Blind Reality

It’s a somewhat cooler day along with higher humidity, which basically causes it to feel warmer than it actually is. They say that rain is coming and this weekend it is supposed to be a wash out, which will be nice. Along with cooler temperatures for about 4 or 5 days. A little bit of relief from the long hot, dry Summer.

I no longer enjoy Summer very much. When I was young it was a period of freedom from school and to be able run and play. The weather was also different then. Well, pretty much everything was different then. I heard someone say that the Millennials and Generation Z after them have lived lives of nothing but conflict going on the world. One after another. I can say that being Generation X, the lost generation, also meant coming up in a relatively conflict free time in the world. Not conflicts that affected my life much. They say that my generation was lost because it didn’t have any conflict to define it. So we were just slackers without any direction.

I can see with Generation Z a bit of cynicism toward the society. I can talk openly with a person in their late teens or early twenties and they have somewhat radical ideas about society. Some more than others. Of course, as with every generation, there are those who simply go along with the society, mostly because they were raised in families with less conflict, though possibly more pressure to become a good citizen of the society, thus preparing them for many mental health issues to come later in their lives.

I could see Generation Z being at the helm of some radical opposition to society that will probably comes sooner rather than later. Many of them see a society that seems to have it all but they have little or nothing and no real prospects in life. Prime for rebellion.

I see these ads while watching the Olympics, some like Toyota who is depicting some technological Utopia to come. All of which they present will not be available to all people, really only a few. The car that looks like the ones in the movie “I Robot.” I couldn’t imagine being in such a horrid car with all the lights flashing and the car talking. Then there is the virtual presence machine, where the boy who has a broken leg asks a girl to the dance through the virtual presence machine. I don’t see one of those going down most high school hallways ever.

The interesting part is that they continue to portray this Utopia even though the world is basically on fire. Unrest in most countries, wild fires burning in all part of the Earth with Australia now coming into their Spring which will probably lead to an early wildfire season for them.

I could go on and on, but I can’t see this technological Utopia coming into effect at all, but the Olympics are about giving hope and inspiration to the young people. Telling them what they can do. “You can be amazing like me.” “You don’t have to be amazing but to be amazing you just have to start. Start you’re impossible.”

What lies. What terrible lies to tell people, where the reality in sports is that only about 5% of those in high school sports will get a scholarship to college. Only about .01% of those will make it into professional sports. Only a very few make it to the Olympics and it costs them a lot of money, or they have a lot of money and support to get there.

It’s always much more than just hard work and practice, as they say brings all good things to people. It’s about knowing people, networking, your own family, the selling of your soul to attain such things. Once there you become a spokesperson for the society and, if you don’t speak as they want you to speak, then you lose everything, no matter how good you are at the sport.

There are people like Nick Kyrgios who is a rebel but he also gives something to the sport, entertainment. They will tolerate people like him and a few others to get out there, cussing and complaining while playing an entertaining game that the fans enjoy. He is bringing in money so it’s okay. This is the ultimate goal of all of it, to bring in money.

One can only look out the window each day and see the society falling around them. I saw a news clip showing that people are now speeding more and more. Speeding upwards of 50 MPH above the speed limit.

I saw another story about how restaurants are now reopening to rude and cruel customers. One restaurant owner talked about how people literally treat her employees like shit, cussing at them and demanding everything of them. She literally closed for a day and gave her employees of a “Day of Kindness” to recover a little from the abuse.

I can attest to this in my work. People suck now. I’ve literally come to the point where I can say I hate people. I am not as friendly with them anymore. I treat them as rude as I can without getting them upset. I enjoy annoying them by getting in their way. I have to get my job done and I have to be in their way but I know longer feel bad about getting in their way. I just move in and start stocking while they are standing there staring at their next dream thing and expecting to be able shop without any interruption.

Some people who come to me I do help out more, simply because I can see their are kind and not being demanding or rude. I even go out of my way for them so as to be able to enjoy serving someone while despising most of the rest of the people.

I thought it was just me but I hear about it from other coworkers. Now I can see that it is the general consensus throughout all service work and it seems it’s the same for others, such as police officers, who are dealing with much angrier and impatient people.

