Another Day in this Life

It’s a relatively cool day, the last one before it will again heat back up. I saw that up in the Northwestern part of the US it will actually be hotter than here in the coming days. I saw 113 degrees F. in some places. They also have to deal with humidity there. It will be deadly up there. I also saw that the hot weather along with the drought is causing grasshoppers to come up in droves. They are now concerned with food shortages because the grasshoppers are eating the crops. The first plague was the drought and the second plague upon the US is the grasshoppers.

As I wrote many times in the past, the virus was the second wave in the self destruction of humanity and I said that a third wave was coming. Well, my heart told me these things. It seems we are now in the third wave. As I described then, it will be a wave that will affect all people, not just some as the virus did.

It seems this third wave will come in a series of plagues.

I also saw that climate change is affecting Yellowstone National Park where snow levels have decreased by 2 feet a year and they are concerned that this will affect things like Old Faithful, who won’t be so faithful anymore. The Spring runoff is happening much earlier so this means that it will be much drier earlier in the Summer which is prime for wildfires.

All while the Southeast is dealing with constant rain and flooding.

All of this while people continue going about their business of consuming and consuming as if their is no end to it all.

A thought came to mind today. I thought of how many humans actually believe that they are not affected by nature and they don’t affect nature. Things like the full moon. Many don’t believe that the full moon affects them. Well, I can see that this recent full moon, which was yesterday and I believe the full effects begin about two days before and continue about two days after, is affecting people. At work it was near madness today.

A large part of it is because my manager is out of vacation for 12 more days. It’s going to be a long 12 days. I found myself already thinking again about moving to another department in the store to get away from the madness. My routine is completely out of whack there, which affects my Asperger’s. They expect me to be flexible on a dime. They don’t realize that it is a grind for me to just change direction like that. I have to change my routine to a temporary routine of no routine for 12 days. I had to tell myself over and over today, “Just let it go.”

The customers were extremely demanding. One came in with a photo of what she wanted. It was photo from Instagram that was 2 years old, expecting to find this item. “They said they got it here.” she said. I did a quick search and found nothing. She wanted me to research it for her. I told her that she needed to do the research and if she can come up with an item number we can then see if can be attained. On top of it all, it was a mere $3 item.

It is so interesting that some humans actually believe that they are not of this world, of nature. They believe humans to be above nature. As I thought about this I realized that it is this false premise that also causes them to think that some humans are better than other humans. It is the foundation of ego thinking. Of the ego reality.

Sometimes I wish I could just sit them down and tell them all about their actual reality, but they would never believe me. Their egos would put up such a fight and fuss as they faces would turn red and vulgarities pour from their mouths. All while plagues caused by their own ignorance are happening all around them, many of them are probably completely unaware of these things.

And this is just the beginning of the third wave, all while the second wave continues within it all. A new variant causing great concern. New lock downs being considered in some countries and cities such as Sydney,

This morning I was enjoying a nice tennis match with Camila Giorgi playing in the semi finals. She was doing very well. Then, out of nowhere, she called for the trainer and then retired. It was sort of sad but then I realized that it’s only 3 days till Wimbledon and she is doing very well right now. Maybe she felt a little pain in her ankle, which as where she was pointing and pulled out to make sure she is in good shape for Wimbledon. I would love to see her do well there.

It was a very short grass court season. Now I have to endure hard court, my least favorite court, which leads up to my least favorite open, the US Open. But it’s still tennis and I love tennis.

Before this I still have Wimbledon, my favorite open. Two weeks of tennis, tennis, tennis. I hope all my favorites do well. It seems that two of them played each other today, Angelique Kerber and Petra Kvitova. In times like these I cheer for them both but I lean toward Petra simply because I want her to finally come back and get a good placing in a tournament, if not winning, since her terrible, violent injury a few years ago, where she has never truly recovered.

That’s my day today. Nothing else comes to mind.