Becoming Balance

It’s very hot today. Just two degrees shy of 100 F. I’m sure it’s 100 somewhere around here. I saw a forecast for June that was compared to last June. Last June was average and this June is expected to be far about average. There was a huge dark red blob above this area. These temperatures usually don’t come until mid July. I wonder what mid July will be like.

My bike rode very good today after I did some maintenance on it yesterday. I didn’t get the bottom bracket in but something I did caused it to stop clicking so I guess I’m good for now. I still have a replacement when needed. Cleaning up the gears and sprockets and putting lubricant on them did wonders.

Still, I rode home fast because it was too hot to be out for long. Especially after it being so hot at work. The air conditioner is on there but in some spots it is very hot, like in my area of the backroom. I’m glad I shed the mask else I would be suffering terribly.

The French Open has become sort of confusing for me. All the players I enjoy have either dropped out or lost. I will still watch some matches but it’s just not all that exciting right now. Serena Williams won today and maybe, just maybe this will her year to get the final title that will put her over the top so she can retire. She stands a chance with all the good players out.

I just finished watching “Attack of the Clones” from the Star Wars series. It was nice to watch it without commercials. I just don’t get overly excited about it. There are some intense action scenes that I just watch.

Last night I watched “The Sound of Music” and it was a joy. I just love that movie. It is a true feel good movie all around. I enjoy the uplifting songs.

I was thinking today that what my heart is doing to me now is bringing me into balance. The journey before was all about pushing myself as hard as I could and going to the extreme. I’ve always pushed myself to extremes and those extremes would be followed by painful lows because if you go to one extreme you will always have to live through the other extreme. It’s simply a law of physical nature.

I never thought I could live without the extremes, as this was how I was able to experience great passion and expression. But all of that seems behind me now. I have nothing to drive toward or to accomplish. In fact, this was something that was keeping me not only away from true inner balance but it was all ego based. I was seeking to challenge myself and basically try to experience some sort of power and control from it.

I noticed this while watching “Attack of the Clones.” It is easy to see that Anakin is trying to prove himself and this is what prevented him from being able to be the true prophetic balance of the force. This is what Yoda sensed in him from the beginning and why he didn’t want to have him trained as a Jedi.

Yet, in a way, when he dies, revealing he is Luke’s father, and saves Luke, it seems that he sort of brings balance to the force through having gone to the extreme dark side.

But that is sort of pushing it a bit. Really, his arrogance caused by his anger brought him to seek power and status as the most powerful Jedi.

Going back to the point, seeking and challenging oneself in order to prove oneself will always keep a person out of balance. Balance comes when you simply rely on the force. Be at peace with every outcome and know that you yourself are completely insignificant. Only then do you become the force, or the universe, letting go of everything the ego desires, which is the dark side of the force.

So one by one my heart has me letting go over everything. Because she has trained me well through the journey, I simply go with her as she guides me. Some things aren’t all that pleasant but they always lead to pleasant things. Great realizations and even happiness. A happiness that isn’t a destination but simply part of the journey as a whole. All sides must be experienced because there is really only one side and that is the universe.

I thought of this in regards to how many people stand for different things. It seems that each group is standing up for the injustices of that group. Such as LGBTQ rights, since it’s Pride Month.

People have the right to not accept this manner of sexuality. They don’t have the right to tell them how they should live, which is what causes all the problems. Yet, on the other side, the LGBTQ side, they seem to believe that in order to attain what they are looking for they need to impose themselves and expect all people to accept them.

This is why I can’t wear the shirt supporting them. I do support them in their freedom to express themselves but I also support those who don’t approve of their sexual manner.

I found this interesting because this is the essence of balance. I also noticed that this is the essence of democracy. Democracy isn’t about everyone being the same. It’s about being able to live among all perspectives of the universe together as one organism. This is why I said that there shouldn’t be these flags celebrating these differences but a flag celebrating all of humanity.

Yet, this is too great an ideal for most humans. How can I accept one side and also accept the other side. For most humans, they have been taught that you have to choose a side and fight for that side. Hence, all the division and violence between side. Even more, one can see the great imbalance that is within humanity. An imbalance that originates within each individual of humanity. An imbalance that can’t be changed by forcing others to see it their way. It can only be changed within. Within their very hearts.

But this isn’t the way of humanity in it’s current state and it is why they have no other option that to reduce themselves. Destruction by their own hands. It is why it is so hot and why people continue to do as they do which only makes it more hot.

We have been in a terrible drought for about a year and this Summer is going to make it even worse. The lakes and reservoirs are at their lowest levels in many years. Yet, I still ride my bike through sprinklers running in the middle of the day in the wind. People still drive their cars as if there is no tomorrow. They still buy things they don’t need simply because they can.

All of this is caused my a severe imbalance within humanity. Within their very selves as individuals. This is what will bring about their fate. A fate that most of them dread to face and wish they didn’t have to face it yet, just from general observations, you would think that they are welcoming it and even trying harder to bring it about. As if they are programmed to self destruct.

So, for me, it seems my heart has trained me by pushing me to the extreme. Now she can take that training and all that she taught me and, in a sense, let me retire from satisfying my ego, and let it all go. Simply exist because, in all truth, this is all humanity has to do in this life. Simply exist and express who they truly are. It is that simple. Spend 70 or 80 years simply expressing the beauty within them that is the beauty of the universe from which they came and will one day return, only to do it all again, only as a different expression.