What is Real?

Sometimes it’s nice to just take a moment and watch a little of George Carlin. A video clip appeared on my YouTube page with “Dumb Americans.” I’ve heard it before but it’s nice to hear again. He says it as it is. 16 million views of this one clip, not to mention how many other people have posted this clip. Still, America remains one of the stupidest countries in the world. It hasn’t changed since he made this rant in one of his routines. In fact, it has gotten worse.

In many ways, I’ve become bored with it. I noticed today that I’m sort of bored with this journey I’ve been on. Maybe it’s because I have taken it as far as I can take it. I’ve answered all of my questions. I can see things clearly now. In a way, I am free. Free of the reality of society, even though I still have to interact with it. I’m no longer part of it other than what I have to do to obtain what I need to keep this body alive.

So I’m sitting here thinking, “So what now?” Well, the journey does end. It really isn’t a journey because it isn’t really going anywhere. It merely brought me to where I was supposed to be all along. Where all humanity should be, being able to see from outside the reality of society. From another reality that is a much more true reality as it is based on, well, life.

What humans are living isn’t life. It’s their imitation of life. Their illusion of life. They have created their own reality. Well, they have had their reality created for them and they are blindly living this reality as if it is the only reality. A reality that is solely based on them, humans, disregarding everything else in life, which actually is the majority of life. Humans are definitely a minority in the universe. In fact, they wouldn’t even fill a the tip of a pin in relation to the universe as a whole.

But they go on as if they are the most important thing in the universe. Yes, it all gets rather boring. I know I can’t do anything about their blindness. I mean, they can see entire communities being swallowed up by fires and floods, all caused by the things they are doing based on their reality, but they just keep on doing those things. Doing them even more because, for some strange reason, they believe that if they keep doing these things then everything will be okay. This is what they have been taught. If their country is attacked by a “terrorist,” the leaders tell them to go shopping and everything will be okay.

Madness it is. Absolute madness. Yet they keep on doing it. Doing it because it’s all that they know. They keep on sending their children to schools that teach them about nothing that they really need to know. All they do is teach them what the society wants them to know and nothing else. Saying that anything else beyond what they teach is wrong or misinformation.

I think back on professions I would have been good at doing. One would have been Anthropology and another would be a historian. Both of which I would have done nothing but fought against the mainstream ideas. Even when I was going to college and studying history, I came up against nothing but adversity to my ideas on history. They told me that what I was saying doesn’t correspond with the mainstream views of history, therefore it is wrong. Though they didn’t call it wrong. They called it “rogue.”

Now that my heart has brought me to this place, a place that I’m becoming bored with, not the place in general but the path of which I have been on to get here. A path that has basically run out of path. I need to take another path. But what path? Well, I simply have to change my perspective. My perspective has been focused solely on this journey in the form of what it has been for 2 and a half years. Driven by a passion that really isn’t there anymore. It’s not there anymore simply because the passion has expended itself on gaining what it was seeking or what it desired.

What’s funny is that I can’t think of things in ways I did before this journey. I can’t look out into the reality of society and say, “I would like to do this or that in the society.” None of it has any interest to me. I have no desire to participate in any of it.

What I find interesting is a way I’ve found to describe what it looks like from this perspective reality. I’ve noticed that when I look out at the humans living within this reality, it’s like I’m looking at them from the future. Like a person from today looking back at the people of ancient Egypt. Everything looks so strange and out of place from the view I am seeing from. Like I’m living in history from a time far in the future. Having to deal with the life of this time based on it’s terms when I know that life itself is actually very different from what is being lived at this time in this place.

This alone makes it odd being here. Knowing that nothing here is of any real benefit to me. Like I’m just watching a historical civilization in the last days of it’s existence.

Yesterday I was watching a lifestyle show that was on the TV at work while on break. When I looked at the absurdity of what they were talking about it came to mind that humans today have fully documented their existence. Each and every moment they are documenting what is important to them.

From this I could imagine the humans of a future time, possibly a generation or two from the last survivors of the current age of humanity. When they might come across all of this documentation of life today, possibly as they look out at a world that is, well, very difficult to survive in because of all the damage that the humans today have done to the Earth.

How would they feel seeing the actually destroyers talk about what is important to them today. Make up tips, what to buy at the store, the new fashion trends etc, etc, etc.

All of which led to the destruction of life itself on this planet. The destruction of humanity for the most part.

When I thought of this, in a way, this is why I don’t partake in the reality of society. It would be easy, even knowing of it’s destructive path, to simply go along and enjoy the party. Even more so for me simply because I know of it’s reality. Yet, maybe it’s my Asperger’s, but I couldn’t bear to think of how this will affect all of life on Earth, and this includes humanity, in the future. I couldn’t bear to feel responsible for what they must endure, simply because of the party that is happening right now. Buying crap that they don’t need. Living an illusionary reality that has formed in to many subgroups of illusionary realities, down to the illusion that individuals create for themselves to live.

Well, this is part of conscious awareness. In fact, this is one of the benefits, only if the humans are aware of their conscious awareness. Since they are not aware of their own conscious awareness, the realities they create are all based on the foundational reality that they deem to be the only true reality. The illusionary reality of society. So all other realities and the perspectives of these realities are all based on an illusion. Much like creating in your mind a hundred acre woods where Winnie the Pooh lives and believing this to be your reality.

In a sense, this is what many people do. They often live computer games until the reality of that game affects their reality. The society has learned to take video games and make movies and then market images of the characters so the people can buy them and further reinforce this reality.

Now, this reality isn’t the actual reality of the video game or the movies, but I’ve actually seen people start to look like anime chaaracters and others characters from fantasy realities which are based on the reality of society. Even Star Wars is based on the reality of society here. It’s why I find it so strange to watch those movies, knowing that it is supposed to be about beings from a galaxy far, far away and yet their reality is much like the reality of this society, only with a few alterations.

The only way for the humans to change the reality of society is to break free of it entirely, where they observe it as something outside of their reality, thus making it so that the reality of society can’t exist simply because it exists only in their minds. What they see this reality creating is based solely on the illusion that is within their mind, seemingly completely unaware that they are forming other realities within themselves, each based on the reality of society, unaware that they can create realities outside of the reality of society, that could be completely different from the reality of society that they both dedicate their lives to serving yet also do all they can to escape it. Some people saying it is like living in a prison.

Yes, it is like a prison. A self imposed prison because those who have created this reality of society have also learned to exploit the great powers of conscious awareness in the humans so as to use this energy to create the illusion that has become their reality.

It’s all so simple. It’s all right there in front of their eyes. They don’t have to believe to see it. All they have to do is change their perspective. In a sense, take off the rose colored glasses that society gives to them and put on other glasses or no glasses at all.

So yes, it all looks so strange to me. And it seems that where I’m going now only relies on where I want to go, the reality I wish to create. For this universe is made up of nearly infinite realities, all based on the consciousness of the universe. Each portraying a different aspect of the universe. Like her many personalities.

Personalities that are much like thoughts of the universe, but are much more complex and made up of much more. Even so, to the universe, they are simply thoughts, Images within her mind that depict who she is, each of us forming those images into our own realities. Realities that correspond with and are harmonious to the foundational reality of the universe. This alone makes realities infinite in nature and expressions an endless experience. All brought about through beings like us.