The Choice

Only a few more hot day until it is forecast to cool down a bit. It’s still not getting as hot at it once was for the last couple of months, though some in the country are suffering terribly in the heat.

It seems the tropics are waking up with several storms forming in the Atlantic. Once is expected to pass over Haiti after they just experienced a large earthquake. The other is coming toward Florida.

It’s nice to have women’s tennis going again after the Olympics where it was focused solely on the Olympics. Montreal is a big event before the US Open and Camila Giorgi has been doing very well. She hasn’t lost a set and is now in the quarterfinals. She has been playing very consistent which is new from her.

She is struggling in the second set of the semifinals right now but just broke back to get her back into the set. She is playing simply amazing right now. It’s so wonderful to see her winning over the best in tennis. She took out Petra Kvitova and also Coco Gauff, both of who could have easily beaten her before her newly found run. I’ve never seen her play like this even though I’ve always been a fan of hers, simply because she plays with heart.

I’ve been in a different place lately, ever since my heart seemed to remove all blinders on my eyes and allowed me to see things as they are. I can see that at first it was a shock, even angering me as I looked out at the humans doing things that simply don’t make any sense whatsoever. To put it in basic terms, humanity doesn’t have to be of one heart but they should be working together as one people, striving for the success of all humans, not just a few.

But this is where they are currently going wrong and why they are destroying themselves.

I found it interesting how a few days ago, for some reason, I wondered if I could find something I could relate to now. I can see that in the last couple of years, because of my feminine heart, I had been relating to women. But now I can see women as they are and they are not anything to relate to for me at this time.

It was then when I thought that it might be possible that I would relate to Native Americans in some way. I looked around at their words and thoughts and, at first, I didn’t see anything I could truly relate to now.

Then appeared on my recommended list on YouTube, out of nowhere, a video about the Hopi Prophecy. From there I found myself doing much more research on the subject and on the Hopi in general.

Within my research I found many things that relate very closely to what my heart has been teaching me all along. When I learned about what the 4th world was all about, it caused it all to make greater sense to me. We are in the 4th world and the 4th world is a world of imbalance. This goes right along with all that my heart has been teaching me about how humanity is severely out of balance right now.

As I looked at the Hopi ideal way of life, it is about being one people and about community. In many ways, it is about “we” rather than “me” or “I.”

They worship nature in many ways. But this is not just the nature on Earth but nature as the whole universe.

As I took these things in, listening to one of their speakers of the elders who talked about the prophecy, which they don’t see as being an actual prophecy but about observing human nature. Humanity has done this to themselves before. There have been other 4th worlds for humanity, Even the previous three worlds have ended with humanity going against nature and thus nature humbling them again through destruction.

All of this took me into my own imagery as I began to see just how connected to nature I am. I always have been. My heart even pointed out that on my days off from work I should go into nature, even just a park, and talk with the trees, they will tell me what I need to know. Or go and sit by flowing water and the water will tell me what is on her mind.

It reminds me of how my heart has always told me that nature is my ally and I’m her ally. This is why I have nothing to worry about in all of this. My heart, as I view her, isn’t the one that protects me but nature herself, who is the universe herself.

I enjoyed listening to this Native American man speak of things within the prophecy how, at the end of the 4th world, women will start wearing pants. He also pointed out how women wear war paint to make themselves appear beautiful in some way.

I found it interesting that his audience was primarily white women and most older white women. It seems so strange to see this rather old Native American man, who still talks of the true ways of humanity, and then looking at this audience. It was from back in 1995 in Las Vegas.

I found it interesting that the Hopi people spoke with the UN, telling them of these things, now humanity is destroying themselves because they no longer live for their hearts but for material possessions. But this is the world of imbalance. A world that will change either by humanity changing or by nature humbling humanity, or both.

They seem to believe that there will come a time, possibly when the sky people return, that humanity will have their eyes opened and see the vanity of their lives today.

Today I was working, it was very busy, and I thought of what happens when a person drops some sort of food on the ground. Many times you can come back an hour or so later and see it covered in ants. Then I looked around at the people, all grabbing things to buy, filling up their carts, and all I saw was ants. I thought, “Humanity thinks they are god’s gift to the universe but they are really nothing more than ants.” I imagined how they drive their cars to places like the store where I work, crowd in and, with their pinschers, grab things and take them back to their nests.

The irony of it, which separates them from the ants, is what they are grabbing has no value for sustenance to their lives. It is all just empty calories of meaninglessness, which they place above being of one people striving for success of all within the community, deeming this to be success, rather than that of personal or individual success over other people, leaving them without community but only themselves.

What was interesting is that I took this thought to a coworker. I was in the back working and I said to her, “Have you ever seen some sort of food dropped on the ground then seen it covered with ants?” she said she had seen this before.

I then pointed out humans using this image. She about flipped out at the image. She said she had never thought of it this way before but it fits so perfectly. I then went on to say that these are some of the benefits of having Asperger’s. That I get to see life from another point of view. Even from another reality where everything I see here in this reality seems strange to me.

She said that she is beginning to see it the same.

I then gave this image to another coworker. It was funny how I brought it up to her. She was helping me in my department and was stocking a shelf. I walked up and just said, “Have you ever seen some food or maybe some chewed gum on the ground and how ants come and cover the food?”

She started laughing because it was so out of the blue, but I talk to her all the time so she knows I have interesting thoughts. I then went on and gave her the image of humanity, taking it a little further calling humanity ants with conscious awareness. I then went on to say that they are not aware of their conscious awareness so they can see that they are destroying themselves but they don’t know how to stop themselves. They are both lost in instinct which has gone awry but also with conscious awareness, an awareness that gives them in the ability to be aware of themselves and their environment but still not understand their connection to it all.

She said that it would be nice if I could take my thoughts and make videos of them so they could be seen in such a way. I told her than I have been doing the next best things for several years. I write these images and post them in a blog. I said that there are a few people who seem to enjoy my insanity.

This was really the first time that I’ve literally given such images to other people in person. I do it all the time here in my blog and I share little thoughts with other people in person, but I’ve never given them images. I noticed just how vivid my images are given to them. They can see them very vividly, which is interesting. Just seeing the face of one of them as I gave her the image. It was like she saw something very new in a completely different way than she has ever seen something.

Well, I can say that these images came from my new relationship with the Hopi ideas. It has also calmed me down a little, as I was getting very frustrated and angry before as I was seeing things so clearly. Now I just see ants all around me, doing what ants do if they lived solely by instinct. They would consume until there was nothing left to consume or until someone came along and stomps on them or eats them, or some terrible disease infests their community, or nature herself floods them out or burns them up..

I guess the choice is up to humanity.

After losing the second set, Camila Giorgi is up in the third set, 4 to 1. Now she is up 5 to 1, serving for the match. Yesterday’s match against Coco Gauff was so exciting. It was a wonderful thing to come home to watch. It is the same today, as I came home to this match, like yesterday, already in the second set with Camila having won the first set. Yesterday she struggled closing out the match, but today, well, she is at match point and just won to go on to the finals. She is going to the finals in Montreal, which is a huge and very significant tournament, of which, each win I have seen something on her face that she rarely shares. A beautiful smile. For me, this is the greatest reward for seeing her do so well and she deserves. I have always been a fan of hers and always will be, win or lose, but this is why I find so much joy in having my favorite players be mostly the underdogs, because I get to enjoy any success they might have along with them.