Okay, I know that there is a lot of stress in the world today. A stress caused by the very society that people are dedicating their lives to serving. It is revealing the consequences of humanity when it is not being managed. It is out of control. There are no moral laws to maintain the people because there is no punishment for breaking such laws, such as an all seeing “god.” There are no ethical laws because ethics has become that which is within the law but nearly breaking the law, and even breaks the law in certain ways while not enough to be punished for it, simply because everyone is doing it so they can’t necessarily enforce it. Personal codes of ethics are rare. The study of philosophy in the true sense in next to nothing while being replaced with psychological mumbo jumbo. Self help books telling people that they need to change when, in fact, they can’t change. They shouldn’t have to change just to appease the society.

This reminded me of an observation I had when I was much younger. I would work with people and they would act in a certain way. Then I might become friends with them and go to their homes and find that they are very different there. At that time, it sort of confused me. At work they were energetic and upbeat while at home they were tired, down and gloomy.

Well, as a person with Asperger’s, I can say that it is very exhausting trying to act normal. I can see that people, even those who are neurotypical, are also trying to act normal within the society while being something else entirely at home. Really, this is nothing more than living a lie.

Since I became aware of my Asperger’s I no longer try to act normal, which really shows itself to the world as I look even more stupid out there, though I still have strong ethics. I feel so disconnected with the society around me. It always surprised me when, along the way, my heart is always telling me to just let myself fall into my “Asperger’s perspective.” I’ve been doing this but it does cause me to feel very disconnected to the society around me. It also causes me to see it as being even more strange to me.

The other night I was watching an episode of “Fringe” when I suddenly hit the pause button. I realization hit me. Just as what is depicted in the show, that there are other universes, or realities, that are right here in front of our faces, with people just like us living their lives but we can’t see them because they are vibrating at a different frequency, this is a great metaphor who how their are actual realities seemingly coexisting right now, many of which can’t be seen by others who are vibrating at different frequencies, but those, like me, who have Asperger’s, it’s not so much a condition but it is a different reality. Not just a perspective, but a reality.

Perspectives are based on the reality from which they exist. This is why, even my perspectives of life are very different from those around me. it is also seems to reveal why now, as I’ve just let myself fall into my “Asperger’s perspective” I feel very disconnected with the reality around me. It’s truly like if I crossed over into an alternate universe, where some things are the same but many things aren’t the same, simply based on the different choices that those in each universe have made.

I have no desire to partake in the things of the reality of society, but I’m forced to do so in some ways simply to get by. In the past, when I was trying to be “normal” I was merely trying to resonate at the same frequency of those around me, which is impossible for me because I’m always going to resonate at my natural frequency. This is why people see me as being different, even from first sight. It’s why, no matter how much I might try to be like them, they will always see that I’m putting effort into the act and I’m not acting naturally.

Well, my heart has said in past writings that there are two universes, or realities, in conflict right now and only one of them can exist within the same space. Basically, this is what’s happening now. Just as how my heart has said that the force that works against the reality of society, their force being based on control and dominance over their environment, is balance and harmony. While both exist in the same space there will be nothing but conflict until one or the other eliminates the other.

The irony to this is that control and dominance over the environment by one species can’t exist forever simply because it doesn’t coincide with the universe as a whole, whose sole purpose is to maintain balance and harmony. Basically, the goal of the reality of society is to eliminate the whole of the universe from which is has been created. In some ways it can be seen in the actions of some of the people who are often striving to be seen as “gods” seeking to bring about some human Utopia based on their image of control and dominance over their environment.

Well, all we can do is endure the conflict as the masculine fights for control and dominance while the feminine brings in balance and harmony which will one day bring the force of the masculine into harmony, as the masculine isn’t a reality but simply a force or energy that is currently being exploited by humanity. Humanity being the greatest exploiters of all life, which makes them nothing more than destroyers of life, for to exploit is nothing more than another word for destruction.

They are blinded by power and the desire for control and dominance that they can’t seem to see the true reality that is right in front of their faces. They have blinded most of humanity to see only their reality so they too can’t see the true reality that is right in front of their faces. Therefore, exploiting the people for their one desire, a desire for power which is also just another word for destruction.

Basically, humanity is leading itself into it’s own self destruction simply because it has become blinded by a reality that can’t coexist with the true reality of the universe, nor is one species able to alter the reality of the universe, except in their own minds. So they find hope in gaining more control over their environment, which is doing nothing more than furthering their destruction.

Yes, this is what Toyota is promoting in their commercials as they think they are giving hope and inspiration to the young people of the world.