The Creative Force

Another hot day has come upon us here. It even seems a little humid though there aren’t any clouds in the sky. It did become cloudy yesterday and threatened to rain but it didn’t. This didn’t stop the people from lighting off their fireworks last night. One thing about Americans, if you tell them not to do something or to be careful, they will do it 10 fold.

I have lived here a long time and I’ve never heard as many personal fireworks as I heard last night. It literally sounded like a battlefield with mock gunfire going off in all directions. Lighting up the sky with flying fireworks. All while a wind was blowing.

I didn’t hear of any fires, at least nearby, so it seems it went okay.

When they tell them to take easy on the water because of the drought, they complain and try to use more. If you tell them to wear a mask because of a deadly virus, they complain and will only do so if it is mandated. Even then some will not do it. Now that they lowered the mask mandate and more people aren’t wearing masks the virus is starting to grow again throughout the population.

There are heat waves going on in places on Earth where it never gets that hot along with huge ocean storms coming earlier and stronger. Still, they fill the department stores to buy more unnecessary things to satisfy their hunger for things, seemingly unaware that this act is what is causing all the pain throughout the world in various different ways.

But, I’m told by Alan Watts, to be compassionate for the ignorant. To not be concerned with the direction that life is going for humanity. It is all natural and will come out the way it is supposed to come out in the end. This my heart has told me many times also.

This caused me to realize that when I feel frustrated about things it is usually because those things are affecting me. It really doesn’t have anything to do with the other aspects of what is going on. I don’t like that it is so hot. I don’t like the idea of having to ration water. I don’t like what consumerism is doing to me.

I get frustrated sometimes at work, not because of what the people are doing in general, but because it affects me. It makes more work for me. They are being inconsiderate to me because they don’t seem to care and thus cause me to have more work to do.

When I realized this I saw that all of this is under my control. I can manage how I experience these things. Even with things in the environment, it is me who misses seeing all the butterflies that used to fly through the air and now they are so few. I miss the bees, which were everywhere when I was growing up. I can even leave my backdoor open and not a fly will come in because there aren’t many out there. I see an occasional Yellow Jacket and other types of flying bee like insects, but they to are very few, at least around here.

But all of this seeming frustration is caused because it is affecting me. Life isn’t as I would like it to be. Well, it’s not supposed to be the way that I would like it to be. I would like to see people working together rather than against each other divided from each other. I would like to see honest leaders. I would like to be able to just go about my life, even if I have to work, and always know that I will have enough to live. I would like to see humans living in balance and harmony with nature rather than believing that nature is the enemy and is nothing more than a challenge to be overcome.

These are just a few of the many things that could frustrate me if I let them. But the only reason they frustrate me is because of me, not because of what the humans are actually doing and the natural course the humans are taking that is based on their own free will, even though it is really only the programming that has been input into them.

I’ve seen many things throughout this journey. I’ve spent much time in the higher perspective worlds being able to view life here on Earth from above it all. Of course, this takes a lot out of me. It is very grand and amazing to experience the higher perspectives but, as Alan Watts said, you can’t stay there. It takes too much out the body and mind to remain there. I have done it without the use of any drugs. I personally think it would be much easier if done with drugs.

This morning I woke very early, having to endure another storm within that always comes after I go into the higher perspectives. In a way, they happened during the time of coming back down from them. I feel very tense throughout my body and experience headaches. It’s worth it but I’ve done this so many times during this journey that, well, I’m getting tired of it. I really don’t think I can endure too many more of them. Am I willing to push it all the way until I simply succumb to it?

Well, I do want to experience life in other ways. I’ve done all of this simply because the door was open and I wasn’t going to let the opportunity pass without experiencing as much as I could. I’ve far surpassed anything I could have dreamed of experiencing before this journey of awakening began.

This last storm was interesting simply because no thoughts at all attached to the feeling, which makes it much worse. Without any effort I simply felt the feelings and allowed them to release within me. I also no that other things reveal themselves because the storm, as they did this time.

Today I enjoyed being able to define with more clarity how I view women in relation to the feminine. This all began because I decided to allow myself to feel disappointment. Disappointment in humanity as well as with women. This disappointment is solely based on their ignorance. An ignorance that I have to learn to have compassion for.

I felt that by allowing myself to feel disappointment, rather than anger or frustration, it is more like grieving and is more like letting go. I have to let the feelings pass through me to get there and disappointment seemed to be a more positive feeling in this direction. Also, it was simply what I was feeling today.

My disappointment is women is based on the fact that women don’t understand the true nature of the feminine within them. The feminine is the very creative force of the universe and all things seen and experienced in this universe. In a way, the feminine is the engineer of the universe and all that is within it. She conceives the universe. She is the true artist of the universe. Upon her canvas she painted the trees, the flowers, the butterflies and all living things. Even the inanimate things that humans believe not to be alive but are also alive, she painted on her canvas.

The only thing the masculine does, which is very important and shouldn’t be understated, is take what the feminine conceives and brings it to life. The masculine is simply the laborer who, though his energy, builds these things into the physical realm.

