Categorized Reality

It’s a nice day today. The temperature is comfortable but it’s getting warmer than it was yesterday. The sun is shining and I can see that the smoke from the wildfires is returning. Hopefully there will be another change before it gets terrible as it was a few weeks ago.

I’ve found it interesting how my perspective is changing. It’s no longer changing in great ways but more gradually but consistently. It’s like I’m in a common reality now that is natural to me and now my perspective is simply expanding within that reality. Growing would be a better term.

Earlier today I started to write a post. In this post I noticed I was writing about details of the things I’m seeing, combining it with so many other things that I’ve learned along the way throughout this journey. Then, out of nowhere, the mouse cursor had moved to the X at the top and somehow it was pressed at the exact time I hit the Enter key and all was lost.

At first I was frustrated, which happens when I’m in a height of passion and suddenly pulled out of it. Then I wondered if it was not something my heart wanted me to write. I’m seeing things so clearly now. I no longer have many questions, it’s more just exploring what I’m seeing. Questions come from not knowing or not seeing. I’m seeing and I seem to know all that I would desire to know. Now I can simply explore what it is that I’ve come to know.

When I see women, their faces artificially distorted by years of plucking and putting on make up, it is like looking at an alien being. Alien to this Earth. Humans are, in a way, aliens on this planet. Their existence doesn’t benefit the planet. Much like an alien would do, they simply exploit the planet for their own desire. They are focused solely on themselves not on how they are connected to everything in the universe. They can’t see to see this connection. They might, at times, think about it, even wish for it, but ultimately, they don’t see it. They only focus on how they feel, making themselves feel better and seeking control over their lives and over that which seems to be fighting against their control, which is the universe and nature as a whole.

It’s easy to see that humans are a feral species. Maybe not at one time, before they became human, but now they are feral. They simply don’t belong here. Unlike beings like bees, of which there are many types. Each type is specifically evolved to help pollinate particular flowers. In turn, they get what they need.

They are symbiotic with their environment. They give to the flowers and the flowers give them something back. Humans simply take for their own desires and give little back. They believe they are the caretakers of the Earth yet each time they interfere they only make one thing better and dozens of things worse, much like their medications which might help one thing but cause multiple side effects and even death.

All of this is happening simply because humans, or what made them human, is conscious awareness. An awareness that was exploited by those who gave it to them. Now humans are out here alone, their history distorted by the constant rewriting of it so as to control the humans. Now they can only wonder who they are and why they are here. Since they can’t answer these questions they simply don’t ask them and live as if all of life is there for their use and only their use.

It is easy to see that much of how modern human culture is based comes from over 5000 years ago in Sumaria. There, under the supervision of those who made them human, they learned to document and categorize everything. By doing so, they divided everything up into groups, subgroups and even subgroups of subgroups. As time went on and humans progressed, they have divided things up more and more until everything is divided, one from another.

The more general divisions about themselves, they have divided themselves up into colors, black, brown, red, yellow and white, each with different characteristics based on their cultures.

If it weren’t for the concept of categorization, it is likely that humans would have naturally blended together, ultimately becoming one color, a color unlike all the divided colors.

It is this concept of categorization that has become so deeply detailed today, that is causing all the great division that humanity is currently experience. Divides in gender and race. Each race seeking dominance over the others. They seek to maintain a divide in genders by telling one that they are different from the other. Categorization is what causes differences.

Psychologists might argue that categorization is a natural process of the brain. But is it really? It is actually a learned behavior? Is it really needed for survival? Maybe it is simply because of conscious awareness. But the main problem with this is that humans may be conscious of themselves and the world around them but they aren’t conscious of the actual awareness.

They are not actually aware of their conscious awareness. If they were then they would become aware of everything else around them and see how they are connected to everything, not separate and divided. Such as the perspective of humans being divided from animals when each and everyday they express their animal side. Often more than they express their conscious side.

It’s easy to see that the entire culture of modern humans if founded solely on categorization. They divide things and judge things according to their categorization. If someone isn’t within the parameters they have set based on their standard baseline of assessment then it is categorized as different and thus a threat, which is very much animal like because animals see things that are different from them as being a threat, only through experience and teaching of their parents. A deer will be afraid of a wolf because the wolf might want to kill them. This is an actual threat to their lives.

With humans, they discern anything as different from their particular cultural standard as being a threat. For thousands of years religions considered anyone outside of their religion as being a threat. Sadly, there are still religions who believe this to this day. They have created a subculture, or even a subculture of a subculture, in which they have become so narrow in their perspective that they what is outside of their subculture is seen as a threat to them.

In many ways, because humans have overly categorized life, it has come to where it is even more than just cultures and subcultures that form these standards of normal and different but it has gone all the way down to the individual. One family from another. A wife might say after visiting a neighbor, “They are very strange. I don’t want our children to visit them.”

This might be real in a sense where those people might bring physical harm to their children, but in most cases it’s mainly because they don’t want their children to be exposed to the environment of the other family, simply because it isn’t the same their standards. In religious terms, they might have lower standards, though who is to decide which standard is higher or lower? Only the humans themselves and each human believes their standards to be higher than the others because they have learned to categorize humans in such a way, thus dividing themselves from others.

It is interesting to think that without categorization the one thing that humans seem to desire but can’t seem to acquire is that of commonality between other humans, then they might actually come to know what most all humans desire. Such as some religions desire, to be of one heart. Yet they constantly categorize other people based on their own subjective standard, judging them by these standards and this divide them from others, thus creating division, the exact thing that they wish would go away.

It is the same in so many other things. They wish the natural environment would cooperate with them yet they continue to irritate the natural environment because they categorize the natural environment as being different from themselves.

It’s all so simple yet, when you are able to see life in this way, you look out at humanity and just shake your head thinking, “What the hell are they doing? They all have these desires for a better world and more cooperation with each other while, at the same time, doing everything they can to make it so these things are impossible.”

This is just some of the things I can now see, as there are so many others. It is truly like I am an alien on this planet simply observing the beings on this planet when, in fact, I’m not the alien, it is humans in their current state of being. It is humans, based on categorization, who have divided themselves from life itself. From nature and the universe. Something they were taught by their creators many thousands of years ago. A creator that came to this planet to exploit it’s resources, caring little for the planet itself. They altered the DNA of a native being here and cause this being to also become alien to this planet.

They then exploited this being for their own uses and, when they were done, they simply left, leaving this being to be on it’s own with no linear history thus making it impossible for them to understand who they are and why they are here. Leaving this being only the standards of their creators to live by, completely unaware of their on conscious awareness but basing life solely on that which their creators left for them.

Now, they can only do as the animal within them would have them do, only with a great advantage over all other beings on the planet, conscious awareness, making it possible for them to do as their creators and exploit life rather the unite with life because they aren’t aware of their own conscious awareness but instead it is much like nothing more than an instinct to them. This was the same thing that caused those beings to come to this planet to begin with, to find the necessary resources so as to save their own planet from destruction because they too had exploited their planet to the point of it no longer being able to sustain life.

Once they either had enough of these resources or because of inner political disputes, possibly a divide over the fate of humanity, that they were experiencing, caused them to have to leave, or possibly destroyed themselves in a conflict between themselves. Whatever it might have been, humans are simply following in their creator’s footsteps simply be adhering to a concept that their creators had given to them, the categorization of life.