Looking out into the horizon there are trees, each seemingly individual, each with seemingly individual branches and on these branches seemingly individual leaves. Behind the trees stand the mountains, standing majestically, each with their own individual properties and characteristic which cause them to be named differently from the other mountain peaks making them each seemingly individual from the others.

When a painter paints an image, in it, she will paint many individual items within the painting, one by one these individual items are placed within the painting, of course, after first painting the background for which these individual items can now rest, giving them perspective of individual being. Yet, once the painting is finished and it is hanging on the wall, when a person comes along to view the painting, upon first glance, they don’t necessarily see all the carefully placed individual items, each one once focused on by the painter seemingly as individual paintings upon the background of the entire painting, having become attached to each one if only for a few minutes while giving them the sense of form upon the painting, yet the viewer of the painting looks upon the painting and, at first glance, sees only the entirety of the painting. They see it as one thing.

This is just as it is when looking upon the horizon, seeing many seemingly individual things, each seemingly living individual lives, all seemingly trying to survive and even trying to surpass others in order to gain greater access to the available resources, the light of the sun. Each leaf seemingly doing all it can to absorb as much energy as it can from the sun, possibly competing with the other leaves so that it can thrive above the rest.

Yet, all that is really happening is that the energy that the leaves are absorbing, both from the sun and from the air flowing around them, flows into the seemingly individual branches which then flow into the trunk of the tree, flowing down into the roots of the tree, each root seemingly individual from the rest, with seemingly different characteristics from the other roots.

If looked upon closely, has different twists and turns than the other roots who might twist to the right and then the left while another might twist to the left and then to the right with tentacles at slightly different intervals, causing it to seem somewhat different from the other roots, giving it a sense of being individual from the rest of the roots who, in turn, returns moisture and nutrients from the soil that flows back up the trunk into the tree, into the seemingly individual branches and thus to the seemingly individual leaves, filling them with the moisture so that they can continue to absorb the energy from the sunlight and from the flowing air around them that causes them to flutter about on the branches giving them the sense of motion and, at times, in a great wind, even bending the branches causing the tree to seem to sway in the wind, as if dancing.

Then, in the background, there are the mountains, who are covered in many of these individual trees, each seemingly different from the others. At this time, the view of the mountains are somewhat obscured by the smoke from all the wildfires burning in the area and with the blazing heat, the moisture in the soil is becoming less and less, causing a strain upon the trees and other plants that cover and hold the soil in place.

This background, each part seemingly different and individual from the rest, holds the foreground of trees in place, giving them perspective, giving the sense of distance, one closer than the other, until one walks toward the horizon, causing the horizon to seemingly change as the perspective of distance become nearer, each seemingly individual thing becoming more clear and each individual characteristic of each thing becoming more defined as the background itself seems to become closer and each of the seemingly individual things upon it become more clear, changing the perspective of the painting.

All of this is the same with humans, who are the observers of all these seemingly individual things moving about and swaying upon the surface of this planet. They too are moving about and swaying upon the surface of this planet, each believing they are individual from each other, each having seemingly different characteristics from each other. All the while, trying to connect with the others around them as if there is some inner need for some sense of connection, all the while defining and perceiving themselves as being individual with individual thoughts and perspectives that are somewhat different from others around them, taking a sort of pride in their differences from the others, even to the point of defining their own identity by these differences. All the while, seeking some sense of connection to those around them.

Each one absorbing energy from their surroundings. Each on transmitting energy into their surroundings. Filling the seemingly empty spaces with their energy as other entities come along and absorb this energy. After ingestion of this energy, they too exhale energy that will be absorbed by the next and the next and the next. What seems as being just individuals living individual lives, each expressing their own individuality while always seeking some sense of connection, is all connected.

It is all one. Just as the painting, with all the individual things placed upon it, each carefully designed by the painter and placed into their particular places, simply make up the one painting which is intially viewed, not for each individual item, but as one painting. One painting upon the wall of the gallery among many other seemingly individual paintings, each with seemingly many individual items within them, each carefully painted by the painter and placed into their particular places within the painting.

Each painting is seemingly an individual leaf, with it’s own individual characteristics, each attributed to a seemingly individual painter who carefully painted each individual characteristic within each painting now all shown together, causing an even greater painting to be seen, one where all the individual paintings come together making one greater painting. Over and over this happens as they expand more and more outward, creating a great horizon filled with seemingly individual things yet, when viewed from the perspective of distance, they become but on thing, the horizon as a whole.

The painting as a whole and through this painting an energy is released, an energy brought about from each and every seemingly individual thing within the painting, all joining together within the one grand painting, releasing the energy, not as individuals, but as one grand painting. An energy that is absorbed again, both by the seemingly individual things within the painting but also outward, into an even grander painting of which this grand painting is seemingly just one thing painted upon the greater background of yet an even grander horizon that, in most cases, at least in human terms, goes unseen simply because they have been taught to only view the foreground and to ignore the background causing them to see themselves and everything around them as only individual things while being completely unaware of the grand painting for which they too are within, making up the whole of the painting, a painting that is just one of many paintings which come together to make up an even greater painting which continues on and on into infinity. The horizon expands infinitely outward just as it expands infinitely inward yet always going in the same direction and bringing forth the same energy which then creates the entire perspective of a painting that most can’t see though they are within it, bringing it about and making it whole as one painting.