The Living Play

It’s interesting to see how humans on this planet are playing roles based on an artificial plot written for them, each one playing characters based on the plot and performing within the play, each their own role and most of them don’t know that it is only a role within a play. A play that causes them to live in complete contradiction with all other life on this planet and even within the universe as a whole. Yet, what they are doing is as natural as all life here on this planet and throughout the universe.

It’s all just a play. It’s a game. It is an illusion. An illusion that most people take seriously, constantly fighting within themselves to believe that it is real while, deep within them, they know that it isn’t real. They write stories about it and even make movies metaphorically describing it. They live in conflict within themselves, experiencing great anxiety and other serious mental conflicts, simply because the roles they are playing are not even natural to themselves. Yet, all that they are experiencing is natural. A natural contradiction to nature.

It’s interesting to become aware of the play, watching the plot play itself out, the humans playing their characters. Being able to see within the humans their true selves which come forth in many ways, almost like shadows that pass through the images that they portray within the play. Their true characteristics. Their desire to be who they truly are, always seeking to find who they truly are. Constantly coming into conflict within the societies they live within who govern and direct the play, those peers who strive to satisfy the directors of the play by playing out their characters with full dedication to these roles. They mock and attack those who strive to portray themselves in other ways other than the characters they were meant to play, their roles within the play as they have been directed.

More and more humans are rebelling, causing the directors to have to alter their roles. To make them believe they are more inclusive of these differences but, just as how corporations and politicians say one thing then do another, it is the same in how they deal with those who are defying the roles they are expected to play. It is almost like, for the director, by allowing them to express their true selves, it also causes them to reveal who they truly are and, even though they seem to accept them, or at least tolerate them, they are actually marking them as defectors from their roles.

Yet, there are too many of them and because there are so many of them they are experiencing a great breakdown within their play. More and more humans are defecting from their roles and expressing aspects of their true selves. Selves that have been banned from being expressed for 1000s of years. In the past, those who were unwilling to play their proper roles are ostracized from the societies and often lived an underground life without many of the benefits of the societies.

Still this goes on but, as it can be seen, everything is breaking down. Societies are breaking down. One can see the stress of the humans being expressed in interesting ways. Even though they try to deny what is happening, they still have to walk outside and see the changes happening around them. In some parts of the planet it is getting very hot and there is little water. In other places there is much water and constant flooding. Famine is occurring in some parts of the planet. Diseases and viruses are appearing throughout humanity.

Still, in places like the US, where the play is still strongly keeping hold of the humans as they still dedicate themselves to their roles in many ways. Still unable to see outside their roles. Or simply too afraid to think that what they have lived as being nothing but a lie, they hold on tightly, still having the luxury of denying that anything is going on. Still stubbornly holding on to their roles, believing that somehow, by doing so, a solution to all the problems will come about, possibly by some grand supernatural act. A miracle of sort. An arrival of someone greater than themselves. A deity of sorts. Who will quickly solve all their problems and somehow make it all better.

Still, they have to walk out each day, in some places, seeing the smoke from powerful wildfires filling the air as the the heat of the sun blazed upon the soil causing it to crack beneath their feet, the fear that water may soon be scarce in their lives. So, what do they do? Well, just as they did at the beginning of the virus, when they were filled with fear and panic over this invisible invader. They buy things. As many things as they can. Fill their homes with things as if trying to build up their nests as if fortresses against the foe.

They buy things to feel the escape they enjoy in attaining things. To give themselves a fix of the drug that they have been taught to use for their escape. They have been taught to work and consume. For many, this is all they know. Buy things for themselves. Buy things for those they love, hoping it will make them happy. Buy things for their children while trying to shield their eyes from everything that is happening around them fearing their children might somehow become mentally ill if they have to face and endure hardship of some sort.

All the while completely unaware that it is only a play. It’s not real. It’s just a game. They have no need to take it seriously. No need to rant and rave at all the injustices around them. Yet, this too is natural. Natural to those who are unaware of who they are. Unaware simply because they are expressions of the universe who have been placed here to be unaware. To play roles that are different, unnatural and even as contradiction to life itself. Much like a game of hide and seek, the universe seems to enjoy getting lost in the drama only to one day, sometimes gradually through those who become aware, become aware of herself. Once she becomes aware of herself the game is over and thus, she begins the game again. Over and over again, all of life playing roles in this game. All expressions of the universe being revealed in physical form, expressing all the infinite characteristics of the universe.

So, here we are, living out a drama that seems to be in complete contradiction to all of life yet is as natural as all life. Nothing is wrong. There is nothing to be afraid of. There is nothing to fight against. No injustices. The irony to it all is that all of these things, the belief that something is wrong. The idea that their are injustices. The desire to fight for right and defeat the wrong. The battle between good and evil. All of this is what is causing all the pain and suffering that humans and life here on this planet is experiencing. The fact that people are so submersed into their roles, deeming their roles as being real, the play as being real, that they are causing all that is happening around them to happen. All so the universe can once again awaken from the drama that she has become so submersed within and to become aware of herself again.

Yes, it is truly interesting to be able to see and experience all of this as not a character playing a role with the play but as a character playing a role outside the play. Watching and observing the play, just as if being a character in the audience watching the play while those within the play are playing out their roles as directed, completely submersed in their roles, portraying their roles with complete dedication, completely unaware that their is anything outside their own roles.

As if the audience is in the dark and they can’t see that there is anything outside of the stage. The stage is their only reality. It is all that they can see, so they simply go about playing their roles, even though many around them are no longer playing their roles, but different roles that allow them to observe the play from the outside, though often still participating within the play. Often as those warning the others that they are doing some wrong thing. Trying to explain to them that they are destroying themselves by dedicating themselves to this play.

It’s interesting that the characters of the play and the audience are both together, standing with each other and interacting with each other. The only difference is awareness. Those who are aware of the play and those who are not aware that it is a play, a game.

Those who are truly aware no longer try to intervene. They simply watch. They watch those within the play. They watch themselves, their own feelings as they experience the play. They don’t fight against it nor themselves. They simply experience it all, knowing that it is all just a play and they don’t take it seriously. Interestingly enough, this is true faith. Simply allowing oneself to be subject to the universe, not trying to control the universe. Simply allowing the universe to carry them, as if wind in a sail, upon the many oceans of experiences, accepting life as it is, not how they expect it or want it to be based on images that are truly nothing more than contradictions to nature herself.