A Matter of Perspective

It’s yet another hot day. One after another they keep coming. But that is normal for this time of year though it started so early that it has become boring early with yet at least another month to go of it.

I’ve been enjoying some of the events at the Tokyo Olympics. Mostly women’s events. This morning I watched some football (I will use the proper name for it rather than soccer. I still can’t figure out why they call the US game football when they only kick the ball now and then during the game, other than that they throw or handoff the ball.)

I saw the US win after their loss to Sweden, which was wonderful though I didn’t see that game. I also saw Brazil win over Netherlands, which I wanted to go the other way. I came into both in the last minutes so I didn’t really watch them in their entirety.

I also watched some beach volleyball, China versus Canada.. I wasn’t able to watch it through so I have no idea who won. Now I figured I would watch full team volleyball between Italy and ROC or Russia.

I read about how Russian athletes are still banned from playing directly for Russia because of the drug scandal and then the attempted cover up by the Russian government. At least that is how the story goes. I have a tendency to not believe the official stories. I’m not interesting enough to research it for the truth. Based on what is offered to us here in the US, Russian are bad people who always cheat in everything and they can’t be trusted. Because of this they are the enemy as they always have been to the US. The US needs it’s enemies to validate itself.

It’s much like Iran, where they are so focused on the supposed nuclear desires of Iran. When, in fact, the reason the US is upset with Iran is that they don’t want to play ball by the rules of the US. They don’t want to sell their resources to the US based on the US rules. They don’t want to use the US dollar and they don’t want to sell to the US based on the price that the US wants them to sell their resources.

Since the US knows it would be a bloody conflict if they invaded, though many in the government want very much to invade, they imposed sanctions basically saying that if Iran doesn’t want to play by the US rules then they won’t let them buy and sell to anyone.

Russia and China don’t play by the US rules either, thus they too are the enemy of the US and they help out Iran to the dismay of the US.

If they invaded Iran they might also cause China and Russia to get involved, which is another reason why the US doesn’t invade, though they want to so badly. They want what they have for their own uses. They want to impose a government in Iran that will work with the US by the rules of the US. Instead, the US terrorizes Iran and then complains with Iran fights back using proxy wars, which is the same method of the US.

So the US continues to have it’s enemies and tells it’s people that those people are bad and shouldn’t be trusted. That they want to hack into their computers and take all that they have from them. They keep making up stories so as to maintain the enemy status of these rebellious countries that they can’t invade because it would simply be too costly and could lead to the US defeat if they did.

I mean, the US can’t even defeat the Taliban. But either could Russia, though back then the US was supporting the Taliban and now they are the enemy of the US. Hell, just let them have their country. But this would mean having to pay the price that the Taliban puts on the resources in Afghanistan, which might be steep being the US has terrorized them for so long. They are happy to continue providing heroin to the addicts of the US who are simply trying to escape the madness of living in the US.

Today I noticed I was getting angry, which is a good thing. It means I’m coming out of the funk I’ve been in. I still think the common consumer is scum. A melody was even playing in my mind today as it became busy, “Here come the scum.” I think I was using the melody based on a Primus song, “Here Come the Bastards” which generally has the same meaning.

I still mainly listen to Agnes Obel. I listen to the music on the overhead at work and can’t believe how stupid the lyrics and music is. Pointless as the pointless lives of all the people around me filling their carts with meaningless shit to fill their meaningless lives.

I know, I’m supposed to be patient with the ignorant, but it’s just not in me right now. After all my heart showed me, I have to go through the process of getting there and part of that process is being downright pissed off at them. Fuck the spiritual shit for a while and I’m just going to ride this wave because it feels so fucking good.

Still, at break and at lunch I put on my ear buds and listen to the music of Agnes Obel, still to this day amazed at how I never get tired of her music. Still to this day she can bring me to tears with her beautiful poetic music. Even while sitting there at a table in the break room with people all around, tears will form in my eyes. Her music gives me such deep peace, as if being transported back home through her music. At times I just sit their staring at the floor but am far away from that room and all the people with their pointless chatter or the pointless shit coming from the TV they are watching.

I can only watch on TV “Fringe” which I’m on my third time through, and women’s sports. I simply have no interest in anything else. I was thinking of canceling my YouTube subscription but I need my Agnes Obel music and other formats cost $9.99 a month. YouTube costs $11.99 and I can still watch videos without ads, so I can’t see changing formats.

Oh, those dirty Russian women are out their playing volleyball and giving Italy a good game. I should be hating them and wishing that they lose. But I’m not. I’m too rebellious for that. Plus, I’ve met several Russians and I really liked them. I though they were very nice people. I guess it’s much like I have said throughout my life, I’m a country of my own and I choose who my friends and enemies are.

It’s funny, I don’t have any enemies and yet my country is still valid. I might dislike people, at least the US consumers and their selfishness along with those who instruct them to be such horrid people. But they aren’t my enemy. Maybe they are the enemy of life, nature and possibly the universe since they are always fighting against these things, declaring them to be their enemy. But, like nature and the universe, who don’t have any enemies either, my country doesn’t have any enemies. There are many people who have deemed my country as an enemy. People who don’t like me for some reason. Possibly because I don’t play by their rules and communicate in ways that they want me to communicate and act the way that they expect me to act.. So I guess I might have enemies, but they are enemies from my side, only their own, because they need enemies to validate their own way of life.

Just like Christianity and other religions, who based their existence on the existence of good and evil, they being good and everyone else being evil. Yet, the other way around, the evil thinks they are good and the Christians are evil. It’s the same with Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, who believe they are good and the US is evil. I guess it’s all a matter of perspective.