An Act of Defiance

Today is a much calmer day. Maybe it’s because their is a cloud cover making it cooler and I can see the mountains meaning that there is much less smoke in the air. Hopefully it will lead to some rain later today but I’m not expecting it. If the sun comes out it will become hot and humid. I will enjoy what we have for now, being able to open the back door and windows for a while and being able to breathe.

Last night I watched a clip from the local news talking about how the smoke affects the body. They described exactly how I was feeling. So it was the smoke that was affecting me. I can only imagine what is like being near the fires where the air is saturated with smoke. It must be painful. Compounded with the fear of the fires taking away their homes. Last I saw, the main fire in California just joined forces with another fire, making it much larger.

I’ve been watching the US women’s softball team playing for the gold medal. At this point it seems Japan will win the gold, unless the US somehow scores a couple of runs in the last inning. This is their last up to bat and there are 2 outs.

I saw that the US men’s basketball team lost to French, breaking their long winning streak. I enjoyed seeing this news.

Team USA just lost in women’s softball, getting the silver medal. Japan has a very disciplined team and deserves the gold.

What I’ve enjoyed about watching women’s softball is that the commentators talk only about women’s sports. I like that I know of all the women they are talking about and it’s the only sports news that I care about. I have to say that the ads are annoying. I just put them on mute. It seems there is another James Bond movie coming out. Just the same plot changed here and there to make some easy money. Put Bond out there into some crazy action scenes that seem to defy physics, add in some gunfire and explosions and the people watching it fall right into a trance.

Today I was thinking that the first step to any change is defiance. The defiance isn’t the change but the first step. So the expression that is brought about through the defiance shouldn’t be seen as the actual change.

Many people think that they are acting in defiance simply by altering the current standard. Such as how women might put on makeup in a different way or using colors that are not standard to the way the mainstream is doing it. This isn’t actually defiance. This is simply altering the current standard.

I thought of an example. If women simply stopped wearing makeup and dressing the way of the trends, which are often created by men or influenced by the masculine desires, possibly putting on some old baggy jeans and a loose fitting tee shirt, this would be an act of defiance. Yes, it would cause them to be unappealing to the masculine, which is the main aspect of the defiance. From this women could then find their own expression that best fits them, not the masculine desires.

But women are very social creatures, always seeking to please in order to find acceptance which, for them, also brings about safety and security, which they have been taught is a necessary thing for their survival. Thus they easily fall into trends, so as to not stand out but to blend in with the others so they can easily find acceptance with the others and therefore some sense of social connection. This is why women are actually the backbone of the societal propaganda. They are afraid to defy simply because this would cause them to have to stand alone and lose their sense of safety and security.

But it would be their defiance that would bring about the most needed change. At times it seems that they are trying to act in defiance by acting more like men. Becoming more aggressive and competitive. This too is simply altering the standard. Actually becoming more like the standard, not seeking to change the standard. Most all standards are based on the masculine standards, therefore becoming more masculine doesn’t change the standard but instead simply complies with the standard, though a seeming act of defiance by basically turning away from the feminine within them.

Again, these women feel that this is a way for them to bring more safety and security to their lives while not living the standard of what it means to be a woman which is based on the masculine standard.

Protesting and physically standing up to the standard isn’t an act of defiance. Defiance comes from within. An act of defiance would be to stop buying unnecessary things so as to change the way the current economy functions. This would be the first act of defiance. From this defiance they would then change the way that they trade with other people. By doing this, they would change the way that they value things.

One example of this could be more of a barter system. If one person enjoys baking and another enjoys sewing, the baker can trade some cookies and cakes for clothing. Of course, the society controls all the raw materials so it is difficult to obtain the raw materials in any way than to interact with the society.

This is shows just how much the lives of the people are controlled by the society. The people are allowed to have small gardens for personal use but anything larger is controlled by the society. Farmers and ranchers depend on the society for their living, the cost of their harvests being determined by the markets of the society. They can’t simply grow their crops and trade them as they desire. They have to trade them for money which they then use as trade for other goods that they need. Money has become the central tool of trade, which is completely controlled by the society.

Money has not value except for what the society places on it. It no longer has anything of substance that is backing it. It’s just paper with a value that is an illusion. From this illusion they create many other illusions, such as the trends and desires that are then programmed into the people. The desires for which they can spend their money to obtain.

They tell them that watching movies is a good thing and enjoyable. They give them the type of movies that they enjoy. Movies that other people are watching which therefore gives them a sense of connection with other people. But not such a connection that will give the people any power. The connection has no substance other than that of the movie. Or the video game or the clothing they wear, all showing an adherence to a standard that is acceptable by the society which therefore gives the people a sense of acceptance by adhering to the standard.

