The Illusion of Reality

It was a little cooler today but the trade off was having more smoke in the air. It’s strange that I’ve gotten used to the smell of burning wood that is now constantly in the air. I’m sure my clothes will smell like smoke once the smoke goes away and some fresh air returns.

I’ve come to the point where I actually can say that I hate people. I’m so tired of people. Maybe it’s because so many people have moved here from California, New York and other places like them. I thought about the possibility that it was because my perspective has changed. But it’s not this. It’s because the people have become very rude and crude, thinking only of themselves.

Maybe it’s because in the back of their mind they know that their party in life is coming to an end, so they are just getting all they can while they can. It’s strange to see all the young kids with nothing else to do but go to the store and look at things they would like to buy. Running around as if it is a playground. Even parents treating it as if it is playground for their kids. That is, until they lose one of their kids, then they come to us and ask us to find their kids for them, where all of us stop what we are doing, some go to the main doors and watch for the kids being taken out, while the rest have to go around the store, looking in every nook and cranny to find their kids.

Life out there has gotten very strange. It would be expected being the state of humanity at this time. They are in a battle and they are losing. It’s almost like they are simply committing suicide in the face of problems that no one has the answers to solving.

I actually saw in the mainstream news today that even if they stopped all CO2 going into the air today, the Earth would still continue to warm. I saw another video where they talked about how CO2 takes longer to decrease in potency than nuclear waste. CO2 will only decrease about a quarter of it’s potency after 1000 years where nuclear waste will decrease 10,000 times from it’s original potency in 1000 years.

I don’t know if this is true. It’s just something I saw. But seeing the hopelessness in the mainstream news was interesting, which is exactly what many people have been saying for several years now.

But even today, nothing is changing. Ranchers are complaining about water rationing because it affects their livelihood and also fighting against Native Americans who want to protect the water for the species of fish that are important to them and their subsistence.

This drought is the worst in recorded history and even supposedly the worst in 1200 years. It has been building for over 20 years now but it still hasn’t peaked. It will get worse before it ever gets better. Still, the people are just going about their business as if nothing is happening. No one is seeking any solutions simply because their aren’t any solutions. Humanity has consumed itself into a corner, but they are still fighting as if they weren’t in a corner.

Humanity in their current state is very stubborn. They will not give up on the illusion that they current believe to be their reality. They will fight till the end. Even when the flames are nearing their homes, still they will fight.

In many cases, it’s simply because the flames aren’t near their homes that they don’t care. They continue going on as normal simply because it is happening elsewhere. So what if they have to breathe the smoke from fires burning hundreds of miles away. So what about the water because they have water now. What comes next year they will worry about then. Only they won’t worry. They will complain when they are forced to let their lawns die and even having to ration drinking water. They will protest and fight for their rights to that water, even if there isn’t any water.

This is the power that the illusion that has become their reality has over them. It’s strange to think that they truly are that reality. A reality that doesn’t exist except within their minds. Their conscious awareness being exploited all the way to their demise, simply because they can’t break free to become aware of their conscious awareness and thus, aware of what is really happening to them.

Yes, this is really happening. It is so strange from my vantage point. In the past they used to say that crisis brings people together. In the past 10 years we have found that the opposite happens. Crisis divides people even more.

There are so many things I want to write today but it seems this is the path that my writing is taking. But it is a good path of observation. Observing what is going on right now through my perspective which is the perspective of my heart.

At work it’s complete madness. Today I again went to work and worked alone in my department. I had more freight to put out than I had time to do it. My department even has several pallets of freight that didn’t get put out from a couple of weeks ago because then I was working only 5 hours a day and was getting in more than 10 hours or freight to stock. So what I didn’t do they simply put onto pallet and put them in the back of a truck.

Today the general manager was taking a tour of the store. He came across the pallets. My immediate manager called out sick today. So the general manager called me. He asked if I knew there were 5 pallets of freight for my department in the back of the truck. I said that I knew about it and that it’s been in there for about 3 weeks. I said that I haven’t had the hours nor any help so it has just stayed there.

Well, he opened the floodgates on hours for me this week and said he would get me some help. It’s so strange that all of those under him tell me that it’s impossible to get the hours and to get help because of there are no hours to give. They have all just let it go, telling me to focus on the freight within each day, all while I haven’t put any backstock on the shelves for about 2 weeks, which causes a lot of empty spaces because I already have the product in back so it won’t come in but I have no time to stock from the backstock so it just builds up. I am running out of room in backstock to put things. And no one has said anything about it. They just tell me to focus on the freight that comes in each day.

Even there it is so strange right now. Just like everywhere else, it seems to be simply collapsing. They are expecting so much from even the management that they aren’t doing it. Some are simply calling in sick. And I, because of what my heart has taught me to do, just keep going forward even in the madness. Dealing with crazy people as I try to stock the shelves. Mothers who decide to just sit down in the middle of an aisle and let their kids pull things off the shelves and play with them as if they are in their play room at home. Kids running around while parents push their carts while talking on the phone, stopping in the middle of aisles so no one can get buy to either side.

Yes, it’s madness and I’m exhausted after this weekend and I have come to the point where I can actually say, I hate people.

At least next week I will start getting two days of in a row. The problem now in having split days off is that I need a day to simply isolate from the creatures out there. Then I have to go back the next day only to have another day off, so I isolate again. With how it’s been so crazy at work, I haven’t been shopping in a couple of weeks. I’ve been making do with whatever I can put together with what I have. Tomorrow I do have to go grocery shopping simply because I ran out of bread. I had stocked up on bread before because it was on sale. I would really like some almond milk sweetened with banana but I haven’t had it in nearly two weeks and I will get some tomorrow, or I hope I will get some tomorrow unless I simply have no desire to go out into the realm of the creatures who are living in an illusion they deem to be reality. An illusion that is killing them