A Different Beauty

Day after day the heat continues, though today there was some rain, just enough to moisten the top layer of the soil and cause the sidewalks to darken before evaporating within an hour or so.

The fires continue to burn, at times the smoke in the valley is terrible. It all depends on the direction of the wind. Entire towns being ravaged by flames while towns in Europe have been devastated by flooding, many people still missing.

I haven’t had much desire lately to write. The passion is gone for the most part. I’ve spent more time simply observing and absorbing information. I’ve noticed that there are many more people sounding the alarm to all that is happening. It’s a bit late for it to happen now. But they were tied up with all the political drama that has been happening over the past few decades. Self absorbed in the insignificant, just as they have been in their own personal lives.

Even though the evidence is clear, something that most people can see by simply walking outside their homes, still they go on as if nothing is happening. Sure, deep in their minds they know something isn’t right, but they seem to be trying to ignore this feeling. As usual, they try to escape reality. It is the American way.

A country that, from the beginning, has been based on an illusion. The illusion of freedom. Ironically to become a country that is less free than most any other country, though most of the residents will reject this assessment, adamant in defending the ideals of the country, the illusion they have been taught to live and dedicate their lives to supporting these ideals. The “capitalist” ideal.

I’ve seen videos about Socialism which obtain a quarter of a million to a million views in only a few months. I’ve also viewed videos about the environmental crisis, which only obtain about 50,000 views or so. I found this interesting. The videos on Socialism also talk about the climate issues but it seems that most people still resist looking directly at the climate and environmental issues. The still see these people as being fanatics who are spreading some sort of propaganda. Yet, what would they have to gain by doing so, spreading such propaganda? Really nothing. They are simply expressing their observations about the reality that is being experienced today throughout the world.

Even so, the people continue to go out and fill their carts with unnecessary things. They can’t even see the consequences of their actions. They can’t seem to see that each thing they buy they are merely donating to those few who possess the wealth and, with each thing they buy, it must be replaced on the shelf, which means more raw materials are needed so they can produce the items and then transport the items around the world, to be placed into trucks that are driven to distribution centers only to load other trucks which will then deliver those items to the store where low paid workers will then place those items on the shelf again for another person to buy. This process goes on and on seemingly infinitely as the stores seek to grow infinitely so the corporations that own them will grow infinitely.

All this while, in the minds of the people, they believe that they must buy to keep the society going. They must buy things so as to create jobs for people and to increase their own wealth, no matter how meager it might be, all while filling the pockets of the truly wealthy who then control the media so that they can control the people, telling the people that nothing is wrong and, as long as they continue to buy thing everything will be okay. Ironically causing all the other problems in the world, including the climate and environment crisis as well as much of the suffering of other people around the world, all in the name of “freedom” through “capitalism.”

And the irony of it all, by doing what they are doing they are doing nothing but destroying themselves.

I have to say that my silence in writing is also caused my a sort of awe that I have been experiencing. An awe that comes from the fact that I’ve been predicting all of this all along. Wave by wave, just as my heart described, all happening. I thought today of the times when I wrote those things, even being a little skeptical myself of what I was writing. Wondering about what a fool I would seem if it all didn’t happen. Yet, one by one, exactly on time, they come. Wave after wave. Now they wave that my heart described as a wave that affect most every person is upon the humans.

I’ve noticed that my perspective of the humans has changed. I no longer see their beauty based on their potential beauty. I only see them as they are now, really nothing more than insects consuming uncontrollable. I couldn’t help but remember something I heard while watching a video about the grasshopper infestation now also plaguing the Western US.

In it a man said that these infestations do come periodically and they will die out after a few years. They die out because the grasshoppers become over populated and basically destroy themselves by over consuming. Well, it is the same image of humanity, at least the US society, who is not only consuming everything of their own country but consuming the entire world, all for one country, or a few wealthy countries, while all other countries they seek to subdue and control, often overthrowing their governments when they attempt to break free of the control of the mass infestation that is currently known as “capitalism.”

Well, it is all interesting to observe. At times it makes me sad. Other times I even feel a little depressed. But strangely, within it all, I can see the beauty within it. To see the humans as they are in their current state, all self serving and dedicated to their own individual freedom, living based on their status, mocking and degrading those who are of lower status than they are while worshipping and striving to become like those of higher status. Their status based solely on their wealth. A wealth based solely upon the symbol of money, rather than true wealth. Obtaining money for the sake of money so they can buy whatever they want with the money so as to fill their homes with the idols they worship and dedicate their lives to serving. Completely unaware, or seemingly unaware, that they are merely destroying themselves.

I can see that all of these people will receive their rightful reward. The reward of destruction. Destruction by their own hands. This to me, in a way that they would call deranged and strange, this to me is very beautiful. Seeing them earn their just reward, given to them by the work of their own hands and now they are beginning to reap this rewards, many centuries, even millennia in the making.

I found it interesting one day while talking with a coworker. I always try to gauge how others are viewing what is going on. I said to here, “Is it just me or is the world going crazy?”

This set her off on a tangent which led to her saying, “It’s all in the bible.” regarding the prophecies in the bible pertaining to the end of the world. I didn’t disregard or debate her statement. I simply said, to her surprise, “It’s about time it came. They’ve been waiting for it to come for over 2000 years.”