Another Very Hot Day

It’s building into a very hot day, breaking 100 degrees F. again. It’s been a little while since it has been this hot, all while those in the North are melting under extreme heat even hotter than it will be today here.

There is no new tennis today from Wimbledon because it is Sunday and the let the grass rest on Sunday. Sadly Nick Kyrgios retired in this match. It seems he is a bit out of shape since he hasn’t played in 18 months and he’s not one for practicing and working out much. So his stomach muscles tightened up on him in the third round.

Even the way he retires is so different from others. He called the trainer for a medical timeout then played again. After a couple of games he said he will play out the set and then retire. So he did and then retired the game. I was hoping he would continue simply because he is fun to watch and I would like to see him play the top players, who he frustrates when he plays them.

I lost a little respect for Jelena Ostapenko because, when she started to lose her match, without showing any sign of injury, she called a medical timeout and left the court for a period of time. This really upset Ajla Tomljanovic who accused her right on the court of lying and faking her injury. Ajla ended up winning which was a relief for me, even though Jelena was a favorite player of mine. Now she goes into the same category as Victoria Azarenka as being willing to cheat within the rules to try to win.

I just finished watching a video of a fellow blogger which she posts semi regularly on YouTube. I so enjoy watching and listening to her. Today she bought some new clothes and she is so cute in them all. I just enjoy how cute she is, though she has some rougher edges around the cuteness, which makes her so real and beautiful to me. I look forward to her videos when she posts them.

Today I found myself listening to a bit of Alan Watts. In the first video he spoke of being a poet. It came up because he was talking about the vanity of trying to achieve, prove the self or change life in some way. He said that he himself is guilty of it because he is a poet and poets strive to describe the indescribable.

This really hit home for me being that I wrote about my realizing that I am a true poet in my last post. His definition of being a poet fits right in with all that I write, constantly trying to describe the indescribable.

In another video he spoke about the various worlds of perspective described in Buddhism and Hindi cultures. He named them all but what he said was that there are times when a person can get to the higher worlds of perspective but they won’t stay there. They will always come back down the lower worlds. The lowest being the animal world.

I found this interesting because it describes just what I’ve been thinking about today, how my journey seems to flow in and out like waves. At times I flow out into the depths and then I come back in to the shallows. Back and forth. If you think about it, there are worlds of perspectives in between these two points. In a way, I have come back to the animal.

I also enjoy how he said that these ways of life don’t believe in being “good.” They believe in being companionate for the ignorant who don’t know their own truth, and caring for life, but doing or being “good” isn’t a concept that is part of these ways of life. Meaning that there is no “sin” in these ways of life. If one steals for a reason there is no reason for guilt in doing so. But it is not necessarily acceptable to hurt others and judge others, and stealing from another could hurt them in some way. There is no sexual “sin” but it wouldn’t fit into compassion if another person was hurt because of sex.

But, for me, I enjoyed his definition of being a poet because it fits me perfectly.

I’ve noticed that when I come back to these lower worlds of perspective, I do focus more on myself, or within myself. Not the deeper aspects of myself but more examining things, such as insecurities. I have learned that when I reveal or become aware of insecurities, as I wrote about in my last post, it is much like when I became aware of my Asperger’s, it takes away the power from them and I’m able to begin managing them. Just since I wrote about those insecurities yesterday, I can see myself caring less about them and simply being able to allow my true expression to come forth openly a little more. Not all the way but a little more and it will grow with time.

Last night I heard a long and loud burst of fireworks nearby, since today is the 4th of July. A little later I heard sirens, so I went outside onto the deck to see what was happening. Across the highway there is a huge grove of of large old trees. I could see flames within them and billowing smoke coming up from them. It lasted only about a half hour before they were able to put it out, but there again it shows that it is very dry and people should be able to go without personal fireworks for a year but they can’t. They have to continue on as if nothing has changed in everything that happens. It is seemingly a fight in some people. To go up against any obstacle and not let it change how they live, even if it means their own life or health or burning down their own property or the property of others.

I watched a video that talked about how the school system and the media basically dumbs down humans and makes them ignorant and unable to think for themselves. Basically making the puppets in the system rather than humans participating in the system. It was interesting to watch this because it fit right in my observations of how humans program themselves through “apps” which they download from places like the media and from schools they attend. The video was interesting as they used quotes from Noam Chomsky, Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Henry David Thoreau and George Orwell to name a few.

I’ve noticed recently that I’ve been receiving text messages from my job letting us know that people there have contracted Covid. It has been a long time since I’ve received texts about this, which used to come about 5 or so times a week. It seems the variant is now here and people are again getting the virus. Maybe the masks will come back.

When this all started I bought 5 cloth masks. Over about a year I lost all but one. Now I can’t find even that one. I noticed at work in the break room they had a bin with cloth masks in it for us to take, three to a package, so I picked up a package simply because masks could return again and I don’t want to have to purchase more.

Well, I guess I’m just here enjoying my day off. My job called me and left a message asking me if I want to work today. I have no desire to work today, even if it is for time and a half. They keep hiring more people but always seem to be short handed because so many people keep calling out from work. Well, that’s just part of the business when they hire young people who don’t really need the job because no one else wants the job because it doesn’t pay all that well, though it pays higher than other companies. Still, they are struggling to find people to work. I wonder what it will be like once Christmas comes. They expect a lot and most young people who don’t need the job, but want the money, simply won’t do what it demands, or it stresses them out in some way.

Only us fools who need the job will put up with it and, over time, we just get used to it and don’t really notice it.