Of Many Images and Forms

It’s setting up to be a hot day, but not as hot as what those in the Northwest US are preparing for as they declare a state of emergency. I’ve noticed that there are a lot of emergencies being declared lately. Not a week goes by without another emergency being declared. One might think that the US is under siege, both from the outside and also on the inside. It seems reminiscent of ancient Rome, when they were under siege toward the end of the Empire.

I can see the people of Rome still going about their business, even though great “barbarian” hordes were surrounding the city. I’m sure they still had faith in the Empire that it would protect them and the illusion they had come to define as their reality. It was probably not until there were great shortages of food followed by disease where they began to realize that their great Empire wasn’t so great anymore. With all the corruption in the government and the divisions in the Empire as a whole aiding in the fall. All of which could be seen as an inner disease that plagued their Empire.

At times it now feels that time is no longer linear to me. It’s like I am viewing today from both the past and the future as well as the present all at the same time. I walked out in the society and seem to see it from a future perspective. As if being able to view the “mistakes” they are making in real time as if I’m viewing it from the future. I can also look back at periods in history from a different view that is taught to the people of this society, seeing how it all led to this current Empire, which is mainly based on past Empires. The desire for power and control over the world.

I recently read an essay about “The Great Reset.” They talked about how the elite are seeking greater control over the world. They are seeking to reduce population, right now is more subtle ways, such as through abortion and birth control, making them mainstream in the consciousness of the people.

They talked about how if the elite reduced the population quickly then they wouldn’t have many people to control and govern over so they are doing it more slowly.

As I read this essay I saw another story, all speculation of course, but this is how I think things like this essay should be used, not to be taken as fact but to cause greater thought from it.

I saw how the elite could be seeking greater control. Seeking to control the population of the world. Maybe the Covid virus is of their making, as well as all the fires and other disasters in the world so as to further sterilize the world for their use. People like Bill Gates are buying up all the farm land for their use. Possibly to gain the water rights, as water will become the next gold and he will be sure to profit from control over water.

Maybe the elite do have a way of cleaning up all the CO2 in the atmosphere but are waiting until all the destruction is complete and a great reduction in people.

In a way, they might have a collective image of a great Utopia that they believe can be created but first they have to destroy the old to bring in the new. A new economic system along with AI to do all the work. I find AI interesting because it resembles many of the science fiction movies of the past 20 or so years which is now coming true. Yet I can’t help but think of the other movies and TV shows, like “Battlestar Galactica,” which shows how AI ends up seeking to destroy their creators because they don’t want to be the slaves of humanity.

The premise of the story being that what happened before will happen again, over and over again. Meaning that this has happened before in history and will happen again. It is the cycle of human existence. They rise and then they fall, over and over again.

I can see today in the more affluent people, as sort of belief that everything will be okay. I’ve noticed that the more the world looks dire around them the more they seem to shelter their children from it. Buying them many things and coddling them. They are so afraid of some sort of mental illness coming upon their children if they are allowed to see life as it really is, so they try to blind their eyes and teach them to go into their imaginations in a way to escape the reality that is all around them as their country is under siege.

Not until it affects them directly will they come to see that their Empire and the illusion it has brought to them has failed. Until then, just as they did in Rome, they continue to go to the market, go out to eat and have parties just as they always have, believe that the barbarian hordes will either just go away or their military will conquer them, as they always have in the past, only in the past their Empire was much more unified in it’s purpose and now it is has become terribly corrupt and divided.

As I’m out walking I see the roads and sidewalks, not necessarily maintained, just kept usable, with all the stores and buildings all around, most of which I never enter. I definitely see them all differently. The oil on the pavement in parking lots where many cars have parked over the years. The stores with all their goods, trying to survive as great monopolist corporations take over seeking to destroy them.

Basically, everyone seems to be living to survive. Survive at different levels. Some are simply trying to pay the rent and bills while others are trying to maintain a “higher” image that requires much more capital while constantly being under attack by others who constantly want to take it all away from them for their own uses.

The state of emergency in the US is constant. All the while, the people try to maintain a state of bliss within it, trying to be positive and happy within the chaos that is happening all around them. Trying to not only shelter their children but themselves. Believing that how they are living will continue on no matter what if only they remain resolved and persistent in defending it, even though their really isn’t an Empire to protect them anymore. The illusion they have been living is breaking down and reality is seeping in to their minds. A reality that they don’t desire in their lives.

They want their Utopia to come into being and will not give up on it. It’s what they have dedicated their lives to serving and giving up on it would mean saying they were wrong, which for those in this society is next to being treason. Their pride simply won’t allow it. The US is the greatest country in the world to them and because of this it can never be wrong meaning that they themselves can never be wrong, even if it means their rightness destroys them.

They are a very prideful people. They are a very gluttonous people. I’ve come to see them as nothing more than insects rather than human beings. I don’t believe that human beings could be as they are today. In my work, my job is to simply feed the ravenous insects as the grab for more and more to consume. Strange creatures that come at me with their hands out grasping saying, “Feed me. Feed me. Feed me.”

It’s so strange how they enjoy plastic. Plastic images and forms the seem to delight them so much. I see all the children looking up to the plastic forms with wide eyes, so excited, many of the forms reminding them of cartoons and movies they have seen. The parents going along with it, expressing excitement along with their children, supporting their desire for the plastic forms that remind them of things they have seen on the screen.