It disappoints me that most women don’t see the true nature of who they are. What they are truly all about. This is not necessarily their fault. They are living in captivity under the tyrannical rule of the masculine. What they do is because they believe it is necessary for them to survive.

It was interesting that the image of the Jews in captivity in Babylon came to mind when I imagined all of this. They were free to walk around in Babylon but they didn’t have any rights. They could write and read, since this is where the Torah was written, at least much of it, based on the Sumarian texts they found there and thus altered these texts into their own stories of creation.

It is really no different for women in this current age. They can walk freely within the societies but they have to walk, in a sense, on eggshells. Their very nature is exploited by the masculine, who desire them to be nothing more than mother’s to their offspring. Of course, many things have changed and progressed, but even so, this is still basically the life of women.

Today I had the most wonderful experience with a woman. She is a coworker. A couple of days ago she came to me looking for a particular radio controlled car. Nothing came to mind when she described it. She was getting it for her son who saw another boy who had one and he really wanted to have one himself.

I could see how she really wanted to get this car for her son, not because she cared about the plastic car, but how it would make her son happy.

Well, today I was putting out freight and I saw a car that fit the description she gave to me. I put it on the shelf and it was taken rather quickly. I saw her walking into the backroom and I caught up to her. I asked if that was the car she was looking for. At first she didn’t know what I was talking about. It had been a couple of days ago. She seemed surprised that I remembered. She said that it was and that she ordered it online. At first she thought it was still available in the store when I told her about it and she said she could cancel the online order. I said that it was already sold, which sort of disappointed her.

I went back and scanned the shelf label for the car. I saw that another one was somewhere in my freight. I went about my business and the next time I went into the backroom she happened to be there also. I went over to the carts of freight left for me to put out and found it. I took it over to her. She as so happy. She wanted to make sure it was the same as she ordered online because it was more expensive online. She asked me to save it somehow. Well, the rules say that I can’t do this for coworkers. So, to keep it within the rules I put in back on the cart and took that cart next to stock from. I just stocked other things and left it on the cart until she did her research. A little later she came to me and said she canceled the online order and wants to buy the car. I pulled it out of the box and handed it to her. She was so happy and smiling.

She said, “You’re the best. I can’t believe you did this for me.”

Well, she is a woman and I always remember what other women at work are looking for. I will always keep looking for what they want and tell them when they come in. I enjoy serving women.

But today I saw something different within it all. I saw how happy she was. This was because this was going to make her son happy. She didn’t care in the least about the car. She only cared about how it would make her son feel. Well, she also made me very happy. Happy I could serve her in a way that seemed to her to be above and beyond. This woman made several people happy just by being her and expressing the feminine within her.

This is within every woman and this is also exploited by the masculine. Most times, this beautiful part of the woman is overlooked and actually expected. Many times she is never given a thank you or anything. Maybe the thank her in other ways but the woman is expected to do such things. Expected to make her family happy. It’s her job and she does this often with no thanks and even being disregarded in other ways as being “just an emotional, irrational woman.”

This is just one example of the captivity of woman in the current age that is ruled by the masculine. Sure, some things have changed but they have only changed because men allowed it to change. Women fight for rights based on the masculine standards and rules of the society. Rights that they should never have to fight for but they do simply to feel or express something within them. That they are more than they are being treated as and that they deserve something better than simply being captive slaves in a masculine ruled world.

But this reward is really very meager. Because they might get equal pay here and there, but they will never get equal respect. Men will always see them as being emotional and irrational. That their opinions are good for some things but not for all things. Some women have dumbed themselves down and have degraded themselves in such terrible ways, simply to satisfy the masculine. To do was the masculine ruler expects them to do. To be as he wants them to be. To dress and act as he wants them to be. All while making it seem, because they have been in captivity for so long and have lost their true nature, that it is their choice to do these things. That they are freely and willingly doing the things they are doing.

Sadly, even most women believe this also.

This is why I feel so much disappointment in women. But I’m only disappointed because I can see them as they truly are. I have been awakened. They have not been awakened. All that is happening in the world today, all the pain, suffering and destruction is being caused simply because of a world of humans with conscious awareness yet they are unaware of the true nature of their conscious awareness.

So I feel it is just fine to feel this disappointment because it helps to reveal to me many other things. To feel the joy of the woman when she is out shopping for her family, buying unnecessary things because it will make her family happy, thus making her happy. When I realized this I saw an even deeper beauty in the women I observed today, where before I was simply frustrated by their constant need and desire to buy unnecessary things. All of that doesn’t matter. It is going to happen. Humanity will meet it’s natural fate because of it.

There might not be any good or evil, or even right or wrong. But for me, with knowledge comes great responsibility. That responsibility is to be compassionate for the ignorant which allows me to see a natural beauty within them, especially women, that the captivity can’t take from them. The beauty of the true feminine that still resides within them. It is this true feminine that I enjoy serving and is the true reason why I love to serve women. It’s never to get anything from them or to try to get into their good graces. It’s simply because within them is what I love most, not only on this Earth and even in this life, but in all things. The beautiful creative and loving force or energy that is the feminine, who is the creative force of all things, both seen and unseen.