Thought Paths

The heat is coming back on again, but nothing like what I just saw the Eastern US is now experiencing. I guess it’s their turn. The smoke has gone away for the most part, which is a relief. It might only be for a day or two. But next week, come Tuesday, the temperatures lower to the mid 80s F. and stay there for a while. That will be nice. I can see that the tight grip of Summer is beginning to loosen.

I wonder what I will write today. The past day or so my mind has gone off on some interesting thought paths. Some that I’ve wanted to sit down and write but just couldn’t find the passion to do so.

I’ve noticed many new realizations arising within me. I can see that it’s just like my heart said early that morning about a week ago when she said that I just have to let it happen. Let my reality form over the reality of society. I can see that I’m very much out of the reality of society. But it has also cause other realizations about, well, many things.

This morning I watched a video about artificial intelligence. They spoke of how it is now coming to a point where in the next 5 years AI will start writing it’s own programming in a way. They showed robots that look like dogs that can now dance and not fall over. They showed how the military is going to use AI in warfare using drone swarms in battle.

They showed on Amazon and other companies are using AI in their warehouses. They show video of a supposed Amazon warehouse where the shelves were being moved around as people worked around them.

They showed how these dog like robots can have guns put on their backs and used for security. They talked about how AI is going to replace most workers because AI can do the work without mistakes. Elon Musk said that when this happens the society will have to give the people a guaranteed sum of money so they can live and they will be able to spend more time doing what they enjoy doing.

What’s interesting is that about a month ago I watched a Ted Talk with a woman who works with AI showing that AI is nowhere near this state of being. She showed how AI can’t think like humans in simple things, like building a machine to go from point A to point B. She showed how they would provide the AI with all the parts in which to engineer a machine to go from point A to point B and it would take all the parts and stack them on top of each other then push the machine over and it would fall from point A to point B.

She also talked about how the driverless cars really aren’t working as well as some might say. That they can’t discern from some objects or even a person in front of them.

There is also the implications that if AI were used in security and warfare, it can’t tell the difference between the “friendly” forces and the “enemy.”

Elon Musk pointed out that one an AI is programmed it will complete it’s task, even if humans are in the way. He used the metaphor of an anthill in the way of a construction crew building a road. They will just go over the anthill and this is what AI would do with people.

Well, all of this is nice but then I look outside and I see a world on fire or being flooded. I see people consuming plastic products at alarming rates. I see people not changing in the least as the climate begins it’s path to full warming.

This morning while riding my bike to work I thought of how I see very few if any electric cars on the road. I did see a Tesla on the way home though.

This brought to mind the AI again. I thought of how Amazon is supposedly already using robots to deliver packages to home. They showed these robots rolling down the sidewalk of a suburban community and a person coming out to take their package.

How can this work with people? First off, I have never seen a single AI robot, except for a Walmart. They have a floor cleaning maching that runs on it’s own, at least sometimes. One time I went in and saw it running on it’s own. I went there another time and saw it sitting still in the frozen section beeping loudly but not moving. I was there to get my vaccine shot which took about half an hour. When I was leaving the machine was still sitting there in the middle of the frozen aisle beeping loudly. No one was doing anything about it. Then again I went back for my second vaccine shot and saw a man operating the machine.

I’ve heard of Walmart saying they are going to use drones to stock the shelves and to take inventory on the floor. They have been saying this for 10 or so years and they still haven’t done it, at least to any significance.

I thought of the Amazon robots rolling down the sidewalk. Well, there are many people out there who might stop the robot and beat it with a sledge hammer to get what’s inside of it. I imagined the robot rolling down a street in a place like Compton, California. It wouldn’t last a block there. They might not even care what’s inside. They might just enjoy being the shit out of the machine.

So are they going to put guns on the machines to protect themselves. And the thought of drones delivering packages. I could see this happening in some places but even these could be intercepted. Some people might simply enjoy intercepting them with their own specially made attack drones, which I’ve seen videos where they are able to knock down other drones.

Basically, in the state of the world right now, and especially humanity as a whole, it isn’t going to happen in mass for a very long time, if ever.

I also saw how they can use some sort of CO2 machine that can take out the CO2 from the atmosphere. Then I thought of the Infrastructure Bill that no one can agree on. It was once several trillion dollars, to be paid for by corporate taxes and is not dwindling down to a few hundred billion.

They can’t even fix the broken bridges in the country, now they are going to invest in something as large and expensive as some sort of CO2 machine?

Because of what my heart is doing with me, taking me completely out of the reality of society, I was wondering if there was anything or anyone I could relate to in the modern world. It came to me that I would probably get along well with Native Americans who are still living the true reality, or the “old ways” as they sometimes say. They are the “old ways” they are the true ways.

I looked at a few books that I have regarding Native American traditions. It was written by a white man in the 1800s and it didn’t give me anything.