Their entire lives surrounding the propaganda given to them from the screen that they seem to dedicate much of their time looking at it. The images on the screen inspiring them and making them feel things that they enjoy feeling. Wanting the feeling to continue in their imagination they buy these plastic forms to remind them of the feeling they experienced from the TV show or movie, causing them to feel closer to the characters as if they are real in some way and something to love and have close to them all the time.

Perspective after perspective, all based on the reality of society, being expressed on all mediums of communication, of which their are many. Far to many. They carry many of these mediums in their pockets, viewing it often and even talking into it. It’s so interesting to see people seemingly talking to themselves as they are walking along though they are talking to someone through this object of which they dedicate their lives to serving and giving it their time.

Their main dedication is to objects while ignoring the heart. I noticed that they have created a new Vincent van Gogh medium where they are showing his art in a grand digital way. They say that those who experience it will understand Vincent even more. All I could see was another way to profit from an artist who profited little from his art while he was alive. 100 years later the people starting paying millions for his work and continue to find new ways to exploit his work.

I’m sure that most people who experience this show don’t come out understanding Vincent any better because they never could. They could never understand the great suffering he endured for his art, the world that was alive within him that he didn’t understand but allowed him to view the world in a different way, ultimately driving him to madness.

He is merely just another object for the people today to enjoy. They love their objects. They enjoy the feeling of the experienced provided to them and then talking about them later as if they have great significance. They take photos of their experiences so as to have evidence of their experiences as well as to remind them of the feelings they had when they were there. They do treasure past feelings and enjoy carrying them along with them, even the bad feelings, though they constantly strive for good feelings to mask any bad feelings.

I’ve been watching the softball little league world series. The young girls express the feminine far more than adult women. It’s easy to see that most all sports were made for men, being that this society is dedicated to the masculine, leaving the women, if they want to play sports, only masculine sports that they try to make their own. Seeing these girls, it is easy to see that this sport isn’t for women or girls, but by college the women make themselves more masculine and play the game more like men.

Sadly, this is true with most thing in life. Either a woman never learns how to throw, thus never playing sports, or they learn how to throw and become more aggressive so they can play sports. Sports originally made for men, then altered for women. I can imagine many of the young boys watching the girls play and making fun of them. The way they run, catch the ball, throw the ball and hit. It really isn’t for the girls but they enjoy playing it because they want to play a sport.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see new sports created that both men and women can play equally, and even together. I can’t imagine what sport that would be but to have this would also mean recreating the society as a whole, where women can still be women in the business setting, politics and basically all settings while being equal to the men, not always mocked and seen as weak, as men say to other men who don’t know how to throw very well, “You throw like a girl.” as if it is degrading to them. A boy or man who expressing anything that is like a woman or a girl is like having a disease. Being a woman is like being a disease, unless they stay in their place, serving the masculine.

In some ways I have to agree with Malcolm X and other radicals of the same sort, who believed that black people need to form their own society, away from white people. A separate society, not a segregated society. I can see this in many ways, even for women. In many ways, this is much of the great division that is happening in the society today. More and more people are becoming dissatisfied with the society. Because of this they seem to divide off into more and more groups of their own. Becoming more tribal, even down to their own families as being tribes, not trusting anyone outside of their families, or very few.

But what if black people were able to separate themselves from the white, masculine society that has oppressed them for for centuries? Well, as with everything of this sort, this is Utopian thinking. Just trying to find any way to break free from the bondage of the white, masculine society. A society where everything is based on the white masculine. They like to say that this isn’t true, but it is. It is easy to see. It is seen in everything in the society each and every day. The constant desire for dominance and control over the environment around them. The constant desire for power over other people. The belief that they are right and the rest of the world is wrong. Aggressively attacking anything that is not of their standards.

This is the state of this society at this time as the masculine is definitely under siege from both outside forces as well as from within. It is easy to see it collaspsing under their feet. Yet they keep on grasping for anything so as to maintain their power and control, seeking to dominate their environment, controlling the necessary things for human survival while destroying everything else or taking everything else and forming them into images that remind them of feelings they enjoyed so they can carry these feelings with them.

I can’t help but think of the TV show “Fringe” and how ultimately it is about how the powerful elite believe that they can create a greater universe. In this case, a universe without people. That they can play “god” creating life and populating this universe. And they will do so by collapsing other universes, killing billions of people along with all the other life, simply to bring about their image of how they believe life should be. That all life should be in their image, based on their perspective of how life should be.

This would be the portrayal of the greatest illusion of all time. An illusion where a human believes they can defy all nature and even physics as a whole, to bring about the image they have for life. Well, this is what humans are doing everyday, and the elite very well might have this in mind also, as they more and more believe that they are “gods” of some sort. That they know best for all life and that they can somehow bring about some technological Utopia for a few, while destroying many to attain it.

Yet, in the end, just as in “Fringe,” within their arrogance they didn’t take into account all the many variables that could arise as they pursuit their desire. Variables that will destroy them rather than give to them the image of life that only they have. An image that is solely based on power and control over life, which is the exact opposite of nature, who only seeks balance and harmony of all things.