As Life Goes On

It’s very hot today and expected to be even hotter tomorrow. Yesterday was the first day to break 100 degrees F. Today it is over 100 degrees and tomorrow they say that we might break the all time highest Summer temperature ever recorded here. Doing it in mid June rather than late July or August. Even if it doesn’t break the all time record, it will most like break the all time hottest day in June. And the forecast shows the heat going on for well over a week. Maybe not over 100 but in the high 90s. Even so, in an average Summer in the past, rarely did we get more than 7 or 8 days total in a month, usually in July and August.

I watched a clip from the local news about the drought. They say it could end up being the worst drought in 1200 years. They can see this from the tree rings. Even so, it could very well be the worst drought in recorded history.

There was a woman from the Department of Natural Resources down at Lake Mead showing just how low it is. You could see what she called the “bath rings” of where the lake used to be. She said it is 173 feet lower than the top of those rings. She said that people usually don’t change until they have to change, then said that this should say that they have to change,

Still, people go on as if it isn’t anything to worry about. Just hot days. They say it’s happened before in history and it will pass. But will it? If so, when will it pass? It could stay for a decade or more. Right now they show the area where I live in extreme drought and all across the Western US. This means that they will have to ration irrigation for farming. This will raise the prices of many fruits and vegetables, though many will be imported from Mexico.

Yesterday I was in the back room at work and this lovely young black woman was their doing her back stock. For some reason I was in a rant mood, though on a short rant. She mentioned how customers will just mess things up right in front of her. She works in the bath and bed section. She said she will be stocking towels and people will come up, take one out, open it up and then just toss it back onto any shelf right in front of her.

I said that those with money expect to be served and those without money are expected to serve them. She agreed. Then I went on about how it is those people who are complaining about all the problems in the world when, in fact, they are the cause of the problems. All the division and conflict going on is caused my the division of classes, which is a very huge divide now.

Of course, there are those who don’t have a lot of money but still expect to be treated like royalty. This is because this is how they are probably treated in their job so when they go out to be the customer they treat others the same way as they are treated, which seems backwards as they should be empathetic toward others in the same class, but usually not. No one is empathetic toward others because they are all out for themselves. This is the true nature of the decay of the society.

It was interesting to hear this young woman feed on this and offer her own thoughts. She pointed out that the current generation in charge always says that it’s the problem of the next generation. They have to solve it. They say this while teaching the next generation to live as they do, thus in never ends. I thought this was a very good point. After I said that all of this is getting worse not better, she pointed out that her generation are some of the worst yet they are supposed to be the solution.

I enjoyed the conversation very much with her and it built a sort of coworker bond between us. I know that black people never know what white people think. When I said that the cause of all of it is because people always take sides. When they take a side it always causes there to be another side. It’s just the natural balance of things. Only when they don’t choose a side and choose to work together with all people will these extremes in division stop.

I was thinking later that each side complains about the division but they don’t understand that each side will continue to be divided from the other simply because they believe that they have to agree to come together. Not until they see their side will they put down their defenses.

This is something I used to toy with in debates with others, where they would get very passionate trying to defend their side, really only making more of a fool of themselves by doing it.

I would get them just fuming red then I would show that I see their side. Then I would agree with their side, telling them that they are right, even if I didn’t believe it. They would begin to calm down and then their would be a sense of harmony, only if they believed that I was seeing it their way.

It is funny to observe humanity in their current state. It is so easy to see that they are literally destroying themselves. It is the natural path of humanity. This is why my heart tells me that nothing is wrong. Just let humanity run it’s course. It really doesn’t matter if humanity survives or not. Life will always go on with or without them.

I thought about the prophets of old. They would come out to warn the people to not live in such excess. This is really all they were saying. Sin is really nothing more than excess. Sex is not a sin but it is dangerous if you do it all the time and with many different partners. Thus it becomes a sin.

In many ways, sin in it’s beginnings was nothing more than warnings about living in excess. Idolatry is nothing more than the worship of things, which is done in great excess today. I see little children come in and see toys of which they nearly worship them. They might see them as I might see the feminine, in all her beauty and grandeur, I bow my head to her with great love and respect. They almost do the same with toys.

But it is the adults who are the true idolaters. Toys are merely to teach children to become idolaters later in life. The way many people worship their cars. They worship their homes and the things they put into their homes. This doesn’t mean that they have to keep these things. They can replace them with other things while maintaining the same worship for them. It’s not about a particular idol. The idolatry is the worship of physical objects. Placing them above the heart and the true being within them. Living for the body and it’s comforts rather than living for the heart and her comforts.

It is interesting how backwards it all has become. Those prophets of old would stand tall and warn the people. Some of them would be killed for doing so. Well, I’ve see the end of humanity and how it happens by the hands of humanity and yes, I want to stand on a hill and shout it out to all of them, telling them to stop their excesses. But my heart simply said, “No. Just let humanity run it’s course. It’s better for all of life to do this.”

Still it’s hard some times. As I said, my mood has been a little strange lately and one of the regular toy collectors came in today. He mentioned that he goes to the bank to pay his credit card bill. They always ask him why he comes in. He says that he likes to come in and have the personal touch.

I mentioned that this is something I do miss about life in the past. Back when most all things were done in person. I never thought twice about it. I just went and did it. Yes, we could pay bills through the mail but so many other things remained personal.

I then went on that it took me time to adjust to this new way of life. I have truly become isolated and paranoid of other people. I told him that I’ve worked hard at doing this. I try not to look anyone in the eye and god forbid if I smile to them. I’m getting better and better at living in this modern age of tribalism and isolation from each other.

This sent me on a rant about the weather and how people will complain about it but they are the cause of it. As I was coming into work I saw several cars in the parking lot idling so they could enjoy the air conditioner. Seems sort of strange that this action only makes things worse, though temporarily makes things more comfortable.

I went on about how it’s not just the fossil fuels but over consumption in general. But people simply can’t stop. It’s like a drug and they are addicted. They need an intervention. After a pause I said, “That intervention will be nature.”

All the while he was looking at his phone, really not listening, looking for that precious item number of the new toy he need to add to his collection.

Yes, it’s all so interesting and, as I told him, I just stand here and watch it all happen because that’s all I can do. I went on to say that people think it’s strange that I ride my bike everywhere. He then said that he would ride his bike to work except it’s 20 miles away. I thought, “Always an excuse.”

I went on to say that I have built my life to where I have everything around me within walking distance. I told him that I haven’t gone further than a a couple of miles in any direction of where I live in many years. It’s like living in a small town for me.

Well, Camila Giorgi is off to a good start at the Birmingham tournament in tennis. I have to say that the courts in England are so much more green and nice than those in Germany and other places in Europe where their are grass court tournaments also going on this week. Probably because it’s pretty moist there.

I made it to my day off. If I want to go anywhere tomorrow it will have to be early as if is expected to be very hot. Record breaking hot.