From the Water and the Trees

The wildfire smoke has returned. It is very thick again and the air quality is very poor. I can definitely feel it as my nose is stuffed up all the time and my blood pressure does go up a bit. In a couple of days the temperatures is supposed to go down significantly and possibly clean out the smoke as well because of the rain that is expected.

Yesterday I enjoyed watching Camila Giorgi win the Montreal tennis tournament. It was such an amazing thing to watch. She has been playing for at least a decade and has only won 3 tournaments, mostly small tournaments, and now she comes out and wins a large tournament, losing only one set throughout the entire tournament.

She literally won the final by breaking her opponent in the last game, instead of it going into a tie break. She won over so many top players and even her opponent in the final said that she deserved to win.

She doesn’t normally show any emotion. Match after match as she progressed through the tournament her smile widened and larger and larger with each victory. When she won the final she broke down in tears. It was so beautiful to watch.

The one thing I noticed was that her father wasn’t there. He is also her coach. He is an interesting person and seems a bit domineering. Yet, she is so private, I don’t know what was going on to make her play so well. Either she has broken away from him as her coach and she was showing how she could do it without him. Or he is possibly ill or something and she was doing it for him. All I know is that she was alone with no support. Her speech at the end, while she was holding the big trophy, lasted less than 30 seconds, speaking in French. I don’t think she enjoys speaking in English. Since she was in a French speaking place she chose to speak French.

I’ve been feeling much better lately, though there are some things that need to change in my life. In some ways, I feel like the trees and the water, or nature, has been speaking to me lately, as odd as that might sound to most people.

Ever since I came upon the Hopi spiritual way of life and their basic worship of nature, I’ve truly felt my true connection to nature. I’ve learned that the Earth isn’t just some object to be exploited, as humans do to the Earth. The Earth is a living being, with feelings. Ripping into her soil is much like what it would be if parasites infested our skin and began digging into our skin uncontrollably.

I’ve always seen the trees as sort of like hair on the Earth, and they are very connected to the Earth in ways that our hair isn’t connected to us. It’s not just dead cells. They are alive and beings of their own connected to the Earth. For most, “Avatar” might have been an entertaining movie, but it is actually very much how it truly is right here in this life. Our connection to nature is very much as deep and intimate as it was for the native people in that movie with their planet.

Just as humans, if infested by a parasite, would basically poison the parasites to get them off of their bodies, the Earth does this also. The irony is that nature doesn’t take sides. Nature continues to protect humans, giving them immune responses in their bodies which help them to fight off parasites of all kinds, such as viruses and other diseases. But as humans continue to interfere with nature, it also affects their own immunity because they only strengthen these parasites until a point comes where they have no immunity to fight them off.

It can be seen with the climate also. Humans have sought to defy nature, thinking themselves as being above nature so nature, which they can’t actually control, naturally turns on humans simply because humans are affecting the balance of nature. The more than humans continue to think that they can defy nature through science, the more obstacles or conflicts will arise. Humans have heard of cause and effect but they don’t live it very well. They are constantly causing things, thinking that they are beneficial to human life, but the effects are not always beneficial to human life.

But this just seems to be what humans do. They aren’t able to find themselves. By finding themselves they would find that they are not themselves as individuals at all but who they are is everything. All of life. But most humans can’t comprehend this concept. They just see themselves as themselves, separate from everything else. They focus solely on their own individual reality and, because they are consciously aware, they can see that their physical lives will end no matter what they do. Yet they continue to fight against this, focusing much of their energy and thought toward defying nature which, ironically, only brings more disease upon them.

Think of the fact that on the news and in the ads on TV, the focus is on health and overcoming disease. Yet the focus is always on the disease, whether it is cancer or some other disease. At any given time, in between watching your show, at times they might show 2 or 3 ads for prescription drugs. In the news and talk shows they talk about how some people have had disease and that they overcame it, or they succumbed to it. They celebrate those who defied the disease and won out over it.

Still, all the focus in on the disease.

There is a trend happening in humanity and that trend is fear. I’ve noticed that it comes in waves. Some conflict happens and they bring it to a peak, then it goes back down into a calm, much like a roller coaster. Then they find some other fear to bring up in the media and the fear rises again, only to go back down into a calm.

I’ve learned that this is used to control the people. It’s interesting. It’s just like how I’ve come to see humans as nothing more than ants. The more I look at them now the more I see it is they reality. The only reason they are like ants is because they are living almost purely by instinct. In many ways, humans have lost their higher self. They are not connected to their hearts. They don’t live through their hearts. They are focuses on the material and the physical simply because they are living solely by instinct.

This isn’t an accident because this too, along with the fear roller coaster, is a way to control people. They keep the people in a state of being where they aren’t thinking with any rationality at all. When they are afraid they seek to resolve the fear through pleasure, which is supplied to them in ample quantities. Such as through buying things that they don’t need. This is one that is based solely on a chemical reaction in the brain. They then cause this addiction in their children, both at home and through the society, through media. Parents seek to have higher status than other parents and they can gain this not only through what they have for themselves but also through what they are able to buy for their children.

Then their children grow up with the same need, to fill their fears of life through the gaining of status in the eyes of others, always seeking the appreciation or even envy of others of what they can do or what they can attain.

All of this is based solely on instinct. Then the society controls what each person can have or not have. If a person does as the society asks and the society appreciates them, they are compensated with the ability to have higher status. If they don’t do as the society asks then they won’t ever attain that status in the society. This is why there are so many subgroups and sub cultures. This is because people who can’t attain the status they need from the society directly can turn to a subgroup to attain some sense of status and appreciation.

Basically, most humans are seeking what they can’t seem to find. A feeling of being loved. Ironically, love only comes from the universe and the universe can only give a person this love if they are connected to their own hearts and living through their hearts, thus knowing and understanding that all individual achievements are empty. Only those achievements that are for all of life has any true meaning. The reward for this acheivement simply being what they all most desire but seek to find it in places where it doesn’t exist. They simply want love but have been taught that love has to be earned and the loved that has to be earned can also be controlled.

One day you might have that love from the society and the next day they might take it away, leaving the person feeling completely empty inside without any meaning. In many cases, the person then fights to gain that appreciation back or, they simply commit suicide thinking that it’s just not worth it and, since they have come to believe that this is the only love, just as they have been taught that their reality is the only reality, they simply can’t attain what they most desire, completely unaware that it was always there within them, they simply didn’t look.

Well, again I came to write about several things but this is what came out. I will leave it at this as I finish making my dinner and eat. But this is some of what the trees and the water has told me lately. On my days off I think I will go and visit many more trees and find some water flowing in this drought stricken place and spend some time with them. They are the only ones who seem to make any sense to me in this life.