It’s interesting that this is the core essence of how people are manipulated by the society. Basically, how they are controlled. To act in defiance to these standards will cause them to feel alienated and alone, which is what most people fear the most. So, even though they are always out their protesting, holding up their placards saying, “We want change!” change never comes.

They can’t seem to realize that they are the change. The leaders aren’t going to bring about change. The people bring about the change and the change begins with an act of defiance to the normal standards which then causes a sense of alienation and isolation for those living in defiance. This is why you might see select few people act in defiance but no real change comes from it either because, if more people act in defiance the society simply exploits the defiance and makes it into a trend, or it fizzles out because it causes people to alienated and isolated, alone in the world without any safety and security.

The illusion of safety and security is the main carrot that the society places out in front of the people. A carrot that they never truly give to the people, because they can’t give it to them because it doesn’t exist. But the tell the people that if they do certain things they will have safety and security. Even when the people do these things they still don’t attain a true sense of safety and security but, because they fear the consequences of defiance, they continue go along always with the hope that they will one day attain this sense of safety and security only to find themselves on their deathbed, facing the unknown of what will happen to them once their body ceases to be animated.

The understand that all things in life lead into the unknown, that there is no safety and security, would cause people to simply live their lives based on where they are and not where they are going or trying to become something that they are not so as to attain certain privileges that never some to fully happen. Ultimately, to have full control over their lives and the outcome of their lives. Lives in the image of the standard that has been taught to them which has very little to do with the actual reality of life in general.

Yes, today humans are living an illusion. Each day they get up and live to fulfill the standards of the society so as to gain wealth, status and ultimately a sense of acceptance, all things that they believe will bring them a greater sense of control over their lives. They are willing to ignore the needs of others so as to gain what they believe will bring them this sense of safety and security through control over their lives which then becomes the expression of power. Power over others and nature, or life itself, so as to gain a sense of control over their own individual lives.

All the while not seeming to see that what they are doing is only causing not only their lives but all life around them to become more out of control. The more they fight for control, the more life goes out of control, thus resulting in the seeming chaos that humans are now experiencing. All because they fear true defiance and thus, true change that leads to what they truly need rather than what they believe that they need.

This is why, even though the climate is changing very rapidly, the humans continue doing what they believe is right. They continue doing the things that are affecting the climate simply because they have been taught that by seeking greater control over their own lives, a control that never arrives, they will be able to overcome the things that seem to be threatening their lives.

They can overcome the unknown of others, their fear of others based on the idea that others who are different are a threat, by forming cultures and subcultures within those cultures, to nurture sameness rather than diversity, which they have been taught brings about a sense of greater safety and security to their lives. Basically, they believe this will offer each of them greater control over their lives.

So they seek to destroy and alienate anyone and anything that is different so as to give themselves a greater sense of safety and security. A sense that never happens because they more they seek to control their lives, the more out of control life becomes. Again, it is simple physics, the law of motion. For each action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The act of seeking control causes another force to also seek control, therefore causing the sense of having to fight for control, a fight that no one will ever win because it will become a nearly infinite fight that never results in any side ever having control. The fight itself brings about a greater sense of not having control than having any control. Therefore it is easy to see why humanity is always in a constant struggle though, with each of them, they desire a sense of harmony and peace, which comes through releasing control over their lives, not seeking control.

It’s interesting that these very things are the cause of all the turmoil in their lives when a simple act of defiance, releasing control over their lives, would bring about change unlike anything they have ever known. A change that could very well bring them all that they truly desire but fear to have because what they truly desire would mean losing their sense of safety and security that is based on standards given to them by the society. Standards that are meant to control them rather than free them.

All the while believing that by adhering to those standards that it will set them free. Such as becoming rich so as to, in a sense, buy their freedom for, without wealth they will always be subjected to those who have wealth. They have come to believe that they only way to gain true safety and security is to gain control over their lives through attaining wealth, and thus power over their own lives and the lives of others when, in fact, it is this that causes their lives to become even more out of control simply because it causes forces that are out of their control to fight against their desire for control.

So basically, this is why most humans are taught that life is a battle, a war, where everything thing is fighting against them, trying to take from them what they believe is rightfully theirs and theirs alone. All based on the illusionary standard of individual freedom which is gain through hard work and dominance of their lives and the lives of others. A freedom that can only be had through attaining power. A power that doesn’t really exist and therefore reveals the fruitless and vain ambitions of humanity of which leads simply to their own self destruction.

Just because they are afraid of the act of defiance which would lead to redefining life as they know it and thus the change that they all so desperately want but are afraid to actually pursuit it, simply because they would have to give up their desire for control and thus any sense of power over their lives that supposedly, based on what they have been taught, would give them a true sense of safety and security, which they confuse with a living in balance and harmony, which is the very force that is fighting against them, causing them to never fully attain their vain desires.