these things to be taken care of and maybe to take care of my physical well being.

It’s funny. I’ve just been dealing with having little money. Eating cheap food. Healthy food but cheap food. I just buy a large 6 pound bag of frozen chicken breast. I had been vegetarian but it is cheap protein. I just make wraps with the chicken breast and then basically peanut butter. On other days I eat cheese quesadillas with diced jalapeno in them along fries. Oatmeal and toast for breakfast. Day after day and not complaining about it.

Maybe it’s time for things to finally change. I have no idea why things happen like this. Interestingly, about 2 weeks ago, just before things began to change in me, my heart said that I was causing it. My heart had cleared my perspective vision and at first I did become angry. I was frustrated to see what I was seeing in humans. I wrote about much of it.

My heart pointed out that I wasn’t doing anything wrong but because of it was I also causing things to not go so well in my life. The funny thing is that it seemed like nothing more than what was meant to happen. That I was supposed to become angry which then affected the energy I was putting out into the world which affected the manifestation coming from me and thus having to experience this lacking.

Then, when the next stage of change came in, which calmed me down greatly and helped me to understand this clear perspective much more, then other things began to change in different ways. I began to get more hours at work and other things that seemed to be in disarray came back into a sense of order.

Now it seems that even more changes are happening that might lead to resolving many more of the physical concerns. So today I will just write about these physical changes and, now that I have 2 days off from work, possibly write more about the deeper things after I come to relax and enjoy this cooler weather and more rain that is coming tonight. It’s interesting how changes that come for me come along with changes in the greater reality. That’s simply an observation.