Various Priorities

It’s another hot day. I think this is going to be the common theme for the next 3 or so months. Unless something strange happens. It’s raining and flooding in some parts of the country and outright hot in other parts. The weather seems to be in extreme mode. I guess we will see what happens as the hurricane season progresses.

I don’t think I would enjoy it raining all the time and having to move about in large flowing streams of water. Especially in the part of the country where it is happening, in the Southeast, where it is still rather warm and very humid.

I’m working out a routine for the heat. I don’t put on my air conditioner during the day when I’m at work and I run it only until I go to bed. I keep the windows shut, trying to hold in the coolness as long as possible but it’s rather warm by the time I wake up. I find that I’m out for under the sheets during the night. But it’s not too bad so far. I’m sleeping nicely through the night again.

Maybe it’s the allergy medication I’m taking that makes me sleep so good. I can’t take the stuff that gives energy. I take the old time stuff that makes me tired. Still, it helps me throughout he next day.

Last night I had a terrible allergy attack, sneezing and sneezing. I think it was because I put on a fan trying to stir up the air in the apartment to make it cool down faster. It didn’t work and I think it just irritated me. I’m not having any problem now.

I think it is grass pollen that I’m allergic to. Tree and grass are high right now. Tree was high before and I didn’t have any problem but once the grass came in, and the mask came off, it hit me hard. Maybe it was just the mask that was helping, though I didn’t wear it at home. Who knows? All I know is that last night was terrible but I slept very well.

It is interesting when it comes time for me to write. I think, “What should I write about? Things are pretty mundane now.” Which is good for me.

I can tell that balance is deepening with each passing day. I can’t help but think that this is what I’ve always wanted in life. How I feel about things has no extremes. My perspective isn’t seeing things in their extremes. I just take it all in without any concern about it.

It was very busy at work today, as it is Saturday. But it was extra busy for some reason. I couldn’t keep the water guns on the shelves. As it gets hot people want to play with water. More than that, they were really buying things today. My backstock list more than doubled from when I got there to when I finally got to a point to start pulling my backstock to put it on the floor. I was able to finish though, not without having to answer many questions and assist several customers.

The kids run around playing, as I work in the toy department. I just move around them as they run about and bounce balls to each other. They destroy and I clean up as I stock the shelves. I can’t keep up on the weekends though so I just do some cleanup knowing that Monday will come and I will be able to get things back in order then.

Something came to mind as I heard several children crying and having fits throughout the day because they wanted this or that and their parents wouldn’t let them.

I thought of what it was like when I was young. My parents bought me all sorts of toys. I had a playroom just filled with toys. I could literally bury myself in the toys.

I thought of how they sort of tried to buy my love through buying me things. More so, they could just tell me to go to my playroom and then have time for themselves.

It made me think of the priorities of many people. They have children but then many of them are always finding ways to have time away from them. Handing them over to babysitters or having family members watch them. Some look forward to the day when the children finally grow up and get out of the house so they can have their lives back again. But that was my thought and question. “What life did they want back?” If they have children, shouldn’t their children be their lives until they are grown?

Some of the well behaved children seem to come from those parents who do dedicate their time and lives to them. Not so much spoiling them with things but giving them what they most need, love. Those children aren’t out to get more things to satisfy them in other ways. They are comfortable with their own being because their parents haven’t given them anything to feel uncomfortable with their own being.

Yet, I can see that this is something that is passed down from generation to generation. Those who simply have children then do all they can to get away from them, feeling that changing their diapers is a burden, rather than an act of love, and spending quality time with them, were raised that way by their parents. Abusive parents were often abused. Impatient parents often had impatient parents.

One situation today was interesting as a mother stood there in an aisle, her daughter crying because she wanted something else other than what they were buying. Her mother told her that it will still be there next time, but the child wanted it now. The mother just stood there and let the child cry as if this was the argument that the child was having in a debate. The mother simply rebutted the argument explaining other options. They stood there a good 15 minutes and the mother never lost her patience with the child. She didn’t seem embarrassed by how others might view the situation.

I think this is what causes some mothers to get upset with a child having a fit in a public place. The fact that it is embarrassing for them. They then yell at the child and tell them, “Okay, you’re not getting anything then.” Then they just leave the store, the mother and child now upset over the situation. An upset that might linger into the rest of the day and maybe even further.

Raising children in this society would be very difficult. I wrote a long short story about having a wife and child. We raised the child in the country, away from most people, except some neighbors who didn’t live right next door but miles away. For me, this is the only way I could have a child, away from the society for the most part. Then, as they get older, then put them in school. Before this, they could be home schooled by the parents. Wait until they have a firm grasp on who they are before setting them out into the insanity of the society. Maybe start formal school around age 10 or so. Just so they can socialize into the system yet have a grasp on who they are and what they stand for within themselves.

I’m not talking about isolating them. They would still be socialized but only in a different way. Not in the insanity of children all raised in such terrible ways as I’ve described her, which is sadly the common way most children are raised, not as they priority of the parents. More as a burden, though the parents often say that they enjoy it and love them, though they are always looking for ways to get away from their children and enjoy a little time living as they really desire to live. Such as going out with the girls to a dance club like they did before having children.

It’s strange how going to a club or going on a vacation is so important to people. They call it a “life.” A life they would rather be living yet they are burdened by their children. Or, as was my case, my mother had already been a mother to my siblings and she wanted a career.

Still, what I commonly see is people simply buying their children things because it does something for the children. It really just teaches the children of the temporary satisfaction of buying something new and then they too become great consumers of the next generation. I can say one things, the consumers of this generation are double the consumers of earlier generations. They have been taught well.

Maybe it was because my generation, such as a once friend of mine, spoiled their children with things. He always said that he wanted to give his children a better life that he had and that better life meant more things in their lives. His children didn’t end up being anything great. One ended up using drugs just like his father did when he was young. His daughter left home at 18 to fulfill her dream of working at Disney World. She did this and I guess she is a great makeup artist now.

Who knows how it all turned out as I haven’t been in their lives for a long time. All I know now came from a time when I looked at his wife’s Facebook page, which was many years ago. When I left, my friend was still drinking a quart of whiskey a day. He had been doing this for well over 10 years. I have no idea how it all turned out and what is truly like for his children.

But his ideal was the American Dream. He wanted a house to raise his children within and give them all the things he could. He worked very hard in a stressful job. Came home to a dinner cooked by his wife. After dinner he would mix his first drink and then drink until, well, he passed up late in the night or early morning. Only to get up the next day and go back to work, where I know they used to say that he always smelled of liquor.

I don’t know. I know it would be stressful to raise children in this society and give them the things that the society requires to make a parent feel like a good parent within the society.

All I know is that I see these things everyday at my job, where I see children running wild and out of control while parents are talking on their phones. Some are simply being spoiled with toys while others are being yelled out because they are taking too much time picking something out. “You got two minutes! I’m not going to stand in this aisle any longer!”

I guess those are my thoughts for the day, whether they have any value or not. I’m simply writing my daily prose and this morning it came to me something my heart has told me throughout my journey. I’m not writing for today but for another day. This brings me to the page and causes me to fill the page up with words representing my thoughts.