I was surprised to see a video in my recommended list with a Native American talking about the Hopi Prophecy on a prophecy rock. I listened as he talked about the 4th world which we are currently in, where people have lost their hearts and dedicated their lives to material gain. I liked how he talked about the heart in much the same way that I do. He also talked of the Great Spirit and even how science and technology can be combined with spirituality. All things I’ve said and I use science all the time in my writings.

He talked of what happens when a persons dies. I could see it more as a metaphor. He talked about how water is sacred and is a spirit. When a person dies the water or moisture within them goes up into the sky and forms into clouds that then bring rain back down about the Earth giving life to other life forms. The moisture then runs back into a lake where it again evaporates and goes back up into the atmosphere to fall again as rain. This is life, the cycle that goes round and round without any end.

He has hope in humanity that they will change before it’s too late. He doesn’t live in the city nor face humanity each day as I do. I have little hope in humanity. In fact my heart has many times pointed out the hopelessness of humanity.

This caused me to think of Alan Watts, who came on autoplay after this video. Alan was talking about how we shouldn’t work just for money. That doing so is absurd. I thought of his life, which was a pretty comfortable life. He talked of how when he was young he was giving piano lessons. I know that he went to the finest universities in the Western world. He talked about how in his job he just plays and everyone should to the same.

This connected with another thought path I had been working on days before about perspective. Perspective is based on what a person needs. If a person works for an oil company that gives them all they need in life in exchange for their work and loyalty, they will defend the oil company and say that fossil fuels do no harm to the climate. I have a niece who works for an oil company and she will defend it with her life because she makes a very good living with them. Yet what she says in not based on any fact, but it is her perspective.

When I was young and very much an active environmentalist, I would point out things to a friend then who was a building contractor. He would argue with me about it and ask me if thought we could just go back to living in caves.

He just didn’t get it because it was his livelihood. He didn’t want to see it for anything else other than what would give him what he needed in life.

This goes for people who drive cars. They can’t imagine a life without their car. They look at me and wonder how I can go without a car, riding my bike in the heat, rain and snow throughout the year. Even walking from place to place in the weather. I don’t mind. But that same friend from the past, because I would ride the bus a lot back then, he would look at me with great derision saying, “I would never ride a bus.”

Okay, so look outside now. All of this is being caused by their actions yet they still can’t see it because it doesn’t coincide with what they believe they need. The image that they seek to be.

This is basically the same problem with 98% of the population of the US. I see them everyday just going about their business fulfilling their duties to the reality of society and living up to the image of the reality of society.

As for Alan Watts, even though many see him as a great guru, he was simply expressing life from his perspective. He didn’t live a hard life as some people live. He wasn’t terrible abused in life. He didn’t struggle with mental pain and anguish as some others have in life. He didn’t have to struggle in such ways and need what little money they have to just feed, clothe and house themselves because in reality, the reality of society, if you don’t do these things you will be homeless and hungry. So the majority of people in this US work solely for money and nothing else. Often making very little money but enough to get by.

I thought of what Alan says about how we can’t change and what causes us to suffer is constantly trying to change ourselves into being something else, someone acceptable to the reality of society. Well, this is a common activity in society, always trying to be better and overcome things.

Well, I agree with him on this idea and it came to me that all that he says and expresses isn’t really for all people. I thought of who I truly am as my heart has taken me from the reality of society. Surprisingly I see myself as I was back in the late 80s and early 90s, when I proudly lived outside society. I live on the edges of society as I said back then. Like living on the edge of a city, where I would go in now and then for things I needed or simply to look around, but I never stayed there.

I was very spiritual then and I was also a very outspoken environmentalist. I was a rather calm and mellow person but get me on about the environment and how humans were destroying it and I would preach for hours. I would also preach a lot about spirituality. A spirituality that was much like my spirituality today, only lacking the depth and understanding that I have now.

This brought to mind the idea of possibly getting my mind together and going out to join and environmental group. Not because I believe it would change anything, but just to be able to voice my disgust to the people through the group.

Well, I know it would eventually drive me crazy because each and every environmental group, at least the public ones, are filled with politics and really don’t get anything done. They try to control the rhetoric and are basically propaganda machines. In many ways, they too are out for the money so they don’t have to work some shitty job and can do something where they can, well, play.

Play by thinking they are protecting the environment in some way. When, in fact, they don’t have any solutions nor does anyone. They keep trying to bring out some sense of hope, like the CO2 machines and other things. But they have no idea as to what to do, other than hope people will stop, but they also know it’s too late as much of the damage has been done.

There was one more thing which was one of my favorite thought paths of the week and, wouldn’t you know it, it was in my mind and then I forgot it. It will come to me later and I will slap my leg in frustration. But maybe I’m not supposed to write about it just yet. I’ve already gone well past my 2000 words anyway.